How do they calculate SSD income?

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    I'm curious if anyone knows how they come up with the final figure of how much SSD you're going to get.......I'm still confused about this. I only get $660.00 a month.......I know other people who are getting up to $1000.00 a month. If they figure it on past income......I used to be an I would have thought my SSD would have been higher?

    Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

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    It WAS, some 8-9 years ago, the formula used was an average of all earnings but at the point of highest income the averageing stopped.

    I was told once my income lowered, that would not have been taken into account; the averaging would have been from the pinnacle to the beginning of your work history. If I would have prevailed my income would have been close to a grand; however like a dummy, I did not retain an attorney, and was denied disability. I heard a few weeks back from Virginia where my now atty had followed the appeal that it was upheld; my atty wanted to take it into civil court and I told her to no-go it.

    Dig this....I was financially sound for atleast 4 years into my battle. Once I reached the no income, no savings, no car, my atty went for SSI; the same court that denied the disability under SSDIB ruled favorably (after quite a squable). Same guidlines, same administrative about that! As a single parent in her late forties with a then preschooler, I could not believe it. After all those years of gathering info, etc. ect. loss of savings and almost my mortgage, with an ATTORNEY I prevailed.

    However it has worked to the better, in Texas...S.Texas. as I get special services under the aged & disabled group who have medical coverage far superior to medicare. Oh, yes, you also have to be indigent! Love Cactus
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    me generally what kind of special services and medical care you get. I have a friend with no money on SSI etc and she may need to move and maybe she should consider Texas?