how do you cope with cold weather?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I may be housebound, but it still gets COLD in here! Anyone else fighting the cold this season?

    What tips can you think of to cope with the cold? So far I:
    -wear two layers of socks
    -wear two layers of pajamas
    -use a thick wool quilt while lying down
    -electric blanket on my bed
    -space heater in my room
    -space heater for the living room (just got it)

    I want to get some insulated leather gloves to turn the pages while I'm reading, and some of those fleece-lined slippers that cover the whole foot. I think a hat with ear flaps would help too.

    What else?
    Thanks everyone!
    ((brrrrrrrr!)) Shannon
  2. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    I hate the cold weather. I am still working, but I wear a pair of sweat pants under my work jeans. Sometimes I have to buy jeans a little bigger, but they work much better than long underwear.

    When I am at home in the evenings, I just lay in my recliner under a large, thick comforter... that works well, as long as I don't have too many chores that make me exit the comforter.
  3. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    I don't have a heating i put my blow dyer under the blankets sometime and let it warms things up a bit then i get into the bed with my sweats pjs on and socks on my feet. I just try and keep warm ..I have most of the things u mentioned on the list. I take hot baths and have minks blankets over me to watch tv or something and drink hot tea, hot stuff alot, I use tylenol and aleive for the pain. If my fingers r cold inside i put on my finger lightweight gloves and i wear the mens quitted double shirts around the house. I got a good supply of heaters to..especially when i get out the bath tub..its cold..i have my heater on..then is so warm and comfy..
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    That cold is really bad. When I am not in Florida, I wear my down coat ALL the time in the house too.


  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    You are one of those people on our Board that I admire
    so very much!! Your youthful courage and postive attit-
    ude is an inspiration to many of us that have come to
    follow your Posts. How does you BRO seem to be doing?
    You are such a wonderful and concerning Sister to him.

    Shannon, in San Francisco, we really don't have "Seasons"
    like other parts of the Country. It's either sunny or
    foggy. Those are are Two Seasons and they don't have any
    particular claim to a time of year! When it's cool,how-
    ever, I use to be able to cuddle and keep warm with
    FREDERICKA!! Don't know if I'll be doing that again
    I"m sad to say. (Sob, sob, sob!) But I'm still young
    and have lots of time to fine another "squeeze". At 60,
    theres no need to panic yet!

    Get in the Coversations more if you can here on the Board.
    There are so many young people that have so much to con-


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  6. darude

    darude New Member

    Did you get my email with info? Anyway for heat I turn up my waterbed to the maximum and cuddle my dog ( she makes a GREAT hot water bottle).
  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I just do not go out unless I have to. I drink lots of herbal teas and stay in warm pj's and socks.I got an electric blanket last year and have even used it this summer when I feel cold or ache all over.
  8. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    ski socks, a heating pad, a cup of hot licorice tea, and a wool blanket.
  9. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have an electric mattress pad. It is even better than an electric blanket, since heat rises. (I really miss my waterbed, but my chiropractor did not like it and it is difficult to move.)

    I wear a hooded sweatshirt. People lose a lot of heat from their heads.

    I use microwave heat packs to help warm me.

    I have an electric oil-filled radiator which in keep next to me in whatever room I am in.
  10. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I try everything to stay warm and still seem chilled to the bone from Now til April or May...Since moving to Maine I suffer much more with the weather issues...2 years ago, my husband built an addition to house his business and put a beast of a wood stove in FOR ME...He put an atrium door in our bedroom that is adjacent to the stove and I get to lie in my bed, look at the fire and stay toasty warm, my bones actually get warmed up from this heat, unlike any other thing I've tried...

    My two labs like to snuggle-bug in the bed with us too...Now that's warmth!!! When my chocolate lab was still with us, he would lie from my head to his head and his tail to my feet, completely covering me...That soft furry chocolate coat was the warmest blanket I have ever had...His nicknames were "Woobie" and "100 pound blanket"...

    SO that's my 'how do I get warm' story...Any chance to talk about my boys and my wonderfully warm wood stove, makes me smile...Thanks for asking...

    Stay Warm sweetie, someone wrote "When Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?"...Funny, I still get chills in a hot bath or in the blazing sun...Ugh, my broken body!!!

  11. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    thermal underwear - "long johns"

    lots of layers - sweaters etc. I would even wear tights + long johns + pants with l-o-n-g sweaters and tops. Put a few sleeveless cardiagns in there to keeparms free and have less of a Michelin man look.

    hot drinks - herbal teas etc. Hot apple cider. Yum.

    At one point last winter i had two duvets AND two woolly blankets on my bed, plus wearing layers and socks.

    Woolly bed-socks are good for cold feet at night.

    Hot baths and don't stay in till teh water gets cold. Make sure the bathroom is heated well too for when you get out.

    Wish I could have a wood stove. it's special kind of heat and I love the smell too.

    I don;t cope with heat either... winter and summer aren't my favourite seasons because of the extremes of temperature.
  12. angelbabynov99

    angelbabynov99 New Member

    on the internet. He found that quartz heaters heat the objects in the room whereas other types heat the air first.

    We bought one for the bedroom and one for the living room. They work great--they heat me right to the bone. With the other type of heaters I would have them up so high that I felt like I was suffocating.

    We bought ours at Wal-Mart so I'm sure any of those discount stores carry them. Price was comparable to the other space heaters. They radiate the heat without blowers so there's no noise.

    Hope this helps. Stay warm!

  13. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I'm blessed by being a cold magnet also. What I mean is this. It is only an observation by me but, It dosn't seem to matter what I'm wearing, the weather outside decides the outcome of how I'm going to cope. The cold penetrates to the core and paralyzes me.
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I moved from Minnesota to California leaving behind the cold weather and my toxic relatives.
  15. millennia

    millennia New Member

    Selling the house and moving to California, that is how I plan on staying warm. Unfortunately it looks like I might be stuck here for one more New York Winter :(
  16. hob

    hob New Member

    I just moved to Florida from Oregon because I couldn't handle the cold anymore, but one thing that really helped me were those one time use heating pads. I would put them on my back or shoulders and then two in my socks while I was laying down and I stayed toasty warm. Hope that idea helps.

  17. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Thankfully it doesn't get too cold too often here in Austin, Texas, but when it does, I pay for it dearly. I put on my long PJ's, make sure I have on my electric blanket and flannel sheets (have these on most of the winter anyways, because it does get down to 25 degrees a lot during the winter and thats cold for us), and have the heat turn on. At work, I have my space heater on, of course sometimes I have it on during the summer, as they have the A/C on and where I work, it is like a freezer!. I know that sometimes during the summer, when its around a 100 degrees, and when I leave the building the heat feels really good!!
  18. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I'm not sure what'll happen this winter, since I seem to be worse-off than last year, but I know this past winter I didn't leave my portable heater's side. He was my little friendy. I usually had the heater set to 80. My parents would come in my room and think I was nuts, because to them it felt like a sauna. To me it felt amazing.

    I also bought these fingerless-glove things. They're meant for people with arthritis, but they certainly helped me as well. They fit tightly and are made out of some material that helps to produce heat, keeping your hands from getting cold. Very convenient when I'm at my computer, but the bulkiness/stiffness makes it hard to play video games with them on ;)

    Tea, cocoa, tea, cocoa, blankets, blankets, blankets. Haha. I have two mugs that I regularly use, and it ended up I used them so often that I had to use other mugs. I was not happy, I'm picky about my mugs.

    Usually clothing-wise I don't change a whole lot. Coats don't fit in lockers at school so I'd just wear a hoodie and 1-2 shirts depending on how cold it was. So, hoodies = winterwear. I plan on buying some oversized sweaters and a down coat for this year. Some thermal shirts have already crept into my wardrobe, haha.

    WOW I talk a lot! :D
  19. caperkat

    caperkat New Member

    I also just moved to another state because of climate. From Iowa back to Colorado just 4 months ago. We'll see as winter comes upon us, but I am optomistic the climate change will make a difference.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My Dad was from New Albin, Iowa. Our family lived in another village just over the line in Minnesota. Here's one of his favorite jokes.

    Minnesota farmer sees some men w/ tripods and gear in his cornfield. Goes to check.

    "Well, Old Timer. Seems there was a mistake made about 90 years ago. This part of your farm is actually in Iowa."

    Farmer: Thank goodness. I'm so tired of those Minnesota winters.