How can you cope with this disease? Here is my story

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    I don't understand how it's possible to cope with this disease. I received no official diagnostic yet beside a pathetic lactose intolerance and Irritated Bowel Syndrome-C

    yet 7 months ago I started getting constipated, getting bloated while eating and nothing really that insane that I could compare to now, I had cramps of all kinds and started getting very tired. My doctor suspected celiac and for 3 months i wouldn't eat gluten only to feel sicker and sicker. I changed my diet so many times and could never eat to my satisfaction because of being constipated and bloated.

    Now this just sound like a digestive issue but then fatigue started settling in during the gluten-free phase. Even 16 hours of sleep would leave me feeling totally drained and unable to walk straight.

    Now this has been 7 months and it only got worse, now I have a headache since 2 months that comes and go throughout the day, my head is sniping randomly making me feel very dizzy. I keep getting weird nerve noise popping inside my head that I cannot explained, I can hear my veins in my head cracking and throughout my whole body, it's like I have severe nerve damage. I have to pee all the time, all I can do is be sick and have headache, it's all I'm good food. My legs are so weak and the my arms so numb, I cannot find a sleeping position because my arms get numb from any of them. It's also like I have a constant flu that doesn't go away. I spend the whole day in bed with an headache thinking of the next meal that will give me about 100calories top because i can eat so little. It seems I have cancer, brain tumor and more but doctors don't find anything.

    I can't digest any food for the most part, there is literally nothing left in the world for me to feel joy, although there are plenty of things I wanna do, I am to sick and in too much pain to do them.

    I don't understand how can people cope with feeling so ill, I tried just about every diet in the books and herb supplements and had many blood test done, x-ray and all came out fine.

    I used to workout 3 times a week and I always put the highest priority on my health, then one day I started getting ill and it only got worse. All of this makes no sense to me, I just wish my body would give up the fight now.
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    I know for sure I got CFS and I would think some form of fibromalaya. I only have extreme body weakness and numbness, tickling of body parts, it doesn't hurt, they are just exhausted. what hurt is feeling flu like, low temp fever, brain fog, dizziness, headache, and the other constant nerve noise in my head. Then of course that's without the whole chapter of digestive issue, cramps, bloating, spasms, constipation, insane hunger, weight loss.
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