How Do You All Get Pain Meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hippo, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Hippo

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    Hi, I have been getting by for years on aspirin and tylenol, but lately my pain has gotten worse. My doctor gave me Ultram and it didn't do much. He says there is nothing else he can give me, because I will become addicted. However, I know that some of you folks are getting better pain meds. How do you do it?

  2. Shirl

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    I don't take pain meds, but I do take Advil gel caps (OTC) along with a low, low dose of Xanax for the pain if it gets too bad. This may help untill you can get something stronger.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. babyblues68

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    I just kept looking for another doctor that would listen to me. My husband also went in with me on first time visits. My husband would also meet these doctors to stress to them how bad I was. Finally I found one that would listen and was knowledgable about FM. I thank God for him. Doctors drive me crazy with the addiction thing when people are really in pain.

  4. EllenComstock

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    I see a FM specialist who has me on Ultracet. After awhile it didn't seem to help as much so he doubled the dosage and that definitely helped. Not that anything totally numbs the pain, but just taking the edge off of it certainly helps. I can't imagine just taking aspirin or tylenol. Has he considered doubling your dosage? Iif it's possible to do that for Ultram-I'm not familiar with this drug, but I think others here said it was similar to Ultracet). What kind of doctor do you see? If he is not very familiar with FM, I would check the doctor list on this site and go to someone else. The last time I got a new prescription, my doctor gave me 11 refills. I was surprised by that many, but it certainly makes it easier than having to call his office all the time for more meds. And it tells me that he understands FM and that pain is a major problem for us. I can take it every four hours, but rarely do this. My pain is usually worse at night. I take one before bed and sometimes I have to get up in the night and take another dosage if I am having major pain. I sometimes have pain in the afternoon (especially at work) and will take a pill then, too.

    As far as being addicted goes, from what I have read it doesn't sound like it's as big of a problem as people think it is. I think most of us in our situation don't really want to take medication, but have to sometimes so we can get some rest and function. I know there are some drugs that are more addictive than others, but I have never felt addicted to Ultracet. And even if I was downing the pills like crazy, the pharmacy is not going to refill a prescription that is supposed to last a month if someone wanted a refill like after two weeks.

    Hope this helps. Definitely check out another doctor. You need to be as comfortable as possible. If this doctor had FM he wouldn't just live with the pain. He would be sensible about taking medication as most of us here are, but he wouldn't suffer without anything. And you shouldn't have to either.

  5. kmelodyg

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    I have been taking Ultram for years for chronic pelvic and back pain. Ultracet is basically a weaker version of Ultram, it is cut with Tylenol. I have worked up a tolerance for Ultram, so my doctor is working with me to try other things. I have started trying a combination of Ultram and Celebrex. It is taking the edge of somewhat. But not enough to function. I tried using Lortab with the Celebrex and that defianelt seemed to help me. For some reason, I really like the Ultram because it helps to lessen my anxiety attacks!! Wierd, I know. The inportant thing is that you have to keep on these doctors. If they don;t want to work with you to stop the pain, GO TO SOMEONE ELSE!! They will all try to start you out on weak drugs. Try to tell that that you've tried Ultram and it doesn't help. They should know where to go from there. Have you tried taking 2 or 3 Ultram? Sometimes that helps me. I hope this helps you. :)
  6. LeLeHpr

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    My doc did put me on klonipan and I swear I have no idea what it does, but man I feel really different in a good way!
  7. teawah

    teawah New Member

    I used to lie about injuries just to get help w/pain because the docs just told me there was nothing wrong with me and I needed to get councilling. How humiliating. I needed to get councilling to deal with how they made me feel and still do some times. Now I usually have to beg. There don't seem to be any decent doc around here for FM treatment of this dd so in order to get relief I must go through the speach about addiction also. I read an amazing thing a couple of days ago on this sight that said only about 1% of people with chronic pain ever get addicted to the pain meds and that we are not being treated for our pain properly. No kidding!
    I hope you have better luck than I have and I will tellyou that I am VERY jealous of those here who talk about the mads they get. Duragesics? Oxycontin? My doc would die before she admitted that I could use stuff htis strong. She told me that she thinks there is just no reason for us to be given this strong of med. How in the HELL does she know? Can she feel our pain?? I would really like to give the docs a taste of their own medicine.

    Good luck, teawah
  8. basket21

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    There is no reason for a lot of pain in this day and age. I lucked out on getting a doctor who is understanding. Find a doctor who is relatively new and they are more open minded than older doctors. I had a female doctor whose limit was tylenol 3.
    My blood pressure was out of site from pain and she said she made me nervous that's why I had high blood pressure. What a crock. I switched doctors, paid the $25.00 fee to forward my file. Best move I ever made.
    Extended release morphine is as exciting as taking aspirin. No highs nothing. What's to get addicted to? Getting the pain relief is wonderful. Our bodies absorb what we need. If a normal person ie. no pain, took l/5 of what I take they would be comotose. See the difference?
    You are the one who is motivated to find pain relief, so keep looking and hope all turns out ok for you.
    regards, basket21
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Regular docs are the worst when it comes to fear of addiction. Find a pain specialist who can help you.

    Love, Mikie
  10. poodlemommy

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    Hi Teawah. I read your post about what your doctor said about no need to be on strong meds. She needs to get out of the dark ages. I am so lucky to have a wonderfull, supportive doctor in every way. My heart goes out to those who suffer. It is not fair.
    God bless
  11. tandy

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    Thank your lucky stars on getting a decent Dr. that believes in the severity of FM pain!! I have a Dr. that must think I'm talking about just feeling alittle crappy,no big deal~ She's(DR.) given me over the years...Darvecet,tyl#3,and then the latest ultracet!!Thats as strong as we get over here!And for anyone of you's that have tried any of the mentioned drugs~They don't do NOTTA!!
    To get any amount of relief worth taking,I need one or two Darvecet with a muscle relaxer~Then i'm feeling like maybe I might survive this battle!!!(not total relief~I've never had total relief.....I doubt anybody does?) But I really feel denied!! After 10 yrs of this sh*t,and 3 chronic painful conditions(DX by Drs. themselves!)I should'nt have to ask for something stronger....let alone be turned down!!! I'm pissed even talking about it! Did'nt ya ever wonder what Drs take for pain??If they have pain that is~Do you think they'd get by with a damn darvecet!!
    Give me a break!
    I need a new Dr!! and a new body...........
    Ok,ya tired me out`
    nough said.....
    Mrs. Crabtree

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    I'v had this DD for 9yr's the pain realy started getting bad 4 yr's ago, my romo ,dr said the same to me .and becuse i have two children 9& 10 ,my others -r- grown, that he didn't wan't to make me a zobie ,, I agree, so have tryed ultram You name it I'v problie tried it ,To make a long storey short , my family Dr seen me in nov $ Said O my God Cindy you look terrable (thank"s alot) She said i remember mrs arobics & heath nut !!!!! Well she put me on oxi ,I was very scared to take it ,I'm a recovering addict, She know's this , but she knew I could take NOOOOOo Moor, so worried me abought ,the addition problim,Iv been clean for 2 yr's ,She also explained ,That by LAW, a Doctor must give thear patients,pain med's that work Or they could be sued!!
    Now w/ any opid, narcodic,ect you must go once a mth to get you'r presciption,,,It sat for 4 day's i was so worried
    but finaly took it ,,we"v had to adjust are mg, but now I'm on 30 twice a day,,And it has given me so much of my life back it;s amazing,,,, I would bring this up w/ you'r Dr , do research, also my dr made it clear , becuse i thought i would just take it when needed NO, Wear using it for pain pervention,, If you'r Dr & you have a good repore
    you can explaine you chose to try it ,And if that dosent do it / ask around ,and find another Dr,,
    Good luck darlin , let me know how it works out (
  13. tandy

    tandy New Member

    thanks for the very good info! I did'nt know that technicaly a Dr. MUST provide needed pain relief or they could get sued!!sounds extreme,but then again? Believe me i'm not a sue happy person....I've had a chance once and probably could have gotten some bucks~I chose not to.
    Anyway that is good to know. Sounds like you have away with your dr. Has your dr. always let you try whatever you want? Whenever i've asked about different damn Dr. does'nt even give me a chance to finish what i'm saying and she's already shaking her head NO. Like she thinks any dr. that prescibes the duragesic pain patch for FM is otta there minds!!and klonopin....I asked about that one,she said that would be used way down the road for severe cases!!! I've had this crap for 10 yrs!!!I can't imagine the pain being much worse then it sometimes gets!!!(on my worse days) More&more I know I need a new Dr!!
    This area of NY stinks for healthcare too,so that does'nt help matters~ Thanks again,your info was helpful~
  14. poppy34

    poppy34 New Member

    hi hippo i know how you feel my dr. acts like its his med im asking for. ive had fibro for 2 years , all my remy knows is ultram. i take 2 every 4 hours when the pain is sever i take 4 . ive called for something stronger but all he knows is a shot in my muscle . but my dr. says i have sever fibro and the shot might not help . ive heard bad things about the shots so all i want is a stronger pain pill . im not going to get hooked on them. i wonder if he had pain like i do if he would only take ultram . he tells me i need to cut down on pain pills. but im in pain! he can kiss why you no what . so your not alone i no what your going through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. konan

    konan New Member

    Hi Hippo,

    I've only been diagnosed with FM for 1 year, however, it's been the longest year of my life. I also have Crohn's Disease. My GP FINALLY agreed to put me on a contract of 1 vicodin per day. (It was not nearly enough). After 8 months I went back in to her and asked her to increase the dosage to 2 per day. She said this would be in "violation of our contract" and she thought I should try to not take 1 vicodin every day. Obviously she did not understand the pain I am experiencing daily. So, I fired her and went to a Doctor of Internal Medicine who also had FM patients and really understood this. He told me he had no problem at all giving me 2 vicodin per day (without a contract) and that his philosophy was this: "If pain meds help a patient to remain functional then they are good, if they don't they become a problem. Just respect the drug and I'll respect you." It was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders!!! My advice is to find a doctor who understands your need for pain meds and does not treat you like an addict. We all must be proactive in our medical treatment and really need to interview different doctors until you find one who fits your needs and philosophies. Good luck to you. My prayers are with you.

  16. beckster

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    Sam-E for your liver problems. It helps some liver conditions a lot. Also I was just reading in the paper about some new research on women with mild kidney disease; it said protein from meat (but not from dairy or non-meat)makes the kidney problems worse. Just for your information!Oh, almost forgot, the sam-E also helps with pain and fibro, although its most well known usage is for mood problems. A friend of mine, who can't take too much in the way of prescription drugs, tried it (out of desperation) for her FMS and headaches and can't beleive it has aactually helped. Let me know what you think.
  17. JudieV

    JudieV New Member

    I'm one of the extremely lucky ones that was diagnosed early, accurately by informed docs! They had to convince me to take strong meds.........he'd call & holler at me cause I wasn't taking them as ordered!!

    Then I moved to Florida...........kept my NY doc & commuted for almost a year. Saw at least 6 docs......2 flat out told me they do not treat people who use "those meds". I was major league bummed out...........found this board......posted a note for help & got the name of a Rheumatologist.........she's handles all my meds & has no problem. She's tried a few new ones.......that have helped a bit........I figure each little bit adds up to alot <G> She also found me a local internist with knowledge of Fibro, RSD list just gets longer.I also do not tell people the meds I'm on........I'll share with people here but I find people a little judgemental.........thats their problem.If anyone wants to talk specific meds..........I'd gladly have a email conversation.

    Keep hunting & keep asking!!! I'd be dead without all the support from the boards!


  18. JudieV

    JudieV New Member

    Tracy.......don't know where in NY your from but I had great docs.........on of my online buddies would come from Ma. & stay with me.....cause she got tired of being jerked around. I moved to Fla.............she still see's them........they are wonderful! Not sure of the board if you'd like a me.
  19. Myth

    Myth New Member

    Well, I have had FMS since I was 22 (Offically that is) and I just resently was given Percocet (Sp?) and Elavil for sleep. For me it has been a long struggle with many doctors. They are reluctant to give someone my age anything to assist with sleep or pain (I am almost 26). It took years of complaining with no result. When I finished university and got a full time job, my pain increased as did my inability to sleep. I started getting these headaches- horrible headaches that were not miagranes. Everyday for a month. I went to my doc and said these headaches are killing, I can't think, I cannot sleep, light is painful and blurry. He did tests found nothing serious and gave me Darvon, a mild narcotic. It really did not go away. I made another apointment, he gave me T3's which do nothing for me. On the third appointment he gave me the Percocet, which if I take two does a decent job of handling moderate pain and works well enough for the headaches. He gave the the Elavil because my sleep has become poor and he thinks that I may have to go on an stronger antidepressant because living with the pain is becoming difficult.(Mind you Elavil does nothing to help me sleep. One can hope it will kick in though.) Living with the pain had become difficult because I have had no treatment for it- ever. I have complained numerous times about FMS pain, pain so bad I could barely walk, sometimes so bad my body refused to let me stand. And I was given nothing. I have had more luck with the occasional perscription for sleeping aids than I have had with pain assistence. It took the persistent complaint about these god-aweful miagrane strength headaches for him to finally treat me for pain. it only took four years- less time then it took to get diagnosed!
  20. AmieRock

    AmieRock New Member

    I agree that doctors are SUPPOSED to treat you with whatever it takes to make you better, however, I can't tell you how many times I've heard "We don't treat chronic pain" or "We aren't allowed to provide long term care for pain" and they pass the buck. My first experience with a Pain Specialist is a disaster story. Took 2 months to get an appointment, got there at 12:30, my appointment was at 1:00, the waiting room was PACKED with people that had been sitting there for 3 hours or more and would be seen BEFORE me. I was informed when I signed in that I could go shopping or something because it was going to be awhile. Since I had some errands to run, I left and came back about 2:30 (an hour and a half AFTER my scheduled appointment) and the SAME PEOPLE WERE STILL SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM WAITING TO BE SEEN. They finally took me back there at 4:30!!!! In the meantime I had written him out a bill for my time! I presented the bill to his billing clerk as I went back to the exam room. The bill was for $100 (I think) and about 30 minutes later he came storming into the exam room with my bill and said "DID YOU WRITE THIS????" and I said "Yes I did". He THREW THE PAPER AT ME and said "Find another doctor!" I replied "Fine I will" and he said "And make sure you bill him too!" I said "You know what? If he keeps me waiting 3 and 1/2 hours AFTER MY APPOINTMENT TIME I WILL bill him!" and I left!

    Went to another 'pain specialist' a month later who basically said yes, fibro COULD be a legitimate disease, but he felt it was more psychological. I went to him twice and endured injections in my back, but nothing given for pain...instead he gave me 3 prescriptions for 3 different anti-depressants. I never went back.

    Since I have no insurance, I can't get medical care (I'm unemployed and we just can't afford it.) So unfortunately what happens in my case is that when the pain gets so bad that I can't take it anymore, I end up in the ER and make minimal payments on that bill. At least there they give me something for pain and usually a prescription for it.

    The really sad thing is that I hardly ever take pain pills. I eat Alleve like candy though, or Tylenol, or Advil, which I know is terrible on the liver, but everytime one of the kids get injured and are given prescriptions for pain (for example, one just had 4 wisdom teeth pulled) I make sure I save any unused pain medication that they are given. The dentist actually gave a refill of 30 Lortabs for the wisdom teeth incident and the son didn't even take 5 of the first 30, so hubby refilled the rx and all of those have been put away for days that I can't take the pain anymore.

    That's really sad isn't it? We spend billions to help other countries yet so many of us are without medical insurance or proper medical care.