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    there is no way i could go on a job 3 hrs less in on 8 oh i wished i could i wouldn't be about to lose every thing.

    those who can't work do you know what i mean goodness it hurts lik%&^%there is no way i can't even do my stuff around my house anymore.
  2. jole

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    Well, for starters, I guess for me it's sheer necessity. I hurt like hell, have fog so bad some days I can't remember how to run a fax machine or copy machine and have to ask for help. I walk like I'm 90 and hold onto the walls. I have nearly fallen asleep at my desk more than once. I have been talked about behind my back. BUT I know I do a better job than most of the rest of the employees because I'm determined.

    I get off work, come home and am in bed by 6 p.m. On my weekends I sleep all Friday evening, night and Saturday morning. Am up for a few hours in the afternoon and back to bed. On Sunday sometimes I have 3 or 4 "good" (meaning awake, Ha!) hours for family, etc., to bed early and back to work on Monday. Not much of a life, but we need the insurance.

    Unfortunately, this is coming to an end, and I have decided (my decision) to cut a day out and take off on Wednesdays. I know I will sleep all day, but am hoping by doing so I can have better quality on the weekends for family time.

    This is definitely not fun nor easy. The pain is bad, I don't like being around people any more, and have no tolerance for "stupid" people (and it's amazing how many of them are out there!!) I am so worn out I just can't go on any more, and I feel totally defeated by it. Guess I worked full time partly to prove to myself I was still okay, at all costs.

    Hoping for better days ahead for all of us -

    Friends - Jole
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    It completly drained me. I would call in sick to work, fortunatly my boss was my mother. Even then she did not understand until she got a sinus infection that lasted 6 weeks!

    When I taught, I would call in sick, there was no way I was going to teach kids that are agress and autisic and could run in a split second.

    But after I cleaned up my diet and get my sinus better, I would find other ways not to feel pain. Like, my feet hurt, so when I work on gross motor skills with my little kiddo, I taught on my knees or I use a chair with wheels.

    I finally had to quit and get a desk job. Not because of fatigue but due to pain.

    With the desk job I can control my schedule ( amount of typing) and environment to pace myself. I even get to go pee anytime I want to (ha ha)

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