How Do We Know What Symptom Is Fibro and Which Ones Aren't?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I've been dx'ed with fibro for two years but i'm pretty sure i've had it longer. Anyone with Firbro or CFS knows that there are a whole lot of symptoms that go with these syndroms so how can you tell the difference. My left leg has been hurting for over a week right now from the butt to thiagh(sp) area all the way down to the knee. Even the water therapy didn't help it and all i did was hang there the last time i went. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow morning with my fibro dr. but nothing is touching the pain. I'm taking darvocet and soma along with a whole lot of other pills just to get to sleep and sometimes that doesn't even help.

    I guess what makes me question this is my mom called and told me her boyfriend died this morning. He had a heart attack and went into surgery and they put in stints but he died because his blood preassure just kept dropping and there was nothing they could do about it. So basicly he died cause he didn't have a high enough blood preasure to keep him alive.

    Now granted he was in his 70's like my mom but he was very concious of his health and watched his colestral and worked out and did all the right things. He called my mom and said she needed to get right there cause he needed to go to the doctor. He didn't complain of any chest pains or any pains on his left side. He was sweating a lot and said he didn't feel good and that was it.

    Anyways we all have so many different symptoms how do we know which ones we need to go to the hospital for or just wait till our next doctors appointment. I guess this has just really thrown me because some of us do have pains that shoot down our left arm or left leg, which is one of the first things people who have heart attacks are asked.

    You know I don't know if this is really a question or not anymore or if it is a way to vent. Either way I thank you for reading and answering if you think there is a question in here somewhere. Also I know there is a pray board but if you could just maybe say a quick prayer for my mom. She has now had to watch two men she has loved die. My dad from lukemia and now Don from low blood preasure.
  2. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    to hear about your mom's boyfriend. It is tough to determine when to go to the hospital or not. I think you just have to use your best judgement. I think you will know when to go or not.

    It's ok to vent, thats what we are here for.

    I have had this weird pain in my thigh also. It's hard to describe, feels like its the bone, (if that makes any sense!). It comes and goes. You are not alone.

    Hang in there, ok?

  3. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Your right it is a weird pain and hard to describe but sometimes it tingles and sometimes it's just there and your right it's almost like its in your bone or maybe like a big bruse on the inside. It will be intresting to see what the dr. says tomorrow. Also thank you for your condolences. It just makes you think that when it's your time there is nothing you can really do about it cause it's just your time. Being sick like this makes you think when someone you know dies so suddenly.....SueF
  4. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    Keep us posted about your doctors appt. tomorrow. Hope you get some answers and relief!!!

  5. barb144

    barb144 New Member

    pains shooting down your left leg is one of the symptoms of Sciatica, which I have also.
  6. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    bumping for more info....SueF
  7. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    I have CFIDS, and I often struggle with the same question, as do many of us with these diseases. There are such a wide array of symptoms with them, how do we know what's the illness and what's something more serious. Well, the best answer I can give you is to never assume it's because of the fibro. If you have a symptom that is new and you've never experienced it before, it wouldn't hurt to call the doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Two years ago I made the mistake of assuming that some stomach pain I had was just another symptom of my CFIDS. Well, a week later I was still in massive pain. Finally, I caved and called the doctor who had me go over to the ER. It's good I went when I did because it turned out to be appendicitis. The surgeon said that if I would have let it go much longer it would have burst for sure. So, it's a prime example of why we need to be careful of just brushing off these symptoms.

    It's honestly hard to know when to call and when not to. I think you just learn your body and what your usual symptoms are and question anything out of the ordinary. I've been struggling with heart palpitations lately, and I'm going to call my doctor today. Palpitations are one of the many symptoms of CFIDS, but it's not one that I've had before. So, I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Gentle healing hugs,
  8. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    First, I am SO SORRY to hear of your mom's boyfriend passing.

    I can also understand why it raises the question above. I have wondered this many times myself.

    I know I shouldn't, but every pain I get I just attribute to my FM. Since finding this board, I am re-thinking that.

    I have an appointment with my primary doctor tomorrow to discuss many things. (I made an extended appointment)
    I can't see my rheumy right now, I'm on a charity program that only allows certain providers.

    SO, my new philosophy is: if it's a new "ailment", I contact my doctor/nurse.

    Best wishes.
  9. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Went and saw my fibro doctor this morning and showed her where the pain was and then she had me sit up on that stupid little bed and did the preasure points. The ones on my left side almost sent me off the bed. She then took exrays just to make sure I hadn't cracked or broke my hip bone. Thankfully that was not the case. Enstead I got my first taste of having those steroid shots. Fun Fun. Anyways she said that should help and said that some people get a couple of months of relief from them. Well it did help quite a bit but I can feel the pain in certian areas again. Oh well she said I could take an extra darvocet if I needed it. I'll go back to water therapy tomorrow and hopefully be able to do a little bit more then float. Thanks Everyone.......SueF
  10. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I know exactly what you mean! I had a fall a couple of weeks ago, and wondered if I had actually broken something because I started hurting again really bad. And I had a broken sacrum back in the Fall. Then, just like that, the pain went from excruciating to hardly there at all. It is so weird and can make you feel like a hypochrondriac.

    I'm glad you got checked out. And so sorry to hear about your mom's boyfriend. :(

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