how can I explain treatment to well meaning friends?

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    I haven't had much luck finding any helpful treatment for CFS from traditional docs, so I've been working with a holistic doc for over a year now. This is after working with another great holistic doc for a few months before I moved. My doc is so much more thorough than "traditional" docs that I've seen, and she keeps up-to-date on research and treatment for CFS. Most of her patients that I meet in her office are there for CFS, FM, mercury poisoning, food allergies, etc... and they come from hours away to see her because she's one of the best.

    Since I tested very low for most vitamins & minerals, I've been receiving weekly IV treatments. I've also been taking some homeopathic meds to help with digestion, and yeast overgrowth. I also take anti-viral, thyroid, and several vitamins. My doc has just started neural therapy (you can find a description by searching in Yahoo), which involves injecting needles on various parts of the body, including the head. When I mentioned to a friend later that night that I had this done, she said "are you kidding? are you sure you doctor knows what she's doing?" When I told her I trusted my doctor because she specializes in treating this illness, she said "well then why are you still sick?"

    How do you answer that???!!!

    or when friends say "so & so is hypoglycemic, have you checked to see if you are too?" As IF we haven't already checked that, and as IF that's why I have all of these other symtoms!

    One friend told me I should try a Holter monitor to record my fainting spells to see if I have a cardiac problem. When I told her I've already done this twice, she said "oh, well maybe you should wear it longer"

    How do I NOT lose my temper trying to explain to people like this? I know that they just want to make sure I haven't forgotten to rule out certain things, but if they paid attention over a year ago, they would know that I went through all of that.

    thanks for letting me vent... I needed it!

    Pam :)

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    Why not just refere to her as you 'doctor' and drop the rest?

    I am forever told to go to a doctor, I have been to more doctors that I can name. They did little or nothing for me, except one, and he died.

    So I treat myself now. I have been through all the drugs, which make me sicker than I am, the tests, etc. Nothing helped, and most hurt.

    My daughter told me today why not go to the doctor? I have bronchitis right now, I told her why?? there is so little that can be done for bronchitis, and I am allergic to most antibiotics, so I will just do what I usually do!

    I know what you mean, if you are getting help, then ignore what others have to say!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I do try to keep it to myself, but I feel like most people think that since I'm still sick, that I must not be doing the right thing. These are the people who think an antibiotic will cure anything in a week. When people ask who my doc is, I say she's a CFS specialist. I hate feeling like I should avoid using the word "holistic", because so many "old school" people think it means "quackery". I guess that only those of us dealing with this know that an antibiotic & and antidepressant does NOT cure CFS.

    It definitely gets frustrating. It's like they think I want to be sick & keep getting needles for the fun of it.

    thanks for understanding

    Pam :)
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    From another Pam.....this is why there are only a handful of friends that I even discuss FM with. Most of my friends don't even know I have FM. A few do, but I never discuss it with them (and they never ask), and there are a tiny few that I share stuff with-----those I can trust to understand the best way they can, given that they don't have it, and really care how I'm doing. Even then, I find myself trying not to "talk" it to death, I guess it's part of wanting to not be defined entirely by this illness. I guess I want to fit into the regular world somewhere as much of the time as I can!

    I mainly deal with a doctor who's both traditional & naturopathic-------but it's the naturopathic treatments that have done the most for me so far & what I feel most comfortable with, so I know how you feel about trying non-traditional treatments......

    I think we all have friends who will just never understand this, even if they may want to, and that's probably why I find other subjects to discuss with them....gets old trying to justify everything, and why should we??

    Good luck & hope your treatments give you some relief!


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    will really take it out of you. it really is easier to just kept it to yourself. we all want some pity parties sometimes, so i just come here to throw one!

    maybe one day society will look back (it will probably be 100 years at the rate the medical community treats us, and family!) and say oh my gosh, how those people endured!

    warm regards, fibolady