How did you get "disabled" by a DR?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Engel, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Engel

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    Do I have to just TELL the DR I can no longer work and need him to "disable me"? I told this rheumy that and I don't know if he is going to disable me or not? Do I wait a week and call back? My STD needs renewed/extended by 4/30/07. I can barely move. If I go back to work I will be fired because I cannot do my job ... I told him this.
  2. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I am almost 1/2 way through the 26 week STD ... and I have to get this extended. I want my LTD that I have paid on for 5 years!!! Once I get through this 26 weeks I can then go on LTD and file for SSDI. I guess I expected "more" from this visit to the rheumy? I don't know what to do? He definitely DXd me with FMS and OA ... as did the PCP. I just need him to extend my STD right now. I am going to request a DX in writing from him. He is still checking me out (had x-rays taken of neck and shoulders). I am really hurting. I know I will get fired when I return to work and I am trying to ride all of this out and struggle by on LTD until SSDI goes through. If I go back to work now it will also negate all the time on STD. I am in a pickle if he will not extend me. :-(

    I was told by someone at an Allsup type of place that I cannot file for SSDI until I am on LTD.
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    My experience with STD was not a positive one, however I don't believe your doctor has to say you are permanately disabled, just that you currently can not do your job. Do you have paperwork that you need the doctor to fill out?? Otherwise just get a note on a RX pad that says off work until ?? (whatever the doctor says). Maybe call the doctors office and speak with the doctor or nurse and explain again that you are not able to do your job because ?? (your complaints) and let them know what you need them to do. Could be your doctor is waiting for some paperwork or MAke sure you document everything and make copies of every piece of paper that you get. If you need to mail something back to your employer send it certified so you know they received it and who signed for it. Take care.

  4. Engel

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    I cannot do my job anymore ... did it for 4-1/2 years and it has totally taken a toll on me. This was a desperation job since I could not stand for very long and could not type fast ... lol. My FMLA is used up and yes they can fire me and will fire me. Not a nice company at all.
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    hi engel

    i had this problem and didn't pay enough attention to what my doc was writing, then saw how he filled out a functional capacity form that totally messed things up for me, so i submitted a very descriptive letter of each symptom and how it limits me specifically ( drop things 50% of the time, can't pick up frying pan full of food with right hand, severely limited repetive motion--can pick up laundry basket, but can't fold clothes, peel potatoes, anything with repet. movement of hand longet than 3-5 minutes.)

    doc gave this to office manager, they reviewed it, and now look at it whenever they need to fill out a form as to HOW i am limited.

    Also--they sent an add on letter to the dis. co w/the fce that stated the form did not allow for the limitations that a person with fibro experiences on a daily basis, etc, and described limitations there.

    this helped him realize how i could not function and that i do have a disabling condition, and also showed him how to put it in writing.

    hope this helps--L
  6. Engel

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    Thanks for the tip and sorry if I spelled your name wrong ... I cannot remember anything. I am really hurting much worse after seeing him. I can't hold a pan with 2 hands most of the time. I avoid glass cause I lose my grip or drop things and lifting a cup of coffee is really hard most days. It is terrible. I will start on my list (but I can't hold a pen or pencil very well) so i better try to type it (which is rough too). Gosh ... this is a horrible way to live. :-(
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