how do you balance rest, exercise and busy life

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sabimax, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. sabimax

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    ok if exercise and enough sleep is the best two things for do you balance all that in the real world...ok dont say to prioritize my things to do list..cause I dont even do much extras that I can minimize...

    I work full busy work place...then I also have four children...oldest being where do I find the time to get extra rest..or time to just just keep going and going and going...

    any tips..would be appreciated...sarah
  2. phoebe1

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    I did an intense detox last year and it has been a life changing experience, if you are interested u can just look at my previous posts.

    I think I am doing a very good job of balancing the 3, I also work full time I get up in the morning at 5 and then drive 40 mins to work which starts at 6:30am, I work till 4pm and then it takes me a bit longer to get home about 50 mins.
    When I get home I do the dishes of the previous night if hubby didn't do them and then start with supper. At around 7pm we go to gym and get back home at about 8:45pm, this we do every 2nd week night. When I get home I shower, then pack lunch for the next day and then go to bed.

    On the nights we don't go to gym we take the dogs for a walk or just play with them, I watch tv and just relax and always try to get 8 hours of sleep.
    On weekends if I don't have to work I take it easy and do as little as possible.
    I don't know if this is of any help but it works for me, the big difference between us is that I don't have children.

  3. SallyK

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    Sarah, I don't know how much support you get from your family. I'm guessing the kids are too young to understand. But they can learn to help out. My family does not support me. This was very hard for me to accept. I kept trying to make them understand and then I realized that it wasn't going to happen. I'm responsible for my body just as I'm responsible for my sole. It has to be me that steps in and says stop and take care of yourself. My Dr. doesn't ask me to take a lot of time exercising....just some stretching in the morning and before bed. It doesn't take long and makes a world of difference. As far as sleep goes....try and make sure that the sleep you get is quality sleep. You would not believe what I've been through in the last 5 years. But I'm doing great now and I will not let this monster(FMS) take over my life again.
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    I still haven't...
  5. kls646

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    I struggle with the same issues........I work full time, have 3 children 18, 14 and 12. They do help as much as they can and my husband is wonderful.......when I can tell him. We joke about him not being able to read my mind....I have to say "bad day" then he kicks in. He went to one of my Dr. appts. with me and I think it helped him understand a lot about "just not feeling good".

    Like the other reply - I don't get stressed about exercising.......I stretch often. Even at work I just stand and strech for a few minutes. I also use a heating pad at work.

    Hang in there........take some deep breaths.......

    "Life is Good!!"

  6. sabimax

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    hope I didnt sound like I do it all myself...first off...hubby is around, and we work different he takes on the baby while I am at work..

    second the kids are 12,10, 6 and 9months old..and the 12 and 10 year old already do all the dishes...and some other chores....

    so I get that kind of help..and many nts since hubby is at work I dont make gourmet meals..hardly hehe

    just meant finding time to get enough rest in busy life...

    myschedule is work 4am-1pm...usually...and then home with the little one...and then the older ones...get home from school

    I guess I had needed to vent about feeling exhausted all the time..and not finding the time to rest and do exercise....anyhow thanks for the replies..sarah
  7. kls646

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    I know what you mean about needing to vent.....and this is a great place to do that! We all understand.

    I still get very overwhelmed at times with my LIFE. It seems as though I get pulled in a gazillion directions at once and I try to make everyone happy. Then I hit a wall and scream "TIME OUT" and need to remember to take care of ME.

    I am too impatient with everything! I want it all - to feel better, my kids and husband to all be healthy and happy (with 2 teenagers that is almost impossible! lol) And finding a healthy balance is soooo hard sometimes. I have been trying to forgive myself a lot more now really doesn't matter what housework gets done, cooking - yeah right! luckily my kids and hubbie can find the frig and don't starve! I have been taking a real hard look at what is an absolute MUST to do, what I WANT to do, what I can delegate, and what I can put off until another time. Funny story - I started decorating my Christmas tree a few days after of today it still needs one more line of lights and none of the ornaments were put on. We all laugh about it and think of it as a cool lamp in the family room now. Maybe by my birthday in June I will have taken it all back down..maybe not... who knows?! :) I have vented! lol

    Have a great day!!