How did you get diagnosed?

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    I was diagnosed with FM two years ago. I'm wondering if I also have CFIDS. I'm exhausted most of the time, even though I can still push to do things like grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, etc. If I do, I have to take the next day off to recouperate.

    I've read that some of the symptoms of CFIDS are low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes and sore throat. I don't have the last two, but run a low grade fever several times a week. My "normal" temperatures is around 97 degrees and my "fever" is 97.9 degrees.

    How did you get diagnosed with CFIDS?

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    I think it was 1989..I fell.....never stopped hurting.

    My regular Dr. was a surgeon, but would see me for anything. I could call his office and tell them I was sick and needed (whatever) and it would be prescribed for me. He was known to be the opposite, but he said that I knew my body so well and never was I wrong about myself.

    After the fall he was on vacation and I saw another Dr. this one yelled at me that I was impossible to have all the aches and pains I said I had. And impossible for my left leg to hurt me and then that go away and the right would start (etc.).

    So when I finally saw my regular Dr. and he ran some tests and Xrays...he said that I had Fibromyalgia.
    I only half believed in it and continued to research and go to other Drs.
    Then I go a flu that never went away....Dr. says "Chronic Fatigue". I never heard of it.

    I saw many Drs. and specialists and none were as savvy as my Dr. He would tell me that I had to stop working but I kept at it as long as I could. Finally I had no choice.My Dr. retired.

    I have been mistreated by other Drs. but not my main one I had. I finally accepted CFIDS/ I do understand why some do not. It is such a inane illness.
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    Anything's possible, that's what I think now.

    I had CFS for 11 years and now, in the past two months, I've begun all the signs of FM too. I do know people with both. But I'm more tired with the added FM than I was with CFS. I don't know if it's a combination of the two or my attempt to withdraw from Celexa or what. It just is.

    I was originally dxed. in Ann Arbor at U of M Hospital. Interestingly the doctor checked for trigger point pain but now that seems to be an indication of FM, at least on my body. lol

    Usually CFS is diagnosed by a process of elimination. If they can't find anything else that would cause our symptoms, they call it CFIDS. I suspect they miss some things.