How do you all clean the bath tub?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pw7575, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. pw7575

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    Hi everyone. Just wondering how you all manage to clean the bathtub? Before we moved we just had a really small shower with no tub. That wasn't too hard to clean. It was some work for me with the CFS but I could manage it.

    But now we have moved and we have a huge deep bathtub. My boyfriend cleans it (not as often as I would like) but I hate for him to have to do everything. So tonight I decided to clean it and that was awful.

    It is a big tub and I am short so I had to get in to reach it all. LOTS of area to scrub in the tub and the walls.

    It was already a bad decision since I was feeling crappy most of the day. But man once I started I realized what I had gotten myself into. I had to take several breaks and when I was done I felt so lousy. And the smell of cleaning stuff always gets to me.

    Even after I am done that smell stays in my nose for the rest of the day. I have washed my hands numerous times but can still smell the cleaner. YUCK!

    I really need a maid...too bad I don't have money for one.

    What do you all do? Are there some easy ways to do this that I don't know about?

    Take Care,
  2. therealmadscientist

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    I'm partial toward using oven cleaner. It dissolves fat and grim, and works very well on dishes that have been left in sink over a week. I haven't tried it on road kill but it should work well to .....ummmm, good for all sorts of things.
    The trick is to not breathe any fumes. Usually I spray bathtub while holding breath, and run out of room (closing door) before next breath.
    An hour or two later(it takes time) I return briefly to room and turn on shower. A few minutes later the air is breatheable, a shower rinse will clean most off, and then can lightly wipe down tub.
    I think the potassium (or sodium) hydroxide is the main ingredient and is also in drain cleaners. Do not use with chlorine or bleach unless want to make a deadly gas that they used in WWI.

    I have a few other formulas, but they might be too dangerous:) your mr Bill.
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  3. my husband bought a Mr Clean tub cleaning kit, it has a long handle and he loves it. We both have trouble kneeling so this works great.
  4. Sandyz

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    I have tried lots of different cleaners but what I found works the best is just plain old dishsoap. The dirt and soap scum and everything else comes right off. I also use a brush when I clean up.

  5. Rosiebud

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    if your boyfriend is willing to clean the bath then let him, I gave up bathcleaning and vacuuming a few years back, just hurt me too much. My husband does most of the chores now and I no longer care that they arent up to my 'old' standards, they're good enough and I'm thankful he does this.

    Give all the cleaning tips to your boyfriend - seriously dont do something that hurts when you dont have to.

  6. Greenbean7

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    Close the curtain, door or whatever it takes!!

    I can't even use oven cleaner on the oven!

    I use one of those Mr. Clean wands and keep one of the Mr. Clean Eraser sponges in the tub so I can use it while I'm in the shower if I get the urge. It even takes off rust stains (I sound like a Mr. Clean commercial!!)


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  7. rockgor

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    Clean the what?
  8. LuvQuilting

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    to hear others have problems cleaning the tub! I thought I was being a wimp! I'm going to try the suggestions because I still get down on my hands and knees and scrub, then I'm exhausted and my hands hurt! Great question!
  9. pw7575

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    Thanks Everyone!!!!! I don't feel so bad now. I guess I am not the only one who has difficulty with this.

    These are really good suggestions. I will try to avoid cleaning the tub and let my boyfriend do it as much as possible.

    BUT when I feel like giving him a break and cleaning it myself I will DEFINITELY be taking your suggestions.

    I couldn't believe how difficult cleaning the tub was last night. It took so much out of me and I felt so awful afterwards. I was almost in tears afterwards just because I realized how simple a task that USED to be before I got CFS.

    Nothing is simple anymore I guess. I will use your suggestions though because I don't want to go through that again.

    Loved all the all are TOO funny!

  10. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Is it insanely expensive to have a cleaning lady come in twice a month? I really don't have much to spare but if I could swing it I think it would REALLY be worth it.

    I would be happier and feel less guilty for all that my boyfriend has to do. And I won't have to kill myself cleaning so much when company is coming over (which really isn't very often). That would be nice cause I DREAD when people are coming to visit.

    My townhouse is a mess right now. Needs dishes done, sheets changed, vaccuming, dusting, laundry, and the list goes on. To have someone come in twice a month just to clean the bathrooms and vaccum the entire house would be such a load off.

    So how expensive are we talking...could I afford it on a small budget?

    Take Care,
  11. pw7575

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    I saw your post on my other thread. I appreciate your input. I never thought it would be affordable until I started seeing so many here doing it.

    I have been debating if we should spend money on a housekeeper but am really starting to think it would be worth it.

    Thanks Again,


    Several months ago, I started using a sponge mop to clean the tub..I just couldn't bend over anymore..I spray on my cleaner, Scrub Free, and away I go..fortunately, our tub doesn't get used much..we are "shower" folks..the mop works well in the shower, too!!

    Good Luck!
  13. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Fiberglass whirlpool tub.

    I hold my breath, turn on the exhaust fan, spray the aerosol foaming bubbles cleaner, then leave the room. I return about 10 minutes later and use a wet sponge floor mop to scrub the sides and floor of the tub.

    I have a huge plastic tumbler glass sitting next to tub. I pour water around side of tub using the plastic glass.

    Once you get the inside of the glass shower door clean (if using a shower) either put lemon oil on the glass or that chemical that you put on car windows so the water just beads off. (On the inside of shower door only!) I'm brain dead because I can't think of the name of it. It has a really short name. Fibro fog moment!

    Do not put the lemon oil on the tile, especially the tile floor or you will slip and fall.
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  14. sues1

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    after taking a shower and I was not dressed.....I would clean the bathroom, or afterwards I would take a shower. It depended on how much I needed to do.

    We used a bathsoap...a liquid and it hardly left any sort of built up, helped keep it clean. But I always wiped around the top of the tub when I got out of the shower.

    Neither of us rarely use the tub, but it is a shower combo.
    I would clean the tub while I was in it. Only way I could reach all. But still a hard job for us to do.

    If you get it extra clean, put a floor or car polish over the side tiles or wall covering. Then it just rinses off itself.

    I now have someone that comes in for a couple of hrs. a week
    and she does it. Sure feels good to always see it sparkling.
    Mr. Clean and many such things makes me ill. Odor, chemical reaction.
    Good Luck.........Susan
  15. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    the stuff they use to wash down walls before painting..I think it's just three letters. My husband puts it on and closes the door for about half an hour, then goes back with a brush to
    attack the tub. Our house was built in 1956 and still has the same tub, so over the years I think others used things like Comet etc and wore the porcelain finish off, so soap scum etc just sticks to it.

    The fumes from that cleaner are to die from, so besides not being able to use a brush and clean the tub..I could never use the cleaner. After it's clean he also does the car wax
    on the sides and tile on the wall and that helps inbetween the deep cleaning rituals.

    But I'm ALL for a cleaning lady!! I tried calling the one that advertises on tv with the dancing ladies. HA! They send 3 women, whether you live in a studio apt or a mansion. They charge like $150 a session and told me they don't do heavy cleaning or windows etc.. They "damp" mop, with WATER..and do the FRONTS of cabinets, stoves and fridges.."normal" once over on tubs etc.. I don't know how they get the jobs the first time much less repeat jobs. JMHO!

    At the time I had about an 800 sq ft
    home we were renting and told them if three women were in it cleaning they'd be bumping rears in each others way. BUT they said that's how they do it, take it or leave it. I left it. Haha. Hugs, Bambi
  16. we have a fiberglass tub and before we got the Mr. Clean kit for the tub, they suggested using either Mr. clean or Dawn Dishsoap detergent so thats what we used and it cleaned pretty good and not nasty smelling.
  17. hugs4evry1

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    I can honestly say that until you brought up this thread, I had forgotten that tubs need to be cleaned.

    I just can't remember the last time I've cleaned one...hubby does his shower himself and I'm guessing my daughter must clean the tub we share occassionally.


    Nancy B
  18. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I really appreciate all the help here. I knew you all would have some tricks up your sleeves :)

    I hadn't heard of the car wax thing or similar ideas but I definitely need to do that. anything that will help keep it clean.

    Yep Bambi...the maid is looking too expensive for me too. I have looked on craigs list and it looks like it would cost me around $200 a month or more just to have someone come it twice a month.

    We just don't have the money to do that. I was really hoping that we could find someone for cheaper but this area is so expensive for everything.

    So looks like I will just have to take all the great suggestions here and try to make cleaning as easy as possible.


  19. budmickl

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    If you can hold your arms up long enough, just take down the shower curtain and toss it in the washer with a couple of towels. Beats trying to find a new one. I fortunately don't have any ailments that cause pain using my arms or raising them above my head. But I certainly don't have any strength in my arms so I know how hard it must be for those with illnesses effecting everything.
  20. kriket

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