How did your chronic fatigue start?

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    Hi everyone......Im just curious on everyones input on how and the type of symptoms and the circumstances that brought on your illness.
    Im also interested to know if anyones had anything similar to my experience?
    Mine all started back in November 2002....I took myself off to a chiropractor for a sore shoulder.....
    she cracked my back....said I was in a "BAD" way......which I since found out by physio's that Im not......a week later after the chiro's appointment I was under a lot of stress.....and thats when I didnt start feeling so good.
    I went back twice more and I got worse.
    I went to doctors....they said I had low blood pressure..and tests confirmed everything ok.
    Here it is February 2003 and Im worse.
    Cant stand for long......cant work...get weak....tired...dry mouth...tingly....tight in the stomach.
    Yesterday I went to have a massage by a guy whom has treated famous footballers here in Sydney Australia....and Olympic swimmers etc.
    He told me that the chiropractor has done alot of damage . He said she tilted my pelvis and that my energy has been blocked and this also affects the digestive system from which we get our nutrition from which we get energy.
    I have his web page if any of you are interested.
    You can email me at:
    It makes alot of sense.
    He also told me that 3-4 treatments of his sessions should get me back on the road again..He has dealt with chronic fatigue sufferers and my hope lies with him.
    I do feel a bit more energetic today after one treatment .....I hope and pray it improves.
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    I have both chronic fatigue and fibro. as well as RA. The RA started in 1985 and was very bad in 1990 (my mother died of cancer in that year). I think the fatigue started about 1989 but I managed to keep going until it really hit me in 1992. I had a lot of stress in my life (concerning family) and I really think I was looking after everyone else but not myself. The fibro. developed a few years ago although I think it may have been lurking in the background long before it got really bad. At present the fatigue is worse than the fibro. I seem to have a whole range of symptoms - the worse being the "brain fog". Today has not been one of my better days. I have been unable to find the right word when talking with people and found that I really have to concentrate on what I am saying when I feel like this. I ran into the back of my friends car this afternoon - have never had an accident before. No one was hurt and because she has a tow bar her car was undamaged. My car needs about $2,000 worth of repairs. She said the fellow in front of her braked for no reason and so she slammed on her brakes. I guess my reflexes were a bit slow today. Wonder if this is part if this illness? I hope the massage helps you. Because of the fibro. I can't bear having anything like this done. Let us know how you get on and if your energy levels improve. Sorry if I have rambled on a bit here. Mellow
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    I was a bit disturbed by your line "my hope lies with him". I am not trying to be ugly here, but please know that if CFS/FM could be cured by a massage....we would all be in great shape. I hope thats not what you were putting your hopes in, maybe some improvement in symptoms? I have had acupunture, massage, chiropactic manipulation, and yes, I got some benefits for a few hours, better said, some relief. They are not a cure all though, I just don't want you to be disappointed.
    A massage cannot bring up downed systems such as adrenals, immune, neurological, endocrine, gastrointestinal, etc. They require a multidisciplinary approach, working on all the affected systems, and circumstances. These are complex disorders--with many similar symptoms, but so far nothing definitive as to cause and cure.
    As far as the onset....for myself like you it was a culmination of many things, but stress, finally the straw that broke the camel's proverbial back.
    Best wishes,
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    Hi Aussiegirl,

    I am new to this board as well as new to this illness. I started about 3 years ago with chronic fatigue that would not go away. I never was a good sleeper. Always waking up in the middle of the night with back pain, restless leg syndrome, hip pain and headaches. I was under alot of stress back then. Both my parents became ill and needed care. My brother in law passed away and I was handling a very crazy schedule. My husband works very long hours and is not around to help out alot. With two daughters involved in many activities and I myself coaching and playing ball, I was pushing through the fatigue and pain until one day I had a bad anxiety attack after coaching a softball game. Went to the hospital and was told I was fine. To me it felt like a breakdown, a mental and physical one. I have never been the same since. Since learning about cfs and fm, I realized way before my attack, I was having and had experienced in the past symptons cfs and fm. But being a busy mom and coach I just ignored it and pushed thru the pain. I suffer with neck, shoulder and back pain. I deal with depression and equalibrium problems, can't walk to far or stand to long. Anxiety is something I deal with everyday. I tried celexa for a while but it didn't help really. Made me feel like a zombie and have tremors. I didn't sleep any better and still had anxiety. I am sensitive to meds and have bad withdrawal coming off. I went to a rheumatologist and she said I have FM and CFS for sure and wanted me to start meds. But I had already put myself on a program of vitamins and supplements and wanted to try this before meds. I've done alot of reading and research on the subject. And this seems to help alot. But Drs. still want me to try meds. So I turned to this board for advice and answers. Listening to this board as helped me to understand about alot of things. I am in the process of going to different Drs. and thinking about medications. It is good to have people to talk to who are going thru the same thing. I feel better able to make necessary decisions.

    Family and friends try to understand but they really don't know how I feel.

    Hang in there,

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    I am new to these boards, but have been doing research on why I feel so bad. I do not have an official diagnosis from a physician, though my physician knows I do not "feel good" and have been to her several times.

    Started doing my own research and to be quite honest, I laughed at the notion of there being a syndrome for chronic fatigue. However, after much research I am almost certain I am suffering from this in one way or another.

    Has anyone read about the adrenals playing a role in this? I found this also, but the interesting thing I know is that I suffered back in 98-99 a tremendous amount of stress that put me into having angioedema attacks. I know now that these attacks were not hereditary, but allergic and I also know they were brought on by a stressful event. My immune system was checked and my values were abnormal then also. After reading so much on CFS, it looks like the immune system plays a role in this. My fatigue started after the all of this, and hasn't been better since. There are days when all I want to do is go home and go to bed. My sleep is restless. I have dizziness sometimes. I have muscle aches and pains, and loads and loads of other things. Like I said I've been to my doctor and told her I was crazy. Of course, she didn't say I was, but she recommended I take a vacation. I have no energy.

    What I have been doing is I have decided that I am taking back control of my life. I have made an inventory of things I would like to change - one being this stupid fatigued feeling all the time. Today I started by totally elminating aspartame and artificial sweeteners from my diet. I think I will examine my diet further, but this is a start. I have not purchased any vitamins, but I am going to try a natural approach with some herbs. I am also trying to just take care of me, do something for myself. Like the above post from the other mom, I get stressed over my energetic, active teenager.

    Thanks for listening. Any advice would be great!
  6. DC77OI

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    stress. Now I'm disabled and in a wheelchair. My doctor wants to change from partial to full disability but I don't want to yet. I've been on close to 50 different prescription meds now.
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    HI Aussiegirl,

    Here is my story and I will try to keep it brief. I was feeling great working a job I loved but was very stressful, putting in sometimes 60 hrs a week but I was young, healthy or so i thought, I came down with what seemed like the flu or viral infection but never was the same. I had to go on st disability and when I came back to work I worked thru the week and crashed when I came home. I worked so hard to prove them that I could do my job. Now my compnay went bankrupt and I am out of a job and financially things are difficult. My husband and I were about to try to start a family when this thing happened. So I would say it was a viral infection and that I was probably working too much, but then I guess i took my health for granted and now I can't . sorry for writing a book. I hope that answers your question . Oh and bf this I would powerwalk 5 times a week , really health conscious, a size 8 now i am in a size 14 which is all because of the meds and not being able to exercise.

    Take care ,

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    Severe symtpoms started September 2002... under a great deal of job and family stress, then when this started I worried it was something much worst which I think made it flare fast. Since then one by one I got the backache and hip pain mostly and shoulder blades, then urgency and headaches/brain fog. I am tired every day and I am every day searching for relief and what will make me better. I was on lexapro for a few weeks and I started feeling somewhat better. I just started back on them after two months off cuz my symptoms were getting back to the horrid pain. I am not as bad off as a lot of people on this board but I do feel pain all day every day. I have taken the advice of the people on this board and just started on the whey protein, digestive enzymes, and amino acids. I have been on the magnesium/selenium/zinc for a couple of months now. I just started physical therapy on Wednesday as I havn't found a fibro/cfs doctor in my area. Like you I do hope that each thing will 'work'... but so far my experience has been that it is going to be several things changing in my life as far as my diet and my stress levels and some time before this is going to diminish completely. My best advice is to just start experimenting with different things and pay attention to how you feel at different times to find out what is working.

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    I am new to the boards but also feel that there are a lot of caring and wonderful people here. I got diagnosed by a Rheumy doc (He is actually listed on the home page under the articles) who used to be at Georgetown Univ. I was living in Dallas and felt like I had the flu that never went away. All my energy vanished, I was so sensitve to light that during the day I would put extra blankets over the curtains to keep it dark. I also couldn't stand loud noises and I had headaches, backaches, etc. So, after many Dr.s I was finally diag. in '95 with CFS/Fibro. I was only given Flexeril for at night to help get to stage 4 sleep. I have had good days and bad days all through the years but now that I had a cervical discectomy in Oct. 2001 I have been in constant pain for the past few months. I can only get Ultram and Vicodin 5mg which doesn't do a thing for the pain. I am seeing a pain Mgmt. Doc on Monday and pray that they will help me.

    I agree that you shouldn't get your hopes up too high for the massage. I get them once a month and feel better for a bit but then everything comes right back. But, you never know, it might do wonders for you.

    In my old life I was a volunteer firefighter and spent most nights at the firehouse. Went to school 3 nights a week, full time job, rock climbing on weekends and traveling and many sports. Now I am busy with more church and social things but for the last few weeks have cancelled out on a bunch of things.

    Sorry for the long letter. I will be praying for you. Take care.

  10. CelticLadee

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    First I had shingles - herpes zoster - than off of that I had my first CFIDS symptoms: front lobe headache everyday, fatigue, queasy tummy. This was Spring 2001. This continued on until July 2002 I had acute pericarditis - coxsackie - the the CFIDS/FMS symptoms grew into adrenal fatigue & immune dysfunction then IBS. Finally after a long story of going through docs & tests with no help I went to a naturopath. He put me on lots of herbal anti-virals, changed my diet, put me on lots of vitamins & minerals and put me on DHEA for the adrenals. I know that chiropractic care can really help or hurt the nerve system and give you energy, etc. but it can't cure CFIDS. If done properly it can help a lot of symptoms lessen and it keeps the pathways from the brain to the nervous system clear. Like everything we do to combat this DD it helps but nothing is a cure all unfortunately. Each positive thing we do for our body gives us a small percentage of relief. Added together we can improve 80% I have heard from some. I haven't heard anyone say they are 100% yet. Has anyone else? If so we want to hear from them! By the way...have you had your adrenal glands checked with a adrenal index stress test? A lot of our energy is gone from the insufficient function. Just a thought for ya. Best to you. CLD
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    Thought I would add my experience. It always helps to know that others are going through what you are going through....

    I am 24 now and am almost certain that my chronic fatigue syndrome began when I was 14. I hadn't reached puberty yet and my doctor ran some tests and found that I had hypothyroidism. I went on Synthroid and basically everything went downhill from there. Within a few months, they said I had Hashimoto's. I can almost remember the day I woke up feeling like my life had changed. I was so tired and severely constipated. I was a runner at the time and could barely run anymore. I had horrible aches and pains and soon developed exercise-induced asthma. Thus began a 10 year journey from doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor to blood test to blood test. I was finally diagnosed officially a few months ago, but the doctor believes it all began when I was just 14. I do not think others around me realize how difficult it is. My parents are supportive now, but for years I always heard, "You are always tired, stop complaining." I think it is important to get the word out that this is a real illness that has real serious effects--life altering effects. Please know that you are not alone and others. On a happier note, I am finding some relief from Wellbutrin, Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, B-Complex and I just began Enada. Best of luck to you!