How can i change my docs mindset

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    How can i get the doctors in my local surgery to take me seriously.
    Every time i go there ,regardless of which doc i see i'm met with the same negativity about FM,As you guys will know a different sympyom is liable to pop up at any time and the response i usually get is "lets see, what painkillers haven't we tried yet" it took me ages to get her to refer me to a pain clinic , when she finally did there is a years waiting list[ the good old NHS]how do i approach this when all the docs in the surgery are of the same opinion.
    Any hints or help would be appreciated.

    love'n'stuff AL
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    You have hit on one of my pet concerns. I do not want to offend anyone who lives in a country with socialized medicine, but it has its problems just as we in the U.S. have ours.

    A one-payer system can be wonderful when one needs emergency treatment. I have a friend whose mother had a heart attack and is a cardiac cripple. She has been cared for at no cost from day one, although my friend believes her care has not been first class compared to what he and his children receive here. His daughter had a crisis and had to see a pediatric cardiologist and was seen immediately and she got excellent care.

    There are long waiting lists for elective surgery and for non-emergency problems in countries with socialized medicine. The problem we have here is that insurance is becomming increasingly unaffordable for both individuals and for employers who provide it. Without insurance, it is very difficult for us to receive good treatment.

    We need to find some kind of compromise here, but I do not believe a one-payer system is what we need. Just look at how badly the govt. has mismanaged Medicare. Fraud is rampant in the system and is causing it to go bankrupt.

    I don't know what the answer is, but I find that no one in office is even looking at alternatives for one of our biggest crises.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie ,
    Idon't want people to get the idea that i'm critcising the NHS per se ,what i'm trying to get across, is that if i had a verifiable or recognised disease that was as advanced and serious [to me at least] then i would be treated reasonably well and quickly.
    living in the uk and having FM is every FM sufferers nightmare simply because it very widely is not recognised,so when some one like me turns up with something that totally baffles them they throw painkillers at you and put you at the bottom of any waiting list ,in my case a years wait,hoping that in that year you'll get your head right and all will be well ,thats the mindset that desperately needs changing .
    It needs a concerted effort from every sufferer in the uk to make people sit up and take notice of us weirdos who have this problem of the mind!!
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    I understand; that's why I said that we could all use some kind of compromise between what y'all have in the UK and Canada and what we have here in the US. There has got to be an answer which would benefit all of us. It make take some creativity, but I believe it can be achieved.

    To have to wait a year to see a specialist is not acceptable just because you aren't dying of something. On the other hand, not being able to afford the high insurance rates here is not acceptable either. In the US, the wealthy and the indigent fare better than the working poor, who fall between the cracks of getting any benefits. The indigent don't do very well either, but generally better than the working poor.

    Our middle class here is at the breaking point. The distance between the rich and the rest of us is getting wider every day, despite the sad shape of the stock market and the economy. This is evident by our healthcare system.

    Love, Mikie
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    In Canada we have socialized medicine and I have no trouble locating docs who understand the problems that come with FM. If you don't like your doc's attitude.......CHANGE DOCS!! I understand that this might be more difficult for you in the states but I would suggest calling the College of Physicians, if there is such a thing there and asking for help in this regard. You could ask if they are aware of doc specializing in the area and then phone your insurance company.
    Good luck with this