How being positive can help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoFMS, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. JoFMS

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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to write about being positive. I have FM, CFS and severe mercury poisoning. I went to my homeopathic doctor and she was telling me how I must walk away from negative people, only listen to positive music and (no heavy metal or depressing songs) and think of something positive every day.

    She said there is something on the web that shows how negative words and negative songs can affect water crystals and since our body is made up of mostly water it can have a huge affect on us.

    Anyway I have been thinking a lot about this in the last couple of days and I have only listened to positive music, turned off negative TV and tried to think of something good. The hardest part is walking away from negative people as I am a volunteer co-ordinator and therefore have a lot of people around me.

    I hope this helps some people, I know it's only small but I feel a little happier today, I think it's also good to let people know sometimes when they ask you how u are that you are really not well, just so people are aware and tell them if they ask more questions. I used to just say
    I'm fine but now sometimes I say I'm really bad and they become interested in what your illness actually does.

    Another thing is keep looking for a good doctor, even a homeopath or naturopath because I have found one who is very caring and am popping in for a cup of tea in a min coz she wants to see how I'm doing.

    Anyway, keep positive and do one good thing a day and avoid negativity where possible, we'll get there one day at least emotionally if not physically!

    Hugs to all xxx
  2. EllenComstock

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    I agree with you that trying to be positive and staying away from negative people (also known as toxic people) is beneficial to our health. A lot of people in my family are toxic and I feel better since I have stayed away from them the past several years.

  3. boltchik

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    Wish I had a dr. to share a cup of tea with! :) That's great. Good post, I agree with you. I am basically a positive person, but I do let the actions or behavior of certain people in my life affect me. I am working on this. I am also trying to watch positive or funny shows on TV. It's hard because I like some of the crime dramas, so I have to cut back on that and all of the rotten stories on the news. I like to stay informed though, the news is full of such horrendous stories! Watching less TV and getting outside is good for the soul. Hope you are having a great day! Kim :)
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  4. suz45

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    I agree with you so much, I have been using CAM in recent years, such as bodyworks (chiro) mediatation, and yoga. I have also left a career as therapist due to moving as an addictions specialist to return to school for helth/wellness psychology. I made these changes as after almost 19 years in addictions counseling I had dealt with so much negative that it was affecting me, even though I am really quite good at boundry setting with people..It just became to toxic after all the years.

    I try to accept and look at my pain as a learning tool, this is not always easy, I am not walking around with rose colored glasses on, but I will reach for the positive side as much as I can. Its takes so much energy when we stay in the negative or think negatively and I know I need as much of my energy everyday. Thank you for your post it is good to be reminded of something as important as the power of positive thinking. I also only see uplifting doctors, both my PCP and my chiro are gentle souls, kind and empathic, I think that is key to helping me live as healthy as possible.

    Hugs back,

  5. Scapper

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    Thanks for the post!

    I find it to be a huge challenge to keep my thoughts positive when my body stuff is so "loud". I notice that when I'm horribly sick, which is 90% of the time these days, my thoughts go down too. On days that I'm not bogged down with feeling like death, my thoughts are positive and my mind opens to possibilities. The difference in my thinking is worlds apart.

    So, the challenge to think positive even when my symptoms are all-consuming.....I'm working on it! Even if it's just to watch some very light, funny TV to switch my focus off of how horrible I feel at the moment, it helps.

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  6. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    When I was at a course of cbt we were told that if your watch a horror film your immune system drops for 5 hours afterwards..also if you smile(even if its not how you feel) it increases your immune system.

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