How can I lose some weight???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by joyfh, May 5, 2007.

  1. joyfh

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    I have done so many diets but just can't seem to stick with it..I stay on for a month real good then it is back to the way I was..I am not real heavy but love to loose at least 20 pounds..when your older it is so hard..does any one know of herbs or some thing new to take that don't keep you awake at night because of caffein? the only exercise I been doing is going to curves..but lately my back has been a problem and I have been going to therapy for that..need help..JOY
  2. elliespad

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    I order for me to lose any weight, I'd have to start cutting off limbs :(.
  3. budmickl

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    DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! I see in your profile you like to dance and I have always heard that is one of the best ways to burn calories. Curves is good too.

    I'm not as old as your in years but you sounds years younger than me in spirit.

    The new way of thinking is... it's not a diet, it's a life style change. Don't deprive yourself of what you like. Just use moderation. If today you decide you need that piece of cheesecake when you are out with your friends for lunch, then dance a little harder that night after your husband has settled in for the night.

    Have you tried warm green tea? I haven't myself, but I hear great results from it.

    Walking is also one of the easiest and best excerise you can do too. Is your husband able to go with you? Would he enjoy getting out a bit?

    I wish you luck in everything!

  4. Rosiebud

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    Likewise, I do okay for a few weeks and thats it. I now feel I would need to sew my mouth shut to lose weight.

  5. Fmandy

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    JOY it is so hard for us to lose weight due to our metabolism and lack of energy. You probably don't eat that much. Try cutting back on the carbs and in fact try the Mediterranean style of eating. I won't say diet!

    The carbs are killers when you do not immediately burn them. If you plan to climb a mountain, eat lots of carbs...otherwise plan to carry fat....

    I have problems with edema. Serious problems. I have probably lost 12 pounds in the past 6 days. I was starting to get lung congestion. I don't like to take Lasix for some reason, but I took it for the last 6 days and I whizzed off a load of water. I can now make a fist and bend my knees.

    The edema just sneaks up on me. One reason I don't like to take Lasix is that it decreases potassium. I take another medicine that slightly increases potassium.

    I have to take the prescription potassium when I take Lasix, and I think I always get too much or too little which is dangerous, but it also makes you feel like the dickens. It affects the muscles and boy with FM I really need that :(

    How did I get so off topic? I am having a very bad day and writing is making me feel better :) I have taken Cipro for about 16 days and am supposed to take it for a month, but I am not going to take much more. I think I am herxing or reacting, or have a stomach virus.

    Remember those bad carbs!!!

  6. joyfh

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    So glad I found all of you..You make my day..I have read all your post..I am intersted in grapeseed...tell me more..
    I do have a back condition now and gong to therapy..I have not gone to curves in a week...would like to go back...have therapy at 11am..he really does help me...

    Still dance...but I don't do a lot of jumping like I use to..slow dances..our tap dance is done until Sept. I truly love it..we put on a show back in March..maybe that is why I am very sore???:)

    Got to go George is up and I got to get him some breakfast...Later..JOY
  7. joyfh

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    I must have 100 books on diet..and have tried them all..I just blame myself for not getting myself in control of myself..but again I am 70 years old and it is not easy like when I was in my 40/50..when I was going to weight watcher I lost 42 pounds I weigh 120..but never again. I now weight 145/150 and I am 5'1" short and about 20 pounds heavy..or so..I again could use a good diet support group to go would be nice to have one in our any suggestions? JOY