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    I hpe u guys might be able to help me. I have a SSA hearing coming up soon an I dont know how to put my problems into words for the Judge. I have fm, ddd, depression, extreme fatigue. From what I undrstand its not your diagnosus it how it limits your life. everything causes me problems. I dont sleep, 1/2 to 1 hr at the time hopefully getting 2 to 3 hr a night. so Im sleepy all day. sitting hurts me my hips and legs hurt and my left leg goes numb, but standing hurts me too. when I lay down I have to keep changing positions. when I use my hands much they go numb and I have shooting pains up my arms and my left arm goes numb. I always wake up with a headache which I can usually manage to get under control in about two to three hours but it never goes away. Im always depressed because of the dd. I cant remember things like how to spell words or what I want to say its there in my mind but I cant grasp it. Do you know what I mean? I have no social life Im just not able thats very depressing to be alone all the time. although pain meds help dull the pain its always there and constant. You may say I have already explained it, but can you help me in how things should be said? also I have two protruding disk in my neck and my neck hurts all the time.
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    I'd say you've made a good start! If you could print out what you wrote, you could read it to the judge. Or you could copy it into a word processor and add things as you think of them. And tell the judge that you have to read it because otherwise you won't remember. And you do, *don't* make sure you're rested before the hearing!!!

    Hope someone else has a better suggestion.
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    I wrote stuff down, so I wouldn't forget.

    I wore a suit, [an old suit] to show my respect for the hearing, but definitely didn't wear makeup, you don't want to go there looking your best, esp since that's not what you do most of the time anyway, right?

    I think what you wrote above covers a lot and is what they need to know.

    Keep that printed out and add to it whenever you remember something, explain what you have tried to do to get better and what your plans for the future are, perhaps.

    Though, at that point, I had written down I hope to regain my health, get married and consider having a child, and I broke out in tears and was unable to continue. I felt like a fraud who had engineered a crying episode to get sympathy, except I wasn't faking and couldn't stop crying, I had to leave the room. Felt really stupid.

    I don't know if that had a bearing on my case or not. I did win my case, after a year of waiting for the outcome.

    I think it was VERY BENEFICIAL THAT i HAD 3 WITNESSES, including one that knew me before I got sick and knew how much of a go-getter I was.

    My other 2 witnesses were a social worker who had visited me in my home several times and knew all the difficult issues I was trying to cope with and 3rdly, the leader of my previous support group. He is/was a professional man who worked for [is on dis from] IBM and knew me well and was a good witness, esp being an intelligent, conservative, well-spoken man. And he has FM/CFS.

    It might also be helpful if you see a psychiatrist or therapist who gets to know you and documents your depression and illness and who you can talk to about your extreme difficulties with the activities of daily living. A sympathetic psychiatrist or therapist [who can testify you are unable to work] can hold a lot of weight with some judges in hearings, right?
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    thanks for your replies...God....I dont know what I eill do if I have to wait a year for a reply...why does it take so long...I have nearly depleted all my finances now...There has to be a way that we as a people can change the way this thing works. People need help, I think they are hoping we will die before they have to pay...I really do...God Bless you all...Trish
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    some of us need to:

    -ask family for financial help
    -use food banks
    -sell stuff you own of value
    -move to cheaper place - real easy, I know, when you are sick!
    -try to make a little money "under the table" one way I know ppl here in Canada do it is by involving themselves in...oh i forget the name...survey type things where you give your opinion on a particular product, they pay cash and you might be able to fake wellness for the couple of hours it takes, then go home and crash with $40 - $100 in your pocket
    - eliminate unnecessary expenditures like haircuts

    I wish I had known how long it took to apply for benefits and for the decision process, i wouldn't have let my savings deplete as much as they did.

    Good luck to you. Have faith. If you need the help and you are truly ill, it will come. Eventually. But, you may have to fight.

    Oh, I almost forgot. You can try contacting your gov't rep [here it's my MP or is it my MPP...I forget now] and tell them your situation and that you need the money ASAP and the representative might be able to speed things along.