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  1. Aster

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    I have had a cold for 3 weeks or more. Im over all the congestion and most of the cough but how do I regain my strength?? Does anybody know ? I'm so sick of being indoors. Moping around half awake I start to feel much better but just a few laughs or a small amount of cooking and bam! Im back down again with hardly the energy to walk.
    Can anyone offer advice on how to get over this? It isn't the flu because I never had a high fever or body aches.
    Thanks for any advice, Aster
  2. beans

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    Is it nice out side take a chair and sit out side and get some fresh air.

    When I was a child and very sick my mom set me in the yard and fixed a sort of bed out of a lawn chair for me with blanet and there I would lay missing school just under the school windows were my teacher could see me.

    Keep taking tons of vitamin C and make your pot of chicken soup.
    You need some more time to heal and rest.
    Watch birds from a window and watch movies on TV call friends you have not talked to or heard from in a long time.

    Start to take short walks around your yard or block.

    Do not rush healing there might be more going on than you figure on.

    Take good care of your self button up your over coat...
  3. Aster

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    I got up the energy after being in bed 2 wks to go for blood testing: I have H.Pylori, a bacteria infection of the stomach lining!! I got on the medicine ($288 for Prevpac)
    and almost immediately felt better. Now, 4 days later I feel great. You take 8 pills a day. Actually, I just took my morning 4 pills.
    Thanks so much. This is what happens when you drink Artesian well water, I guess. aster
  4. horselady

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    I treat it just like the Dr's told me after surgery. Start with something small - get the mail, then walk to the next house and continue to slowly add to your "up" time. The only way to get your energy back is to start moving, but don't overdo. It is hard and tireing starting out, but gradually it gets better.

    Good luck
  5. Kowboy

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    I just put up a post about being ill...going on 3 weeks now also. I've never been hit so hard with something like this to where I am also suffering, as an adult, with a middle ear infection losing my hearing in both ears. Only slight improvement last few days. Body aches and low grade fever almost unbearable with high blood pressure I've never had before being very conscious of my health and active. I'm sick of resting, laying down, sleeping. It was one thing to thing I had the flu...but, this is all together different and the dr's just say it's an infection, viral.
    I've resorted to my own self help. Lots of juices, water, multi-vitamin, garlic pills, vit. e and fruits. No salt, or heavy foods. Lots of liquids. Don't feel 100% and am still dealing with hearing loss (never in a million years thought this would happen to me with excellent hearing) and hoping I improve. Also, lots of joint pain, wrist, elbows, knees.....never before.
  6. Leadfoot

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    Have you tried 1000 mg of Vit C every hour for at least 4 hrs/day or till reach bowel intolerance. It's worked for me