how do people with cfs m.e get better?

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    Is it just luck, vitamins, cognitive therapy, exercise? If your body is lucky enough to repair itself? What can you do to get better? Is it time? Everyday I want this nightmare to end but I don't know what to do, I made some progress 4 months ago but since then none
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    In my case, it was TIME and lot of rest. I continued to use the same supplements etc. but of no use (at least for me).
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    If you can find a good homeopath you might get some relief from the symptoms. When I was at my worst about 20 years ago homeopathics saved my life. I studied homeopathy for several years so that I could find my own remedies based on current symptoms and it has helped tremendously.

    Over the years we have begun to unravel all the issues that cause my symptoms. Some have proven treatments, others don't. Getting your vitamin D up is critical. I have mutations in the vitamin D receptor gene and don't tolerate supplements, so I have a sun lamp specifically for that.

    When you don't have enough phosphorus in your cells, you don't have adequate ATP for energy and you just plain run out of gas. Vitamin D helps you absorb more phosphorus from your diet and gives you a little more to work with. I'm always worse in winter because so much phosphorus is needed just to maintain your body temperature.


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    All of the above.
    Luck - meaning genes, diet/supplementation to reduce dysfunctions, mental and life/stress-management + adapting to the illness, exercise to maximize fitness and blood flow.

    All of these do take time to effect a change.

    Because you are making all the systemic problems worse:
    worse sleep, disrupted cycles
    worse blood flow
    worse muscle oxygen uptake
    muscle deconditioning
    tendon and fibre stiffening
    joint stiffening

    I am not saying you should not rest a lot but to avoid using your bed as a resting place. It is only for sleeping.

    The bodies energy must be raised.
    The bodies toxin metabolism must be improved.
    The mind must be quietened.
    Muscle fitness must be improved.

    Since there are deficiencies in most cases of ME/CFS these should be corrected as best you can. (despite what a doctor might say about so called "complementary medicines")

    These are:
    vitamin D deficiency
    glutathione depletion
    vitamin B12 deficiency
    folate deficiency
    magnesium deficiency
    carnitine deficiency

    Unfortunately correcting these does not necessarily produce a dramatic change (sometimes with the exception of B12). Over time (1-2 years) these have an effect which is quite significant. However must not be done without doing the other adjustments.
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    Think about what caused the big decline in your health- you mentioned viruses and unusual stresses. You probably didn't suddenly develop all sorts of vitamin/supplement deficiencies, but you probably DID suffer a big change in your body's stress-hormone response. I know this is very controversial, but here's something safe and maybe life-changing for you: Try a two-week trial of 5mg of prednisone/day and after two weeks (or before), see if you improve. This is the same basic regimen Dr. Jefferies used to recommend (except he favored using 20mg. hydrocortisone/daily). 5 mg. prednisone is the synthetic equivalent and has less side-effects, in my experience. Can you get a prescription for this? Seems like you are in dire need of a boost and quickly!
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