how do you afford all the medical costs

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    How do you afford all the medical costs that this dd creates. I have no insurance and my doctor does not think I am in bad enough shape to file for disability. I try my darnness not to go to the doctors where I dont have to pay out of the nose for the appointments. All I really want to do is sleep but I am here at work right now trying to get the energy and caring to make flower arrangements for my customers. Ugh I am soooooo glad I found you guys because I was beginning to think no one understands! Well I got to get some flower arrangements done for a funeral and if I dont get up now they wont be there in time for the lash horaah.
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    I am so sorry you lack ,medical insurance. I buy an insurance via the local self employed chamber of commerce. It is not cheap, but they do offer some cheaper ones.

    Our town also has a free clinic for unisured people and I wonder if yours does. They often have free meds there too. Also our town runs a cheap meds program you can sign for that runs with local drug stores.

    Also, years ago, even though I woprked I did qualify for Medicaid as my income was low enough. Have you looked into this. Having said all of this, the only med I can really take for longer than a few days is low dose(1mg) valium which is cheap, and asprin/tylenol.

    I hope you get some responses from others here too. Bump your post and ask for more responses, right in the title.

    Love Anne C
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    I find myself between a "rock and a hardplace" too. I really don't feel well enough to work 40 hours a week ( which I have done for 40 years!), but when I retire, there goes my insurance.

    Every time I come close to retiring, I think about the cost of my drugs ( and my husband's too), and how much the private insurance premium will be, and here I am, still sitting at my desk.

    My husband has asked me to go ahead and quit. He has recently lost the last family member he had, and we don't have children. He has health problems along with depression. He said it would make a world of difference if I were home, and I think it would too for him and me!

    What is a person to do??!!

    At 58 years old, I could never get a good paying job again, but it is really getting hard to get myself ready in the mornings, and about 3:00 in the afternoon I feel like the bottom has fallen out.

    I have a friend that does not work ( she has FM), and has no insurance. Her doctor gives her samples of all her medication to keep her going. How she pays for other medical treatment, I don't know.

    FM is such a bizaar disease. You're sick, but in some cases not sick enough to know which way to turn. There are some on this board that had no choice but to quit their jobs. But, if you are an "in between" like me, you don't know what to do.

    Somehow, I think one day we'll just know we can't go on working, insurance or not. We just won't be able to do it anymore. ( What an uplifting thought!) Oh well, it's true. Then, we'll have some sort of peace about it, because there would have been no choice.

    Your friend,


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    but it is nice to have a dr back you up...alll they need to do is write out what your dx's are....go to

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    Thank you for your wisdom! I do get some meds for free, and others are fairly cheap but I have a hard time paying for the massages, and appointments. I will look into a medical card. Once again thank you very much!
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    ...don't want to scare you, but it'd be good to research it and find SOME type of insurance or medical card...not just for FM/CFS docs and meds, but should a catastrophe occur.

    My FM had been under control for a couple of years when I got cancer---something none of us expect to get, but when it happens, you are faced with huge costs. My treatment over the past 6 months has been in excess of $150,000. My Blue Cross HMO has covered me very well...I've only spent $1,500 out of my own pocket. Can't imagine what I'd have done without insurance, lost everything I guess.

    Costs are huge in the US for healthcare, that's an old story, but I'm so thankful I had insurance. It's worth at least researching it...private insurance can be expensive, but often there are trade organizations, for example, that offer group rates for folks who don't have an employer to offer healthcare. Or these medical cards that at least defray the cost of care.

    Good luck to you,
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    I don't have ins either. My dr told me a few months ago she didn't want to do all the blood work on me cause I can't afford it. I get my zoloft thru the prescription com. I don't don't many pain meds cause I have to buy those and the xanax. Lately I've been taking some supplements and those can get expensive. I'm gonna insist she do the thyroid and hormone levels right now. I said in another posts we're supposed to be getting a free clinic so might try there.

    Take care,Keke
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    That was very entertaining! LOL! It kept my mind off my own finances for a second!
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    O2Sleep, that made me laugh so hard my eyes started watering! Thanks for the laugh.
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    Free meds. information

    I hope this will help you.
  12. JLH

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    Info On How To Find Out If You Qualify For Free Medicines

    Patient Prescription Resource

    Millions of people already get more than 1,000 brand-name prescription medicines for free, or nearly free.

    You can find out if you qualify for free medicines by calling the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at (888) 4PPA-NOW.

    A trained specialist will answer your questions and help you apply if you qualify.

    For more information, go to

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    from rosemarie:
    I was asked about the name of a Free Medicine program.

    I foundout the name of this program for you it is called "Free Medicine Program" you just type in the www and the dot in the correct place ( and you will find it and it does have brochures that can be sent to doctors office's.

    Like I said I found this program for my mom who does not like to use her computer and the internet, she will read her e-mail and that is it. So when she was spending far too much money on meds for her pain , I started looking for a program to help her with the cost of her medications. And I went to lincslinks and when to the section call pain control and found this program along with several others that I don't remember the names of.

  14. JLH

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    Free medicine info for uninsured-great info!!

    I was looking at a medical magazine in my doctors office the other day and found the email address for a place in Doniphan, Mo that assists you in applying for free meds through pharmacy compnaies.

    To locate them online, just key in "the medicine program". Look through and make sure they are the ones located in Doniphan, Mo. It really isn't hard to find.

    They have an easy form to fill out where you list each medicine you need. You send them $5 for each medicine you want. They will send papers from the drug manufacurer for your doctor to fill out and then the drugs will be delivered to your doctor for you to pick up.

    If for some reason you can't get one of the drugs, they will reimburse your $5 for that drug.

    They had all kinds of rave reviews and approvals. Have been highly recognized. So if you have a doctor that will fill the forms out(which I think they should for us that have no insurance), this will help save us all a lot of money.

    The 3 restrictions they have are: 1) You must have no insurance 2) Must have no government healthcare(medicare, etc). 3) if you have very expensive drug expense they will help.

    I don't do a great job of always explaining things, but this will benefit so many and I wanted to share the info.
    PLEASE check out this sight and read it thouroughly and I believe you will benefit greatly!!!

    Best Wishes, Jan

    Let me know if you find out anything about this program. The web sight said it was started by a husband and wife and is really growing.

    There is a phone number on the web sight. I sent off today to get forms to fill out for my meds. I called my local clinic and they said they will fill them out for free to the pharmaceutical manufacturers and I could pick up the meds at the clinic when they come in.

    So getting free meds might not be so hard after all.



    free meds 07:53 PM

    hi everyone,
    im on a free meds program its a great thing
    do a google search for free meds
    there are alot out there
    i was told not to pay the 5 .00 fee
    because the meds were totally free
    i am a diabetic and take insulin
    i get my insulin 3 mos at a time= 4 bottles
    my in halers 4 at a time
    and singluar(sp) a bottle of 90= 3mos
    i have my meds go to my drs office
    hugs linda

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    please readmy post its called Attorney said I I don't have a case. tell me what you think.

    loveyame: I too hanve no insurance and my husband makes too much money for me to qualify for any kind of assistance.

    so I too do not go to the doc that often. Now I am being told by an attorney that that well not help my case. that the courts want to see currnet medical records.

    She told me I don't have a case. I fell like I am just not important enough for them to bother wiht me.