How Do You Answer the Question?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jake123, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    "Are you doctor shopping"

    Why do you ask?

    I'm hoping you will work with my rheumatologist and neurologist and you will see they are not giving me pain meds.

    I have pain, does that make me a bad person?

    Is it morally wrong to ask for pain relief?

  2. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    I have to say, that I have also had a huge problem with doctors that will acknowledge my pain, and say that they cannot help me. I wrote about this experience on a different post, but thought you might at least not feel alone.

    My prior doctor (I have Kaiser) - prior to fibro diagnosis -was giving me 50 Vicodin a month & said that if I could make it last, then she wouldn't feel like I was abusing it. I told her numerous times that it was not enough. Less than 2 pills a day? Sorry, that just doesn't cut it for me. Anyways, at a later visit, she had a printout of all of the prescriptions I have ever had filled to show me that I have a drug problem. I changed doctors.

    So, well, I would answer yes, I am doctor shopping. I have constant, excruciating pain from my fibro & none of my doctors are willing to treat it. Pain management is a very important aspect of managing this DD. Studies have shown that very few, if any, true chronic pain patients become addicted to narcotic pain killers - when they are taken as prescribed by their doctor. We do not get a "high" feeling from our meds, just get the edge taken off of our intollerable pain.

    Good Luck. You deserve to have your pain treated by your doctors - that is their job.


  3. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    I am dr shopping for sort of the same reasons. My rheumatologist said well if this doesnt work...oh well cant help ya! Jack a$$. He put me on lyrica and finally broke down and gave me a very small scrip for tramadol...ooooooh.

    I just wish for one day they could experience the pain we do. Just once!!! Anyway I hate going to a new dr cuz I always start crying when I have to give them the whole play by play of the demise of the person I used to be.

    Best of luck and you do deserve relief as we ALL do!!

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Not to say "LOOK at me' but,.....
    I've been to hell and never came back~

    I've had about 6 drs., over a 12 yr span with this Fibro sh** disease,...and NOT ONE of them has ever treated me fairly as far as pain meds!!
    It makes me very mean and angry!
    I'm getting worse. way worse.
    (allow my vent please) :(
    I've been told to get more exersize,
    and worse yet,That Fibro generally is'nt that painful to require pain meds such as narcotics.
    (do ya think these drs. who say these things can really know what FM feels like??) !!!!
    Just for the record,..
    I get ultram or Darvecet. (its my pick)
    What would you choose??
    (Yea,..I'm laughing a sarcastic laugh because niether one does anything for me!!) so now I'm odd, (or lying) because pain meds that work on others don't work for me.

    Tried searching online meds out of desperation,...
    I can't afford it.
    They are crooks! $120 consult fee,...on top of $1.00 a pill!!!!!???? thats far more pocket change than I have~
    wow,... I apoligize and should probably delete this.
    But I'm not. not right now.
    It felt good. It looks good! its stayin.
    Its how I feel :(
    so,...never feel alone you guys~
    I know how you feel and its pretty sh***y.

    hugs to each of you,
    (having another bad day)
  5. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    So you didnt take the lyrica at all? I do have some sort of insurance and pay about 20 bucks for 30 pills but i just started a week ago when i left that wonderful rheumatologists office for I hope to be the last time. I think there may be a little less pain after a week but its hard to tell Is there any reason you wont take it if you have so much of it ? Please let me know .

    I know this should be on all of our "new patient" forms we fill out so often...
    Number 1 .. Would you like to feel pain free and function like a productive human being? or Number 2.. would you like to take drugs just to get high?....then i think they can figure out whos who UGHHH!!!

    sorry moody just reread your response and it seems you didnt get lyrica yet[This Message was Edited on 01/25/2006]
  6. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I like that one "I am doctor shopping all the time - looking for better and more compassionate doctors".
    Tandy your vent is fine - when other people vent it helps other people who can't quite verbalize what's bothering them. It's okay to be gripey. Things are not exactly going our way are they!!

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