how did you handle physicians who didn't diagnose FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. lenasvn

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    How did you do it? I am usually tough and confident, but my self confindence and gutt to stand up for myself have been nada! I avoid it because of fear of getting some crap in the journal as well, although I want to knock the doc. down and tell him the black eye is all in his head. The longer the list of docs, the more odd it might seem to other docs? The last comment from my current doc: "Some people pay more attention to their bodies than others, you will be so much happier if you don't pay so much attention to your symptoms". That one is a winner! They say if it interfer with your daily life it IS a problem. If I can't take my son to school because I'm too sick, then it's interfering with his life too! Anyway, tell me what all of this ignorance did to you guys.
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    I like you have a very hard time standing up and being assertive with docs...or anyone for that matter...I hate conflict. I am working on it though as I am sick of being crapped on. I recently went to a new doc...she happened to be my preachers wife, I just knew she would be the one to help me...WRONG!!! She ran a few tests and when I called back crying in pain she told me to "Deal with it, I'm not giving you anything of pain and I am not refererring you to anyone eles..." I wrote her a very emotional letter and found a new doc. I just got a letter this past week that she is leaving the practice...I hope my letter had someting to do with it...I know that is wrong but I have never been more disappointed in a doc...I just knew that if I love my preacher so much and he helps me spiritually that surely his wife would help me phycially...not
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    I am sorry to hear your story. I noticed with myself that my trust in people in general gets damaged more and more as those things happen. There is all this smiley happy jolly when first meeting, then "WHAM", you get something like that, and it hurts more each time it happens. My self confidence can only handle so much, I guess. I mean with Doctors, not the rest of us, the "non- aliens",,,LOL!
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    Lets see.. I had one doctor tell me well.. ya look like a healthy girl to me! JEEZ!!! I made an appt with another doctor the next day.. who referred me to my current rhumie.. I went through years of this.. it is so frustrating.. and so hurtful to be treated like your a hypochondriac.. I'm sorry your going through this.. and I know.. I'm usually full of confidence myself but I can be reduced to tears in a heartbeat by uncaring doctors.. Hang tough sweetie..
  5. unbalanced

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    I recently (2 months ago) left the doc I had been seeing for 3yrs. Anytime I brought up the topic of pain meds he would become angry with me & one time actually yelled at me!! He called me an addict(yet still prescribed narcotics), told me my pain wasn't as bad as I thought it was, How the HECK would he know, can he feel what I feel? I did ask him that too. I dreaded everytime I had an appt. I always left feeling like a horrible person because I'm in pain. I would say 98% of the time I left my appts. in tears. I finally had enough I was not going to take his abuse anymore, & told him I would be looking for another doc & I would be filing a complaint against him. I have other pain issues besides FM/MPS, Herniated discs in neck & low back, chronic migraines, arthritis. So he couldn't honestly tell me there was no "proof" of pain. Well, about 5 days after I told him I would be looking for another doc & filing a complaint I received a letter stating I was being discharged from the practice because of my "behavior" with the narcotic pain medication! Can you beleive that?!!! All because I had told him the pain meds relief was not lasting longer than 2hrs at a time & by the time my next dose rolled around I was in such severe pain I couldn;t move to get the damn pill!! Docs like that should be fined everytime they mistreat a patient, I'm appalled by this so called Proffessionals behavior! There was no reason to discharge me other than the fact that he didn't like that I was filing a complaint against him! I have had such bad luck with docs that I'm on the verge of saying forget trying to get one to listen to me, I'll just have to suffer for the rest of my life! Sometimes I think it's just not worth putting myself through so much stress! Sorry just venting a bit!! Another thing I have noticed, is any female doc I have seen is very rude & unsympathetic, not willing to listen & understand. This may not be the case for all female docs I'm sure there are very good ones out there, but, I beleive that some let thier position go directly to thier heads! Anyhow, I say CHEERS to those that do have excellent docs! And for the rest of us,we need to figure something out to get the attention & medical help we need & deserve!! Take Care! And do not be afraid to say whats on your mind, if your doc truly cares & wants to help you then he/she will sit back & listen & respect your feelings!! HUGS TO ALL, JoLinda
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    ---with a 10 foot pole! Ha! My poor attempt at humor. Really, there is no way to deal with such ignorant arrogant people except to leave them to their soup and find a different informed doc. They are out there, but they are hard to find, and you may have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince. My dumb doc (who claimed to be progressive--younger woman) didn't diagnose fm even when i wrote down all of my symptoms and they perfectly fit a FM diagnosis (before I had heard of the "syndrome"). A few years later, I went back to her--my health and lifestyle had continued to deteriorate and I needed answers. I told her my chiropractor had diagnosed FM. My dumb doc said, "well of course you have FM. I have known that for a few years, but my experience is that people who are diagnosed increase in symptoms." She had no treatment to recommend. She too, thought I should just not focus on the elephant in the room and standing on my toe. I was furious. It is her job to diagnose and treat, or refer me to someone who is knowledgeable and skilled. She failed in her basic duties to me--but the standard of care for us FMers is so low, that basically any treatment meets it or is okay. She is so stupid. I am trying to forgive and move on for my sake, but it is a difficult task. I imagine that all of her patients with cancer, diabetes, whatever, get sicker too after diagnosis if they are given no adequate treatment. DUH!!!!!

    The docs I have now are head and shoulders above such an ignoramous. Jen102
  7. unbalanced

    unbalanced New Member

    WELL SAID JEN102, WELL SAID, I say you just nailed it!!!!

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