How do I get a Dr to acknowledge my pain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SuzieQ, Jan 27, 2003.

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    I'm so tired of hurting. I already had the pain from fm, which was annoying, but bearable most of the time. Well, about a month ago I hurt my back at work. I'm always hurting now. I have lower back pain and pain shooting down my left leg. Had an MRI done and discovered a bulging disc to the should be having the pain in the other leg..but I'm always backwards. The Dr said that does cause pain on the other side on rare occasions. I can only go to the workmans comp dr. The fact that he ordered an MRI soon was remarkable, they usually make you wait a couple of months. Anyways, the first time I told him how much pain I was in he told me I could take up to 8 Ultram a day..I already was taking it for fibro and told him 1 ultram twice a day like I had been prescribed didn't touch it. So, I started taking 2 at a time. But after 6 pills start feeling GI symptoms, so I don't take any more than that, plus the mobic and muscle relaxers he put me on. Then my second visit, told him even on light duty, I was in such severe pain after working 12 hrs that I couldn't get any sleep. So, he restricted me to 8hrs work. Well, I'm still having pain and don't know what to do. I would just like something stronger to take at night. I can't take narcotics and work, because I'm a nurse. I go for an epidural steroid injection Thurs. I have heard good and bad results and am just praying for good ones for me. But if to I get him to address my pain. I know if he was hurting this much, he would be taking something a lot stronger than ultram!

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    I soo know what you are going through. I have been in your shoes, except the fibro came with the back injury. However my advice is this. i too had/still have severe leg and low back pain and bulging discs. I did the epideral thing NEVER again will they ever do it again. Horrible experiences with both. If you have the choice and can get other treatment i would truly advise to do it. I don't want to go into the details and scare you okay. I truly recommend that you ask for water therapy before doing the epideral. And you need to stress to the Doctor that you are a NURSE and everywhere in Hospitals these days it says what level is your pain. You have the right to have pain relief period. This is why so many people end up with chronic pain these days because they are not treated for the accute pain and it turns our sensorary nerves into short curiuted wires that know nothing but pain. Straight from the mouths of Mayo clinic Doctors...
    I wish you luck and I will pray for you. I truly know what your going through.
    Best of luck,
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    It does bother me that I get in serious trouble at work if I do not check for pain every 4 hours. If the patient does have pain, I better fix it and document that it improved. Why don't Dr's have any accountability for this outside of the hospital.

    In Pain, Susan
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    I think that should definetely be addressed at your next Doctors appointment. Be sure to ask him and explain to him that you do work in the hospital and you are questioning why pain issues are not addressed and cared for at docotr's offices as they are at the hospitals.
    Just a suggestion for you.
    Yake care okay.
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    I have bulging disks in my cervical vertebrae & had the steroid epidurals in my neck this summer (I had two---sometimes it takes as much as three before it helps, they tell me) Anyway, it was a tougher recovery than I thought it'd be (my upper back muscles were horribly sore for a few days), however I'd say my neck/arm pain is at least 90% better than before, and continues to be after 6 months. So you may find a lot of relief from this; don't get discouraged if the 1st one doesn't do it all, though.....and allow yourself plenty of time to recover & insist on pain meds for that recovery period (I took vicodin for a couple of days-----I think a "normal" person can have these shots without too much pain, but anything that goes through layers of muscle is much tougher for us FM folks......)

    Good luck & hope you get some relief from this!

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    I don't have what you have, I only have FM and something wrong with my ankle that makes it hard to walk more than 50 ft., but the way I got the doctor to listen to me is that I would not leave the exam room until he listen to what I had to say and gave me what I wanted.

    You fist have to do your research. Understand what painkillers do what. Write down a list of questions, two or three for each group of painkillers. If you are looking for pain pills you want to look at one of two groups. You can go for the Vicodens or Oxycodens (sp). The Vicodens have about 4 levels of strength. I would start here with Vicoden 7.5/500. If this does not touch the pain then (after doing the proper research so you know what these pain killer will do to your body) ask for the Oxyes. One last thing, there is a new pain patch that is out and from what I here at my support group very good. You could ask him about that also.

    Go into his office with your research and questions and then demand to be out of pain. It is your right as a patient. Do not leave until you have one of two things 1) prescriptions for painkillers or 2) a name of another doctors that will help you, maybe a pain specialist.

    Good Luck and Blessed Be