How do I squeeze physical therapy in with fulltime work?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,

    In my quest to help myself I got a prescription for physical therapy. Now this wouldn't be my first shot at it. Before I had a diagnosis, I tried physical therapy and it was hard. The therapists had an arrogant and condescending air about themselves. And I hated the exercises. But again, it was before diagnosis of anything but arthritis.

    I have yet to try this facility that's supposed to be so great, at manipulating your body instead of just making you do exercises, etc. However, I cannot find the energy to go! I cannot even imagine running to physical therapy after an 8-hour shift. On one occasion, I had an 8am Saturday appointment. But I had something else to do that day, and on my weekends, I can only do one thing per portion of the day {for instance, I cannot have an 8am appointment if I have an 11:00am one) and I HAVE TO DO SOME FORM OF SLEEPING IN ON THE WEEKENDS--an 8am appointment is too early when I have to awaken before 6am Monday through Friday.

    The only thing I can think of is adjusting my schedule to a part-time schedule so that I can go to physical therapy after half-days of work. But that requires paid time, which I don't have. And my short-term disability doesn't kick in until a year after February 2007, if it's related to the Fibro.

    Any suggestions would be appeciated.
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    When I was doing PT, the place that I was going opened up at 7a.m. and took their last patient at 6:p.m. (I worked from 8:00 to 5p.m - so this helped me alot.) There was a few times though that I had to go in earlier due scheduling conflicts, so you might want to try doing something like that. This place is called Health South. I don't know if you have any out in your area. Or if you do if your insurance carries them on your plan.
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Your name! You MUST be from the south!

    When my sis had CFS in order to work and do PT, she could not do a thing else. I mean NOTHING. Hired cleaning ladies two times a month, hired a college girl to grocery shop for breakfast and lunch stuff and ate out at night.

    She had to exercise to try to sleep. She had horrific insomnia.

    Don't know if those will help.


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