how bad is your memory?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    If someone asks me what I had for breakfast, I'd have to check my notebook. Sometimes I remember things in picture form, but then I can't get the words or describe what I remember, or sometimes it takes several seconds for the memory to come up. Dad tells me things that are on his schedule, but I forget them. Once I forgot that I had seen a set of photos a friend had sent me. Well, I'm 95 (just pretend), but this is pretty annoying. I should be one of the 95-year-olds who can remember things!

    What causes our memory loss? What can we do about it? What have your experiences been with it?

    ((what was I saying?)) ;) xx Shannon
  2. Cinlou

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    My memory has been terrible the last few weeks (or is it months?)I don't remember. I think mine has alot to do with meds.

    I missed placed some money that I thought I put in a safe at home. My poor husband and kids, I accused them of taking it! I found it and when I did I remembered I had put it there.(in a jewelry box)

    My spelling is just awful, little simple words just don't look right. I go to a room to get something and can not for the life of me remember what I went in there for.

    I think I have ADD, too...I'll go to do something and forget what it was so I do something else, then I remember what it was and drop what I am doing to go do that.

    It has to be the meds, but my pain is better though.
    Having less pain and being stupid is kind of better?
    Sometimes I think I am going crazy...
    What was the question again???
    Cindy (I think)

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  3. kriket

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    I can't believe that no one has responded to this post. Now I know most people here probably have a dull memory. LOL He He He!!!! Well to answer your qyestion- my memory is pretty bad.

  4. angeljoe

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    I am embarrassed to even try to carry on a normal conversation. I can't remember names, simply everyday volcabulary, and even directions to places I go to fairly often.

    My hubby finds it all to be super annoying, but I can't help it whatsoever. I have a business degree, and simple math stumps me these days.

    My four year old sometimes finishes my sentences. I feel stupid (literally) most of the time.

    I don't think there is much we can do about it. I would be willing to try almost anything.

    It scares me that my mind is failing me. I am 34, and my daughter has a bigger vocabulary these days.

  5. PlateletGal

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    Hi Shannonsparkles,

    I just joined this group (I can't remember if it was yesterday or the day before!) and I also have problems with my memory. (I have CFIDS) It is very frustrating at times feeling like part of your brain is 99 years old!

  6. findmind

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    Huh? Who wrote this question???

    We have to be able to remember the question before we can answer it, right?

    I am in deep trouble...I cannot remember faces. Don't know if I am always too tired, but when I go anywhere, I hardly ever remember a face I encounter unless one of my family or friends.

    My SO always remembers every meal out of the house, the name and face of the wait-person, the restaurant, drives me nuts!!

    She knows every car on the block (mind you, there are 4 cars per house now), every nabor's face, every dog, cat, and squirrel.

    She cannot balance a checkbook, write out bills, make out a rental property receipt without great thought, make more than one food at a time (dinner comes in "courses" when she has to cook, LOL, LOL!!)

    Between us we might make one whole person, but I'm not sure

    There's always hope!

  7. mrdad

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