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  1. elliespad

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    There seems to be an endless supply of doctors dispensing subpar services, to put it VERY mildly. Given the fact that, obviously, HALF of Doctors, graduated at the bottom half of their class, WE ESPECIALLLY, should maybe strive to see those who graduated in the TOP HALF of their class.

    Does anyone have any practical suggestions of how to obtain this information?

    For example, my daughter recently applied to a Graduate program and was asked where she was in her graduating high school class . She had no idea. She checked, and found that she was 30 out of 300sih. Is being #30 more impressive than # 250? Uh-huh.

    While not every good (or great) doctor necessarily graduated in the top half of his class, in general, this may be indicative of the quality of care we may expect, but maybe not.
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  2. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Usually the best ones are booked.

    But I would rather have a decent doctor who was kind and patient and seemed to really care than a cold, arrogant and condescending so-called top notch one.

    ANY DAY!
  3. Catseye

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    I think any dummy can go to med school and memorize a bunch of body parts. The problem is, all they learn about are drugs and surgery. The learn nothing about nutrition and supplements. That means there are things that will help us but they say "there is no cure". Like putting vinegar at the base of your toenail twice a day will cure nail fungus in 6 months just like the silly, liver-killing drugs they give you. Ridiculous!! There is no "medical evidence" these things work because there is no "accepted, scientific body of knowledge" testing them.

    I can look up supplements for just about any ailment on the net, find out what people are taking, and WOW! they really work! The evidence is that it worked for me. But doctors not only don't know about supplements, it's malpractice if they "prescribe" supplements because of the lack of this "evidence".

    The net is going to put a lot of doctors and drug companies (yay!) out of business. It's just going to take awhile. I remember when I first went to my liver doctor and told him I was taking milk thistle. He said,"well, it won't hurt anything, but there's no evidence that it does anything, either." That's just not true. Germany, for example, tests alot of supplements. I guess they just aren't and "accepted, scientific body of knowledge". I got this term from the FDA website when I was trying to figure out why supplements aren't tested. I found out it's because they may find out they work and then lots of people would lose their cushy jobs. Can you imagine the poor cfs and fm souls who don't have computers and are lying in bed at this very minute suffering because their doctor can't tell them to go take some magnesium? Very sad.

  4. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    >>I think any dummy can go to med school and memorize a bunch of body parts. The problem is, all they learn about are drugs and surgery. The learn nothing about nutrition and supplements.<<

    Very true. Somewhere in my reading I came across the comment that medical training is mostly hopsital-based so things like Candida etc that aren't dealt with in hospitals aren't dealt with in medical school.

    My family doc is quite honest and told me that she wasn't trained to deal with some of this stuff. I think she would like to learn more but she is a working mom who just had a baby too so has her plate more than full.

    She was honest about that as well and as a fellow working mom I appreciated that. :)
  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I like a doctor willing to learn from what we know about these DD.If He respecks my view about what I also am researching myself about these DD's .
    I printed up a inch thick of stuff about FM/CFS from a college I think it was in NY I cant remember right now but I took it to my Doctor and told him It was over my head but I thought he would understand it better. :)

    The funny thing was it was where He had went to school so he was or at least seem interested .I'll know more when I go back to him.Its a Military Clinic but He has another patient with FM that he is helping so my hope is that he will become more interested and that will also help others who come here.

    If he hasnt read the materials and has not got something new to tell me then ,I may look on.
    I do not think just because someone is at the top of his class that he would be the best.
    But I do think the more they are exposed to in their practice is a plus.
  6. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    I don't think they even teach CFS at med school, nor do they seem to teach compassion. I don't think I'd want someone who did really great in such a cut-throat, insensitive environment
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  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I believe the very best doctors are at university/ teaching hospitals. We go to UCLA when there is something important medically.

    I do have a few doctors locally that are excellent but they are hard to find.

    It is true the best doctors are the hardest to see.
  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    no matter what their rank in their medical school graduating class, they were still smart 'enough' to get into medical school?

    I agree with Prickles... the ability to listen to me along with the desire to investigate, research, and learn more and not play God is what counts in the end with me... I cannot believe for instance that doctors don't seem to know the basics of how the lyme spirochete lives when it's all documented in good research.

    Not all creative thinkers are perfect memorizers, which is what medical school too often may emphasize ... at least from what I've heard from some who've gone thru it.

    I've certainly seen that happen at other levels tho, including PhD researchers...


  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I always look for the doctor's diplomas on the wall.
    Not only for their diplomas, but also awards, etc.

    True, though. They might have been at the bottom of their classes.

    Good thought.


  10. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    I like a dr who if they do not know who refers you to someone who does my dr is not available mondays thats his study day and catching up with paper work etc
  11. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    You can ask his views on FM

    You can ask about how many other patients is he currently seeing who also have FM

    You can ask him if he has done any recent reading about new ways to treat FM

    Ask questions, and then be quiet to hear his answers. THAT will tell you alot about the doctor. Does he sit there and squirm or keep looking at his watch??? Body language will tell you as much as his words communicate.
  12. elliespad

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    I'm more coming from the angle of them having a DEEP and ADVANCED understanding of BIOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY,CHEMISTRY, PATHOPHYSIOLOGY., etc. REALLY understanding how the body works, on a cellular, BIOLOGICAL level. That's how I try to figure out how to treat something.

    I actually think that Biology, Chemistry majors who went on to do RESEARCH, have a lot to offer us. Twice I have consulted briefly with Researchers, and THEY are the smart ones. Just my observation, based on those 2.
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Our favorite doctor was one who had been involved with CDC as a researcher... loved microbiology.... and always cultured before he'd give an abx unless he suspected something that needed treatment right away like strep. He was always reading, studying, and not hesitant to do 'alternative medicine'. He was also certified in pediatrics so we took our kids to him.

    When he left the CDC and went into private group practice, his fellow doctors were critical of the time he took with patients, etc... until they analyzed how many return visits each doctor had... he was in first place!

    LOL why is that no surprise!

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