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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deettah, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. deettah

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    when you were no longer fit to work? I work for a large health group and do a lot of data entry and computer work. I have been on a medical leave since 4/06/07 now and beleive that I have FMS with CFS. I am going to see a fibro experienced rheumy on Monday to confirm.

    This illness and it's accompanying symptoms have severly limited my ability to do my job. I have hand tremors taht make it difficult to type, the fog gets so thick somethimes that I catch myself sitting blankly in front of my computer without knowing how long I was "gone", I don't feel safe to drive and have been in 2 accidents since November 06', the flourescnent lights murder me, I can't sit for more than 20 minutes without my legs aching badly, ect.....I don't think I can go back to my job without my health and the job suffering.
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    just happened...I typed a long answer to you and it disappeared. Now I will try to type a shorter answer..

    Trust me, you will know when to quit. I used up all my sick and annual leave for a year and was still dragging myself to work. I was pretty good at hiding my mistakes and limitations for was my moods that were getting to me. One day I started to cry over something a co worker did and could not stop the tears! I cried for almost an hour...absolutely could not function another min. and left to go home. I was then in a flare for days. I knew then, that it was it...even though I am due to retire in January..I was not able to drive or fake it another second. I have been on medical leave now since March. I think my employer is wonderful and will help me make it to January by giving me work to do from home but my income is gone.

    I never dreamed this would happen. I have heard the same from others on this board that were type A personalities and loved their jobs...they just knew when they HAD to stop. I do advise not to quit. Go the FMLA first...and any other disability you may have.

    Good luck,
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    JMQ, I am in the process of gett approval for short term disability and when the time comes I will go to long term. I knew that my functional limit had been spent when I was in so much pain at work and then I would drive home, all the while feeling like I wasn't safe behind the wheel and then my pain and other problems made my home life suffer. I am a single Mom of an 8 year old and I don't want to spend my son's childhood in bed, in pain.
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    I knew when I could not dress myself without help. I in no way could do the walking required by my job and I knew it. I was not going to half a&& my job so I retired.

    I don't know if you should even mention FM or CFS when you see this rheumatologist. Doctors are different (no doubt).

    I don't know how other members feel about this but I would just describe all of the symptoms to the doctor. He will give you a very thorough physical exam and press each of your tender points plus he will also press on his "sham" tender points. These are points that are not really tender points but are to check your honesty.

    You must react with pain to at least 11/18 of these tender points.

    I really hope you find out what is wrong. I would hope that it is something that has a cure though :)

    Best of luck,


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