How do you avoid getting ME?

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    My wife and two of my four daughters have ME. I am worried about my oldest daughter (who does not have ME - I think).

    The background is that 4-5 years ago she got a head injury and was on her bed for 14 months. She mostly recovered. In June and July last year she got two virus' in a row and we thought that her head injury had returned as the symptoms (fatigue, muscle weakness, unstable on feet, brain fog) seemed to be the same as previously. She ended up very sick until August this year. She actually came mostly right by 'accident'. She got a bad infection (like a boil) and ended up in hospital for 5 days. The doctors did not know what it was so gave her IV antibiotics and IV antivirals (acylivor). Amazingly the boil type thing went away but so have her other symptoms slowly over the time. We are thinking that she actually had a virus all along and the IV antiviral dealt with it. She is still easily fatigued but not nearly as much.

    With our family history it may be that we have narrowly missed another case of ME.

    I am looking for any ideas on how to make sure that she does not get ME.

    I think the main thing is that she not overdo it (which is hard as she is a real goer and is frustrated at all she has missed out on over the years) but is there anything else.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
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    Not ever just one, but several. Our immune system fights off viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungal attacks continuously.
    The best single resource that I've found is a book: From Fatigued to Fantastic, 3rd Ed by Jacob Teitelbaum MD. Dr T got hit with Chronic Fatigue "Yuppie Flu" during med school and has devoted his career in helping ppl.

    Dr. T developed the SHINE protocol to help fellow doctors and patients optimize their success.
    Sleep - 8 hours continuous
    Hormones - balancing them: DHEA, cortisol, gonadal, pregnenolone, thyroid, aldosterone et al
    Infections - treating them via Rx and natural supplements
    Nutrition - Organic vegetables, free range chicken, beef. Minimal sugar, no sugar substitutes.
    Exercise - Just stretching for some, but 10 min walk every evening is great

    There is much more to be said, but that's where the book comes in.
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    I agree that infections are the culprit...and often a mix of them.

    The fact that she improved on antibiotics and antivirals is very important.

    For 21 years I thought my illness was strictly caused by a virus...even my Dr told me it was a virus when I originally got sick.

    21 years later I discovered that the "Viral illness" was actually bacterial...a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection(lyme).

    Many families have more than one family member with lyme because not only are they living and playing in the same locations and therefore getting bitten by ticks, often unknowingly...but...lyme can be transmitted from mother to fetus and to a breastfeeding baby.

    I urge you to read the following material and keep an open mind that part of their illness may be due to bacteria, parasites, etc.

    Also, ticks transmit many infections, including Babesia (a parasitic infection of red blood cells requiring special medications), Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and others.

    Another very important point: Lyme tests are very unreliable and should never be used alone to rule out lyme. Unfortunately 99% of Dr's do this because they are not lyme literate.

    The first 2 links contain very good symptom lists.

    the following link also contains great info about infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia etc on pages 22-27...
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    Thanks for the ideas

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    And to add to AllWXRider's post under nutrition, it's hard to get all your nutrition from food these days because most food no longer contains the nutrients they used to so even if you eat well you have a problem. Most people are low in vitamins and minerals and other nutrients so you might want to get tested for these and supplement with good quality supplements (not the cheap ones!).

    Also, avoid stress and deal with any emotional issues or conflicts you may have.
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