How can a single person get disability?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Princessraye, May 9, 2003.

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    I was reading through some old posts about people who are still working and people who are no longer working.

    I can't understand when someone says you may just have to quit work.
    If I did that, I believe I would be homeless. Homeless has to be as hard as working, I would think.
    I am single, I make very little money so it's not like I could save money and take a year or two off in order to go through the disability process. My job provides no disability program. I have had to take lower paying jobs because I could not handle the stress that comes with higher paying jobs.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way a self supporting person can receive disability? It seems to me the government wants me to live on the streets for a year, then file , then MAYBE I could get disability.
    I have worked for 23 years so I have paid into the program.
    I have never had government help in order to live.

    I have CFS and FM and I feel like I am dying every day. I have many days where I wish I would. Oh it's not that I not interested in life, it's just that I can't do any of the great things life offers. I work and sleep and work and sleep and on my off days do laundry and basic housekeeping. That has been my life for many, many years. I have had this since I was 29 and I am now 45.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has some information that might help me.

    Thanks for listening.
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    It's a tough call to make. If I had known what going through the disability process was like a year and a half ago I would have saved up some money and prevented my children from being homeless.

    What I did find out recently is that there are many state programs that will help you out while you go through the process of SSDI.

    If a doctor states you are disabled, you may be eligible for food stamps, housing assistance and medical care. It is still a very long road and this may or may not help you.
    I would take a look at my State's website and look up welfare programs. It sucks to have to live like this (on welfare)while waiting, but the way I look at it is..I paid into it as a taxpayer for people who were less than deserving of recieving it. I know I am worthy of it so I try not to let it get to me.

    Hope this helps and best of luck.

    Sandy (FF)
  3. Princessraye

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    Thanks to all who responded.

    I have no assets. I wish I did, I could liquidate them and take some time off to see if I could get better or get disability.
    I would have had assets but I keep taking lower paying jobs to have less responsibility and be able to keep working.Have owned 2 homes in the past but no more.

    God Bless all of you on this difficult road.
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    we are so much alike! I had the exact same questions....and feel exactly the same way you do about the things you mentioned in your post! I've even had to take a MUCH lower-paying job to avoid too much stress and responsibility. Does it make you feel bad about yourself, like it does me?

    PLEASE EMAIL ME, my address is in my bio. We need to talk!

    Hang in there,
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    I am currently staying with friends but have to move on my own in the next three months. I have no one who can rent me a room or take me in to help me out so I can qualify. I can't live on my own and make the limited amount of 700. / month to be allowed to apply for disability. I was told I must do that for one year and then apply.
    I have worked 23 years but that counts for nothing. They think if I got up and went today , I can keep doing it. One day I fear I will fall down in the street and not have the energy to get up. I cry all the time. This DD is hard enough without having to try to appear normal and compete to hold down a job. I keep getting lower and lower paying jobs because I can't handle the stress and then the lack of money is stressful.
    It seems this system is only for irresponsible people who have a bunch of children and don't know who their fathers are and never worked a day in their life.
    After 16 years of this, I am about to give up. Maybe if I become homeless someone in my life will take me seriously, but I am too afraid to take the chance. Being homeless has to be as hard as working I would think.
    Very frustrated right now.
    Thanks for the information
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    I just wanted to cry when you said you were afraid you were going to fall down in the street and not have the energy to get back up. That was my fear everyday when I was still working. Finally I just couldn't do it anymore. I moved in with my son who is a full-time student. He gets financial aid and works part-time but we are deep in debt on our credit cards. I have applied for social security disability and have been denied twice. I appealed and am currently waiting for my hearing to be scheduled. In the meantime, I have no health insurance and struggle to find a way to get my medications. My son is not in school over the summer so he won't get any financial aid and our money runs out at the end of this month. His job will only cover about 1/3 of our bills. I don't know what we're going to do. It is a terrible, terrible choice for you to have to make. It seems really unfair to expect someone who has worked for years and put into the system to do without help for a year or two while social security makes a decision. I don't have any info to help you. I just wanted to say I'm sorry things are so rough for you.

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    There is no real good answer here. I work in Human Resources and we do have a good dissability program. I would search out some low cost dissability insurance that you can pay on your own. Or, and I have seen this done, get fired from your job so you can collect unemployment. I know this sounds drastic, but it is better than nothing.
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    Thanks for all the posts.

    I wish there was no one else who knows how feel (for their sake ) but it is nice not to feel alone.

    I can't helping thinking that I would get more help if I had committed armed robbery ! They get a bed and 3 square meals a day.
    This society is screwed up but I am still greatful to live in America :)

    you are all in my prayers.