How do I get past prior medical mishap.

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    I am so discouraged and don't know how to get a Doctor to treat me due my past Doctors. I will try to explain this as briefly as I can. My troubles all began due to a work injury in 2000. I was not recovering and was assigned a case manager. She drug me from Doctor to Doctor. I had numerous injections and was treated very poorly by some of the Doctors and by her. She was finally fired and taken off my case. However it is still haunting me to this day. I am no longer dealing with work comp but am still haunted by the past Doctors records you could say.

    Now that I have a three inch binder or more of medical records and 20 some Doctors in it I struggle to find any Doctor except my Family Doctor to just grab hold of my case and run with it. I was seen by the Rheumo in October who about ran scared out of the room. i seen him again yesterday. The Nurse took my pulse and blood pressure both were through the roof. She asked if I knew what could be causing this? Yes, i am in pain I said. It has a tendency to do this when I am in pain. WOW she says. The Doctor comes in and says yep, you definetely been through the ringer. You have Chronic pain, just what Mayo said. I said okay, well we know it is chronic. (DUUU) He goes on to tell me in all his years of practice he has never seen anyone with such severe muscle spasms as I have. I said okay, well I was sent here because my Doctor is sure that it is Fibromyalgia. yes he says you have all the characteristics of Fibromyalgia. He says i don't know that I can be of much help here though. i am an arthritis specialist and you don't have arthritis you have chronic pain. I did not feel I should run the tests over again due them being done already. (In Febuary of 2001 and things were not this bad.) He said I recommend you see one of the pain specialists in town for treatment. I said that is fine. However I have had enough cortisone to last me a life time and want one to help me control the pain so I can become more active and begin living again. He then says well, you probably won't find a pain specialist who doesn't use cortisone as a primary treatment. I said I have been through a three week pain clinic, I know the things I need to do to but i can't when i am struggling with so much pain and muscle spasms that I can not move and unable to do it. He then suggests a pain specialist who does nothing but injections who I had seen before. he says now will insurance approve him? I said look work comp is done. it is little old me making these decisions now. OHhh yeah that is right.

    So, he then desides he will try me on norbic and zanaflex and I should return in four months. And still use flexeral to be able to get some sleep.

    His Nurse came in and we were talking and she said well, he has chronic pain/fibromyalgia for a diagnosis.

    My problem is how do I get past the fact that work comp is done and I just want something to help me with the pain so I can regain some normalcy of my life again. I can not go and say well yes I have been battling this for three years now but I have not records to show you. I thought the Rheumotolgists treated soft tissue and muscle chronic pain. I am so flusterated and upset with the whole thing.
    Where does one turn to just get conservative medical care anymore without an injection in the hand of a Doctor when they walk into the exam room and they ask where it hurts so they shoot you up with it. I am tired of battling this mess and want to just be able to find a fresh start. How can I begin to understand how to live with this if I can't find someone to take me on as a patient and work through this with me?

    Sorry to be so long and vent so much here. I am just truly discouraged and feel like I am at the end of my rope with it all.

    If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know.
    Thanks for listening.
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    I have never heard anything so preposterous as the claim that pain specialists all primarily use cortisone for pain. Steroids are used to control inflammation, not chronic pain. Since you have your choice of pain specialists, if it were me, I would call and talk to their offices or use one of the physician referral services often provided through the hospitals where the docs have admitting privleges. They often can tell you whether the docs are willing to prescribe opiods and other pain meds.

    Chronic pain needs to be managed through various means depending on what works for you. I am hoping Madwolf sees this as he may have some good suggestions for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    It doesn't sound like you've been to see a pain specialist. You can always go to them to see what they have to say. I suggest this cautiously because some prescribe pretty potent and potentially dangerous and addictive drugs which can become a problem in themslves. From reading the posts on this board it sounds as if many here find these drugs aren't all that helpful for FM in the long run. Darn expense to have to keep going from doc to doc for help. I pray you find some help soon.
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    Thanks for coming through for one of our members once again. Your help is so valued here.

    I am one of the lucky ones whose attorney sent me to a good pain specialist who just happened to also know more about FMS/CFS than all my other docs put together. He was the one who prescribed the Morphine and Klonopin which both helped me to get so much better.

    Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate all your advise. I have began my search and hopefully i will find someone to help me out of this rutt that i am in. However there are only two pain specialists in the area and both are anostesiologists.(Spelling is incorrect sorry.) Thanks again.
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    I see an anaesthetist for injections from my neck down to my legs every 3 weeks. If I let it go longer ie he/s on vacation, I notice the level of pain increase. I've been doing this since July/95. It works well with my pain meds, flexeral and anti-depressants.
    Just thought you might want to hear from someone who gets relief from these injections. I'd try it for a few months and see how it works for you.

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    I have had terrible experiences with the injections. 6 in less then four months. I could never ever allow myself to have another due to the serious side effects I have had with them and still have from them. I am sure it has everything to do with who did them but I could never do another. Now they have to even lay me down to take my blood due to the anxiety of needles. But I truly appreciate your post and I am very glad that you do find relief with them. Thank you for caring and to post. I appreciate it.
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    I am new here, but I can understand your frustration.

    Please take what I say with a grain of salt, but I believe, IMHO only, that women are treated very differently from men.

    I have been suffering and in pain for years. My doctor said I should see a psychitrist. After 2 years I lost it and demanded he do tests. I found out that I have OA, severe in my knees, Adult onset scoliosis, and now Fibromyalgia. It is now beleived also that I have Adult onset asthma, which has been left untreated because my doctor blew that off as well.

    I come from Cape Breton,Nova Scotia and you can not pick and chose a doctor here. You are very lucky to have a family physician at all now and most are overbooked. Because of this they can only spend 5 minutes at most with a patient, so where does that leave you!!

    It has been years since I have had a decent sleep and I am a single mom trying to raise a 15 year old boy. So if anyone has any suggestions for pain relief, just so we can get a decent nights sleep, it would be great.

    I took my first dose of amitripptyline and it did no good at all. I am a mess.