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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fieldmouse, May 1, 2006.

  1. fieldmouse

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    I have been to my regular doctor. She had to get her book out while I wsa there to read about FM. That was kinda scarry. She sent me to a rheumatoligist. I have seen him before cuz they thought it was lupus first. Once they ruled that out he tested me and said it is FM. He shoved more pills at me and told me to come back as needed. Not even a follow up appt. I live on the West Coast. Have looked all over our state for another doctor but no one is taking new patients. The one that I found that is can't get me in til Sept. Any advice on how to find a doc that has experience and actually cares?
  2. jbennett2

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    at the top of this page. Also, if you type in "The Fibromyalgia Advocate" in your search engine, you will come up with Devan Starnyl's (sp?) homepage which has a listing of Dr. by specialty (neuro, rheumy, ...). Her page is a wonderful resource and has many items that can be downloaded and printed.
  3. NyroFan

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    Why not call some of the hospitals in your area and ask if you can see someone in the Rheumatology Department. That is how I found mine. The more prestigious the hospital, the better.

  4. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    both very helpful...thanks tons!
  5. janieb

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    so people near you could respond. It took me a long time, but I finally got referrals from other people and my family doctor. Now I think I've found the perfect doctor, but it seems to be possible to do the guai protocol if you have this site and a copy of the book by Dr. St. Armand, now easy, mind you, but possible.

    This group is great, so it seems to me you've made a good start.

  6. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member

    Please put what area you live in possible on the topic line. You should get more results that way.


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