How can you quickly raise blood pressure?

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  1. erica741

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    My mom generlly has high blood pressure, and has been taking blood-pressure medication. She even has a machine at home to monitor her blood pressure.

    Today, she has been feeling dizzy and lightheaded. When she took her blood pressure, she noticed it had dropped to 87/58 which she says is very low.

    She has stopped her bp medication until she talks to her MD on Monday. I told her to call her doctor's office, and talk to the on-call MD, but she wants to wait until Monday.

    Are there are any foods or supplements she can take to raise her blood pressure quickly? I know salt can increase bp, but not sure what to recommend.

    I'd appreciate any advice and ideas.


  2. Didoe

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    Get a good quality licorice chew candy, like "Panda"
    just dont overdo it, you dont know why her pressure dropped.
    People with high BP should NOT eat licorice BTW.
  3. xchocoholic

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    I didn't think you were supposed to stop BP meds cold turkey. Has she asked her doc about that ?

    Salt water will bring it up. Try 1/4 tsp in 8 oz of water.

  4. gapsych

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    At the hospital where my medical doctor is affiliated, they have something called, Patient Nurse Advisory where you can call and get a nurse. We also have Convient Care which is a walk in clinic.

    I would not mess around with your mom's BP. I would call the doctor on call or use something like the above services, especially if your mom is weak and dizzy. Maybe even the emergency room.

    If this is a quirk and your mom's BP goes back to it's regular high reading, giving her something to further elevate her BP, could have disasterous results.

    Let us know how she is doing and am wishing you the best.

    My dad is the same way about putting off seeing the doctor and that is worrisome, so I understand how you are feeling.

    Take care,


    I must have super brain fog as I could swear I started answering this post and then when I hit reply this post disappeared. At least it is back up.

  5. erica741

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    I am really worried about my mom because she refuses to call her doctor until Monday.

    This is really stressing out because I live with her and she is my primary caregiver because I am so sick. I don't know what I'd do if she even had to be hospitalized for a few days. I just started new antiobiotics for lyme and am super dizzy and exhausted myself. Her situation is just adding to my stress.

    She and my dad just went out to meet friends for dinner, and I told her to eat soup, as I know it is salty.

    If her low bp continues, I might go ahead and call her on-call MD or threaten to do so. I really need to alleviate my own stress about my mom's health.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions!


    PS. Gapsych, you are not imagining things - I did post this twice. My dad was logged on here, and the first time I accidently posted under his username.[This Message was Edited on 06/21/2008]
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    So it was not fibrofog on my part!!

    However you are under some pressure right now, so completely understandable.

    And boy, do I know what it is like to have a parent who will not go to the doctor.

    What does your dad, say?

    Take care, GA
  7. erica741

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    My dad is no help, as usual. He is clueless about health concerns and always goes along with whatever my mom wants anyway.

    My mom's bp reading a few minutes ago was up to 103/68, so she thinks it's ok to wait to see if it goes up my Monday.

    My parents have friends over, and they even told my mom to call her doctor. She won't listen to anyone. I guess I have to realize what I can and can't control, and just let go of the worrying over this issue.

    Thanks for your concern and help!

  8. Lichu3

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    It has been warm lately so making sure she is drinking enough fluids is important -- 8-10 glasses through the day. Caffeinated products don't count -- they dehydrate people. People sometimes have low blood pressure due to being dehydrated.

    Generally it's better if people keep the upper blood pressure number between 90-120 (some people do run lower and that is their normal -- they don't have symptoms).
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  9. erica741

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    My mom's bp is still higher today and more importantly, she is feeling much better. It was her lightheadedness and vertigo, combined with the low bp that had me worried.

    It is very hot now here in the LA area (in the 100s), and though we have a/c, I know just going outside without drinking enough fluids can make me dehydrated.

    I've advised my mom to drink more water, but she's only drank about 10 oz so far today. What can you do? :)

    Thanks again for all the information and advice!

  10. Lichu3

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    keep a box of bottled water in the car so even out on errands, there's a reminder to keep hydrated. Sometimes, for people who can't stand plain water, diluting fruit juice with lots of water or seltzer helps.

    Unless a person has congestive heart failure or kidney problems (in which case their medical treatment may include water restriction), most people need more water than they think they do. By the time your body senses thirst, you're already dehydrated. This is especially true of older folks, whose thirst signals are not as good as younger folks.

    It's interesting reading about the separate groceries in your household. In my culture, food is seen as a kind of "medicine" so my mom has been interested in the origins of food for years. She knows more than I do and controls the kitchen.

    A well-written book about eating organic, local produce is Barbara Kingsolver's 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.' Not preachy, just informative and fun.