How do I improve memory lapses?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shirl517, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. shirl517

    shirl517 New Member

    I am troubled lately with memory loss.
    Friday I wore two different flip flops
    to work. How embarassing! Any supplement ideas?
  2. Dainty45

    Dainty45 New Member

    I read in a magazine for Arthritis, do crossword puzzles, to keep your mine working. It helps a little bit, but I still have a lot of that also. I misplace things, I forget to take things out of the cart at the store, I really have to double check myself.

    Good Luck! SB
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Check out all the posts on brain fog. There might be some ideas there.

  4. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    Just kidding. I find mine comes and goes and everybody just gets a giggle out of it.

    I'm a computer programmer so my brain gets a good work out but they still happen to me. Some people swear by Gingko Biloba.



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