How did you find your Neuro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by StephieBee, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I need to find a I thought it would be easy enough to look though the Mass General Physician Directory and type Fibromyalgia under special interest. Well nothing comes up.

    I googled every possible combination for the Boston area and a Neurologist that treats FM. I found one doc that sounds like all he likes to do is book court appearances for malpractice suits....oh great!

    Now I just dont know...I try asking my rheumy for suggestions but he's so old that sometimes Im running back in his office when Im done with my appointment because he forgot to write out a script for me.

    Is my Rheumy the best person to go through? Is there another way?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    Lots of luck to you finding a neuro. I've seen four of them. All of them said I had fibro but none checked me for the tender points (the diagnostic criteria). I would call offices and ask if the doc treats fibro etc...Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. I have had the worst luck with neuro's.
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I was not impressed with the Neuro. All he basically did is sent me on to a sleep specialist. My PCP could have (and should have) done that. I have an appt with a Rheumy (finally) that is highly recommended (but not through my PCP) in Ohio. I got info through fellow FMS'rs and took a chance and called and got an appt for April 17th! YAY Considering he is also a Professor at OSU, I am very lucky I am getting in that quickly. Sometimes we just have to take our medical care into our own hands and go for it.

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