How do I get tested for Lyme w/no insurance? Please Read

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    I also posted this question on the Lyme boards too but I am not sure how often it is visited and if anyone could answer my question.

    Anyway, I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and IBS.

    I have been getting sicker with my illnesses and in the last year or so I have felt like my body has changed and has possibly may have developed another chronic illness.

    I really desire to get tested and I do have a doctor BUT I am covered by the county hospital and I have to follow whatever suggestions that they give, and I can't be making any suggestions,or requests, etc. If I do, they will drop me from the program.

    I did check with the county hospital department about this and they are very strict with their coverage.
    The services are free to me because I have no income coming in. So I guess since they provide free services they can be restrictive as they so desire. I rather have some sort of care than none. Even though it takes about 3-4 months to be seen by a doctor there.

    So I am wondering how do I go about in getting tested? I do not have health insurance and cannot get health insurance.

    I do not work and I am not married, and I do not have any children.

    I cannot get on Medi-Cal here because I don't have any children, and I am not recognized as disabled by the state. If I get SSI then I would automatically be recognized as Disabled and be able to get the services I need and for sure I would have an easier time in getting tested for it.

    I have applied for SSI and waiting to hear whether I was approved or not.

    I saw someone mention to get testing done by a certain Lab on the fibro boards but I don't understand how that works as it sounds like that would need to be approved by a doctor or insurance company.

    So how does someone in my predicament get tested? Because I do know and feel that my body has developed a new illness or two. I just want to get tested so that if I don't have it, at least I will be able to rule it out. I am still waiting to here from docs on whether I have Lupus and I won't see the pain specialist until late July.

    Let me know of your ideas, suggestions, etc...thanks

    ANNXYZ New Member

    and explain. Then I would send a letter personally to the
    CEO of the company , because so often things get lost or
    forgotten . Be kind , and if you are persistent , I think you will get help.
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    I believe comes from IGenex, not the actual drawing of the blood...

    I hope you call iGenex and see what they say!

    all the best,

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    I understand that Lyme tests can be expensive and that is why County hospitals do not like to do them for folks without insurance. The other factor is whether you live or have lived in an area or lifestyle that would have exposed you to Lyme bearing ticks.
    I requested a Lyme test as I had symptoms and lived ten years in the Sierra. I've taken ticks of myself and animals during that time. My adult daughter has had Lyme for years. Now living back in a City, they did not really what to do the test. My doctor, at the time, solved my constant inquires by telling me the test had been done and turned out Negative. Found out latter through my new doctor that the test had never been done!! How UNETHICAL was that???
    I still believe that Lyme may be a source of myCFS and I am going to pursue this futher!!
    Thanks and best wishes,
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    I have lived with pets all of my life. currently live in farm areas, and right live on a former farm area that now track homes, and been out of the country and basically lived on farms with animals, and the sort there. Also have been hiking deep in the woods camping several times.

    So I think is quite a bit of past there for me to really consider taking the test. I will look into Ingenix and see what they say and if it is too costly and most things are, as usual I will just have to pass it up.

    See how sad this is? I cannot even get to necessary help that I need and even if I want to go at things alone I can't as the costs are just so high.

    I may check on Quest but I am not sure if I can go to them though, I think that is the same lab that merged with Unilab last year and well I definitely could not do anything with them, as I had put them on my BK last year.

    Anyway I will look at Ingenix and if the cost is too high, then I will have a look at them next year or the year after then. I don't have any income coming in. So money is hard to come by these days.

    Thanks everyone!
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