how do you cope with exercise??

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    Last year when this flare started my gp suggested I start very slowly walking and gradually build it up as she said it would help ease the pain, well after a few hard weeks it did start to help if only for a short time after execising. I have now been walking 30-60 minutes almost every day ( while pushing my 18 kilo child in a 10 kilo pram) since october and while the pain is there everyday still it has really been getting worse over the past few months and its becoming really hard to get the motivation to walk or do any execise for that matter...
    The thing is I know that if I do it regardless of how slow and painful the exercise is that I do actually feel better for doing both physically for a short period and also mentally for actually doing something...
    I must also say that I have also lost 22 kilos (48.5 pounds) since starting exercising so I really want to continue as I have have another 6 kilos I want to loose. I think that this is really that actual reason my gp wanted me to exercise.
    I guess what I want to know is how do others cope? Do you exercise regulary and if so what do you do and how do you find it? Also does anyone find that yoga or pilates helps at all?? Thanks for any help Sally
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    Great job!!! The better you feel about yourself, the more positive you become. For me, there is no alternative (physically and mentally) than to be positive and push through it.
    I exercise 3 days a week at the gym, walking and light weights and stretch twice a day. I have learned that oxidative stress is the root cause for this disease and which is similar to athletes that do extreme training so I take high-quality supplements(the same supplements that are supplied to the US/CA Olympic skating and ski teams)...which definitely helps.

    Keep up your exercise...for your own piece of mind!
    Take care,
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    Congratulations. I know how hard it is to keep motivating yourself when you're in pain.

    I started brisk walking for 30 minutes a day about 3 weeks ago. Mentally, it has helped me a lot as well and as a side bonus I have dropped a few pounds. I'm going to continue to try to keep it up.

    I've also had to increase my pain meds. I normally take 1 a night, but now I'm up to 2. For me, I think it's more important to get the exercise, even if my exhaustion and pain increases. I have thryoid and cholesterol problems, and the increased exertion has a positive affect on both.

    I've always enjoyed walking so it's something I'm likely to keep doing.

    All the best,

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    Exercising is THE hardest thing for me to get myself to do except for my Pilates machine. I love it. After all, how many excercises can you do lying down??

    I don't do all of the recommended positions, they're just too hard on me, but I love the stretching ones. I also like that the machine is in my basement and I don't have to go out to use it. I got it from HVC and see it as an investment.

    As for walking, that's hard, especially pushing a pram! I don't know if you walk every day but perhaps you could alternate with something more gentle, like yoga stretches if you don't want to get a Pilates machine.

    You inspire me.

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    Hi Sally!

    Sorry this is long, but I want to share my experience with you. I was SO glad to read your post this morning!! I cope with exercise by just going to the gym no matter how I feel because I always feel better later. I remember 8 years ago my rheumatology specialist told me I needed to exercise to feel better. I was angry! I thought he couldn't POSSIBLY understand the pain I am in every day! So, I asked him..."How am I supposed to exercise when it hurts just to move?" He told me to sar slowly and work up to what is comfortable for me. I left his office that day feeling VERY alone, frustrated, and still angry.

    I got up to 265 pounds (583 kilos)! I was disgusted with myself. I felt like giving up on life. (Sometimes I STILL feel that way.) I am like pain everyday. I have never had a day with out pain since before I was diagnosed 10/11 years ago at age 26. One day back in 2000, I decided to try to walk for 10 minutes and increased my activity from there. Then I joined my local fitness center. The first day I did low-impact aerobics I almost passed out! HaHa But I did notice that I felt better, mentally and physically. So I kept going to the gym 5-6 days a week and found the stretching helped me also. I tried yoga also and find it helps me as well. I lost 60 pounds and was in the best shape in my life...I still had pain, but it was not as bad.

    I started back to college in 2004, after being out of high school almost 20 years, to become a registered nurse. I do NOT make time to go to the gym because I study 12-14 hours a day and am getting ready to take a summer class. However, I started back to the gym SLOWLY 3 weeks ago. I am still in a lot of pain right now, and finding new pain in my knee, but I KNOW it will be better down the road.

    Fortunately, my summer class is in the evening, so I can go to my favorite aerobic classes all summer. I also started lifting light weights again. (I used to bench press 135 pounds!) I LOVE the feeling of sore muscles from working out. It reminds me that I am taking care of myself.

    My goal is to continue my exercising during my last year of school this fall/next spring. I am trying to learn to put myself and my health first, make ME a priority. This is hard for me because I always think of something else I should be doing (like studying). Thank God I only have one more year of college, then I can go back to a normal life!!! Earning my degree has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...but I am still getting all A's and B's in my classes and learning more than I ever thought possible.

    Sally, you KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND KEEP EXERCISING!! My email address is on my profile at the end. Contact me anytime you need to talk!!!! Just please put "FMS" or something to do with "fibro website" in the RE field so I don't delete it without reading it. (I won't open emails from people I don't know because of viruses.)

    Gentle hugs and love,
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    Hi Sally,

    Major Congratulations on your efforts and you have totally encouraged me to keep up with my exercising.

    How do I cope? Hmm for me I keep going and really try to not over do it. I have been wanting to take the warm water exercise classes but the center is too far for me to drive at this time. But I think I will be able to go there soon in the future.

    I alternate the types of exercising that I do each day so that I will not get bored. Doing Yoga has helped me tremendously, also Pilates and my favorite has been the Exercise or Balance Ball. I have the most fun with the Balance Ball and I get a great workout with that whether doing my own exercises with music or following along with the DVDs that I bought.

    I recently bought a Tai Chi DVD to workout with as well but I have not had a chance to try it out yet.

    I do what I can do on a daily basis, whether it is Yoga, Pilates, Balance Ball, walking, etc.

    The Yoga has helped me tremendously and I am more flexible than I have ever been in years. I love being able to touch my toes and it is not such a struggle anymore.

    I now have the opportunity to really build strength in my body because I am on medication that has reduced my pain and I should really take advantage of that and work on building my body back up.

    Thank you Sally for posting this as it truly has encouraged me a lot to keep exercising.
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    Just knowing that there is others that you can "talk" to that have the same issues helps alot... Not meaning this in a bad way as I wish daily pain on nobody but it makes it easier to cope when you know that your not the only person struggling with exercise due to pain, if you know what I mean.
    I know that I have to make xercise a part of my life at least 3-4 times a week for the rest of my life because if I don't do it I feel so bad mentally and have even less energy. I had almost 5 weeks recently when I couldn't exercise due to almost continous respitory tract infections and I struggled so much to do anything and felt so disgusted in myself for not doing anything ( that is by no means my opinion on anyone that dosn't exercise it's purely in relation to myself).
    I had to laugh when a couple of you guys mentioned the same reaction that I had when my gp told me to exercise I really only started to prove to her that it wouldn't help lol....
    I think I'll give yoga or pilates a go to see if the stretching aspect helps though my muscles constantly feel like their about to snap they're so tight no matter how much stretching I do before and after a walk...
    Thanks everyone Sally
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    The only time I back off for a day or days is when I get really sick and weak. but if I slack off for too long my pain levels go right up.

    It can be really tough, esp. if I let myself get deconditioned and have to work my modest workout back up. I just do range of motion exercises w/ deep breathing and a short walk to warm up before and cool the muscles down after, in bad weather the walk is just around the house. Every second day I take a longish walk outside, I shorten it to a few blocks if in a bad spell.

    Exercise is essential. I don't care if you are bedridden, you have to move, even if it's just in your bed and a little walk to the porch for a snoot full of fresh air. I was once bedridden w/ CFS, and that's exactly all I could do. Eventually I got out of bed more and more, and I know it was the exercise w/ diet and perseverence and a will to get some quality of life that did it. I've now reduced the illness alot and don't have symptoms of CFS anymore, but still live w/ medium FM pain.

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    what i have found that i can do is that every day i exercise at home using a ball. it makes it possible for me to work the core area of my body without getting on the floor and without causing the extreme muscle spasms cruches and weight machines cause.then on the days i don't work, i work 4 evenings a week, i go to ballys and use an eliptical machine for 30 minutes. i can't do that on the days i work because it makes me too tires. but, it keeps me moving and keeps me from stiffening up. also the benefit of the exercise ball is that it stretches your muscles gently as your using it which actually feels good most of the time.
    i hope this helps.
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    My doctor suggested a DVD of a low-impact cardiac workout.
    I do it three to five days. I hurt after, but he has me do it to lose a little more weight. Congratulations on the 22 kilos.

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    cograts on the exercise and wht loss! I'm in the same process. I've been doing light yoga and any streching i need to do at least 2 times a day..................................also a walking program where i keep adding distance ! it's helping do to the fact that if i don't do it i hurt worse! it has become part of the everyday routine of trying to manage the pain!.....................before Fm i walked up to 4 miles a day and did treadmil and water arobics also weights. now i just do what i can the stretching and walking work best for me............................................................Keep it up girl you'r doing a great job! that goes for all of us!! sisland
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    First of all you should realize that at our house if you just say the "E" word you have to wash your mouth out with chocolate!!

    I do a routine that is mostly resistance and really weird breathing. It worked so well for me that I was in the infomercial for the product.

    It can be done sitting down! It's quick and easy and there is no pounding on joints or anything like that.

    I don't know if I can post the name or not so I won't. Sorry. I lost a total of 52 inches over the 8 areas you measure. Upper abdomin, waist, lower abdomin, hips, thighs and upper arms. Also lost about 4 inches in my bust, but that wasn't one of the measurements. I went from a size 18-20 to a 10-12. Lost 7 inches the first week, 11 the second and it just kept coming off.

    This is the only exercise I do right now, but plan to add water exercises as soon as I get the energy (yeah, right!!).