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    feeling so tired? The fatigue is just crippling and I get so frustrated. I often tell myself that I should just snap out of it, but if only it were that easy. The achiness and muscle/joint pain is also becoming unbareable. Today it was so bad that I ended up giving in and taking pain medication...Darvocet. It helped a little bit, but the pain comes back so quickly. The pain in my legs gets very bad and I get muscle spasms. I found Skelaxin works well for the spasms, but it doesn't take the pain away. I wish I knew what this was. My doctor first mentioned CFIDS & then mentioned fibro. Your guess is as good as mine. I really hope the rheumy can give me some answers. I hate feeling like I have the flu 24/7. I'm tired of feeling sick and tired.

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    I just try to work in small spurts, then sit. Usually watch tv or read and do "things" during commercials or at the end of a chapter.

    Sometimes there is just no way to push thru this pain...

    Have you had your potassium checked? I find every few years I have to take potassium to get things leveled out again.
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    hi kim,
    i am wondering why you are reluctant to take darvocet? i have been told that if we can stay ahead of our pain, ie, take the meds before the pain gets unbearable, we will be better off. i also take darvocet. i used to not have to take it so often, but for the last year i have taken it daily. i agree, the pain does come back quickly. darvocet is actually not a very strong pain reliever when it comes to this DD, but it is all i can get. i'm sorry i don't have an answer about the fatigue, it can be very debilitating. how long have you been sick?
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    I was dx'd about 6 months ago w/FM and DDD and mycoplasma p. Sounds like your in the same boat as the rest of us... I have been fighting fatigue terribly also... When you see the rheummy he should help alot, thats how I got Dx'd. I went on for years of pain and fatigue before getting a name attached to it. The rheummy will probably start you on a med to help you to reach stage 4 sleep, such as elavil, or pamelor. That helps a little. the deeper we rest, this helps our body heal a little, thus diminishinng some of the pain and anxiety. I wish I could help you w/the fatigue, I know that B-12 sublingual tablets help me alot. If you stay away from sugar and processed foods, and stick to a more natural diet, this will help as well. unfortunately, this fatigue comes w/this DD. keep us posted about the rheummy visit and how it goes!! blessings, Iggy
    youre in my prayers!
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    I have found that now that I am deep sleeping at night I am not nearly so fatigued during the day. Before all I wanted to do was sleep. Seemed like I couldn't get enough, yet that was all I did! Talk to your Dr. about something for that. Mine first put me on amitriptolien (sp) which didn't work for me but does work for many, many others. I am now on topamax which so far is working wonders. The less tired I am the less I seem to ache as well. The Fibro Fog seems to be a little less as too. I am taking (well now that I've said the fog is less I've gone brain dead! ain't that the way it always is....) I do have something I take for pain as needed. If it comes to me I'll be back and edit this. LOL!