How do I get back???

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    I am so far away from God and feel I can not get back to Him. I was saved at age 21 but have always questioned, did I do everything right, did I pray right, was there something I didn't repent of, and I'm too embarrassed to go to someone and ask.

    So I hope, since no one here really knows me I can ask you and get some answers.
    I know the plan of salvation, for about 15 years I was in church anytime the doors were open. I was kicked out of the church after I ask my abusive to leave. I could not bring myself to tell the pastor "everything" that was going on.

    The pastor told me if I didn't take my ex back I would be brought before the church and kicked out, which they did.

    Since then I have had a block about getting back in church. I know I need to get back in fellowship with God, but where do I start? What do I do? Sorry this Is long but I need some help.
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    Ask God forgiveness. Somewhere in the Bible and someone else can pin point it, it says something about being a Christian and going off the path you will return. There isn't a thing out here that Christ did not know or see and He forgave us all, God sent His son to die for us that's how much He loves you.
    Do you know that His created beings - angles - sing for joy when we repent, when one lost sheep is found, do you know how pleased He is with you?
    What you described about praying enough, saying the right words is salvation by works, that isn't what Christ preached. He already did it all. Accept and repent.
    Do a study on God's promises to us, there's a book out called The Search for Significance - seeing your true worth through God's eyes. by Robert S McGee. It is all Bible based , none of the new spiritual garbage out now that shows how to get close to God by what we can do. The so called secrets, phewy!! Ask God to show you and then listen to His still quiet voice. The road is narrow but you want to get back to God's path He'll guide you.

    Listen to Praise and worship music, read Psalms, read God's love for us. Read His Word. There's a lot of other churches out there, but a warning again, I know some get a wee bit upset about this but since God has shown me the deception in His church now, I have to give a warning. Anything to do with New Spiritual,spiritual mysticism or a new way to find God - run!!!

    A lot of people are doing small group fellowships check around for that, do a search on the internet in your area.

    There's lots of ways to get close to God, again, ask Him. He said he'd answer the door if you knocked. Spend time talking to Him, he really does hear us. What really helps me is the music, I like the old Gospel hymns and reading Psalms. Others here can give you ideas to use. Just remember He is always with you, He never left!! and He loves you, He created you and knows what you are going through.

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    Hi Honey,
    If I were you I would find a good Full Gospel Church to go to. They are not so strict on things like divorce. They just want you in the church and care for you, and whomever you want to bring with you. They are more about loving the
    members of the church, even when they have problems. My pastor would never turn his back on me for leaving an abusive husband. My husband never even goes to church with me as a matter of fact. But they love me anyway.

    I think you should get out your telephone book and lookunder Full Gospel, or undenominational(is that right, haha?)

    I wish you tons of luck!
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    Welcome home,sweetheart, I have missed u, I have been right here the whole time, waiting to give you the love and care that u have so needed. I have collected every tear in this jar, and I have sung over you every morning. I have never left you. That is what God will say to you when you say God, I am sorry. Accept His love. I was in an abusive relationship with my first husband, and he even made me choose between him and God, and stupid here chose him. God eventually took him from me via divorce, don't let any one, husband, brother father mother child, come between u and your God. they are not worth your salvation. it took me forever to ask God to forgive me and for him to help me forgive myself. Talk to God as if you are talking to your own father, He loves that. Also, find a church that is biblically sound. if in doubt, it probly ain't.
    drown yourself in christian music.there are several great ones out there. you have us here too to help u. I will be praying for u. also, read Isaiah 43, and Jeremiah 29:11.
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    for responding. I read each response in tears, have prayed and ask God to forgive me. I just have so much ugliness in my life, from and alcoholic mother,abusive stepfathers (one molested me and even my mom dosn't know about it)

    My ex told me God would punish me for leaving and it seems like it's been happening.

    My health has gone down hill so bad and I feel like everything goes wrong in my life.

    I just really want some peace in my life, destress, calmness, and happiness.
    Thank you for the music and reading suggestions and please pray for me.
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    God has already taken you in, now you have to accept it. Not easy when you have been through the things you have. And I hope those are tears of cleansing from the Holy Spirit. That book I mentioned is a wonderful healing book to get started. Someone mentioned a full Gospel Church to find, they do spiritual healing if there is one in your area. Another place to ask for prayer I've mentioned before is you can never have too many people praying for you and helping.
    You will have Peace beyond all understanding, it doesn't mean there will be no trials in your life there is in all of ours, but Christ promised Peace and He will give it to you. It's an amazing thing ... with so much going on here, in my life, I still have that inner Peace!

    God's Blessings

    Romans 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
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    I find that when it seems God is far away, it is not God that has moved but me. Ask him for forgivness and get into his word, the bible.

    Look for a good bible believing church. One that believes cover to cover and everything in between. Some try to "edit" out what they do not believe in no matter what God says in the bible.

    Unfortunately all mankind has sin in their lives. There will be Chrisians and so-called Christians who will not stick to scripture in helping people. I know. My sister had a similar problem as yours. She chose to stick close to God like a brother. She found another church that sticked to Gods word and didn't get self rightious. Sometimes life has bizzare circumstances. God knows that. He has love and compassion for all. Mankind does not always have it. God hates divorce but he allowed it because he KNEW there would be unusual circumstances. He would not want someone to get abused by a spouse. God commanded us to love one another. Men are to love their wife.

    Don't be sorry. Man has failed you. God will not. Ask him for help. He will guide you. He is our rock and our salvation. In him whom shall I fear?

    Take care and God bless. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    One person I listen to a lot is Pastor Francis Frangipane, this morning I was listening to one of his sermons on being favored by God and kept getting your name. scroll down to the bottom and there's view us on line, he's the first one.

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    I appreciate you taking the time to reply and to know you are thinking of me. I'll check out the web site next.

    Blue- The pastor had more than enough information, but there are things no one will EVER know.
    What's the old saying "kick them while their down"
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  11. PVLady

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    Hi, only one who has walked your shoes can know what you are feeling. I have been reading a book about a very holy lady, Mother Teresa.

    She dedicated her entire life to helping the most poor in the gutters of Calcutta. These people were just lying in the street dying and no one even would touch them.

    She started her little order of nuns and began taking these people home to care for them so they had a dignified death. She wanted them to know Jesus before they died.

    One very interesting thing about her in her letters, after she started her work, she could not feel the presence of Jesus (which she had before). She agonized and felt Jesus turned away from her. She was warned this could be a temptation from the evil one to discourage her good work.

    As respects to your church, people are all human and make mistakes. You were wronged but it doesn't have to stay that way. Pray and try to keep a open heart.

    Not all churches are the same. You may feel more comfortable starting in a new one.
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    I just finished reading your other post on Mother Teresa. What a loving and Amazing Woman.

    Thank you for responding to my post. I have been praying and praying to God. I've ask for his forgiveness. To show me anything I still need to repent of. To bless this board and the people who are helping me.

    My heart still feels so heavy and my mind so confused (fibrofog I guess)

    Blue- I apologize for being rude earlier. I'm only looking for help here and do not need negative replies. So I'm sorry.

    Thanks to everyone

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  13. sixtyslady

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    I"ve been sitting here reading all the post.
    all I can say is God is with us,
    I came to the board broken and tearful this morning from a night a severe headaches and back pain and lack of sleep.
    I"ve been in pain for over 5 weeks now.
    I can't take meds so its very hard for me to get through this and I"ve been praying and asking for healing for weeks now,
    the longer we are in pain and lack of sleep the more our minds start to play tricks on us.
    but after reading all the post,I can hold on to the promise of God, and believe once again.
    God Bless all, and I thank God for this board.
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    You need a fresh beginning.

    Was your minister ordained, or was he self appointed and doesn't have a theological degree?

    It doesn't mean that someone without a theological degree couldn't help, but the minister, pastor, priest, etc. with the theological degree normally has had educational classes on how to counsel members.

    I'm 60 years old and if there is one thing I've learned over the years is that few things are either black or white. I find that many controversies are in the "gray area".

    None of the 10 commandments say you can't get divorced. Adultry and divorce are two different things.

    Of course God will forgive you. Jesus even asked His Father to forgive the persecutioners while he was hanging on the cross. There are many ways to worship God. I'd suggest going to some different churches and find one that you feel comfortable with the doctrine AND the minister.

    There are capable and incapable people in every profession. Any church that is so closed-minded that the congregation votes you out is not practicing Christianity. (in my opinion)
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    shattered, i have been reading this thread and you have been given some geat advice here.the one who told you to make sure that he minister has credentials is right . and also make sure that hey are up-to-date-. it takes a long time to study for the ministry and get your doctorate and thd. i also took the counseling courses and have done a lot of it. they are steering you in the right direction.

    dont feel that it is wrong to not feel the presence of GOD as we are all tested. that is where faith comes in ! he already knows what you have done or thought or not done. he just wants you back. Jesus was God. but he was man also, until he was resurrected.and on the cross, even HE questioned whether or not the father had forsaken HIM! of course, that was the human side doing the questioning.

    for then , he said , father, into YOUR hands I commend my SPIRIT! when you repent, he says that your sins are tossed into the sea of forgetfullness, never to be remembered against you anymore. you see, GOD has the power to forgive but--he also has the power to forget-which we do not have. when you keep repenting of the same thing over and over, he doesnt even know what you are talking about, for , you see? he has forgotten it!!!

    when he looks at you he looks at the blood of CHRIST that has been applied to you and that is how he sees you. CLEAN!

    let him make you into what he wants you to be. he says, "he that is able to save you is also able to keep you! thank him ! for keeping you . and dont listen to negative people that say otherwise, for he also says that " the power of life and death is in the tounge". that is why words can kill . they can be a weapon or they can be your healing. take the healing now and rest in the HOLY SPIRIT. he is your teacher.if you dont understand your bible or even if you do,do what i do- i say, "holy spirit, i am going to study now and you are my teacher, please, come sit beside me and tell me just exactly what this means" he loves for you to aknowlede him too, but he is here to lift up JESUS. and he will do it for you.
    hang in there hon. he loves you! tell JESUS that you want him to be as real to you as your own parent was. you want to know him, not just about him. god bless you-ski-
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