How do you deal w/Doctor who is suddenly weird about Meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shobean, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Shobean

    Shobean New Member

    Hi guys,
    I am really in a pickle and not sure what to do. I have had FM/MFM for about 9 years, it took me almost 4 years to get anyone to give me adequate pain relief which is when I was referred to my pain clinic and a wonderful caring Dr. who really listened to me. Problem is that over the last 1-2 years he has really changed, I don't know if he is getting pressure from government, too many patients or what. He is VERY aware of my pain and that I have tried everything under the sun to not need pain meds but I can not function w/out them. He used to have no problems w/prescribing much higher doses than what I take now of oxy and MSIR and would throw in Kadian during flares. I personally cut out the Kadian (felt it was useless) and have cut my oxy and MSIR to much lower doses than truthfully would make me most comfortable because he started acting weird...each month he would say things like "so, are you ready to cut another..." When I tell him that I am at the minimum I can handle it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. This past month he tried to convince me that going on suboxone would be a good idea, when I told him I wanted to do research and came back w/info that clearly states that suboxone is NOT for pain relief, he just shook it off (I felt like he was trying to trick me). I have been in a terrible flare for the past three months and and feeling tempted to order drugs online because he is not listening and will not up my meds at all only wants to decrease. When I asked him to refill my provigil this month he said "so what are you going to give up for it" meaning some pain pill, when I told him nothing he was disappointed in me.

    I'm sorry for such a long post but I am at my wits end. I don't want to Dr. shop or order illegal and possibly dangerous drugs off the internet but my Dr. has changed and is no longer listening to me. (I used to take 9, 20 mgs oxy's per day, 9-10 msir, and up to 4 100 mg Kadian, along w/ my other meds now I am at 6 20 mg oxys and 6 msir, no Kadian and yt it is still not enough for him) I am afraid to go to another Dr. because my current doc says "no one feels that FM patients should be on opiates" even though he has seen me w/out and how much they improved my life, but I can not go on like this any longer.

    Any Advice??? Please.... I'm desperate. I am bed ridden in pain and no fun to be around for friends and family, I don't want the holidays to be like this.
  2. beachwalkerbill

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    Shobean are you a man? That is the treatment we always get. They reluctantly give out pain meds we are supposed to suck it up. You might get hooked on drugs. There are some studies on it. I’ll go look one up and post it later.
  3. beachwalkerbill

    beachwalkerbill New Member

    This study unfortunately was pain medication vs sedative. The conclusion was Men ore more often to receive pain meds and women were more often given sedatives
  4. tejanya

    tejanya New Member

    to hoard the meds you have for the really bad flares? that means your doctor is not helping with the break through pain. it took a while for mine to give me the right opiate for that one problem. he tried a few other things, but i am very adamant about possible side effects, and it was difficult to get him to change from tramadol to tylenol 3. since changing those, i am now only taking tylenol 3 for the break thru and soma for the spasms (they can get bad!).
    take your time in the bed flat if you have to. if no one understands, it is thier lose. i know we feel like it is ours, but it ain't. you need that rest to recover from the stress of your doc and who ever else, even yourself. we are probably the hardest on ourselves.
    sound like you might be on a lot of pills (i do take quite a few when in bad flare). there are a lot of caring and understanding docs for fibro. check with your local fibro chapter. they can help at least lead you in the right direction. but all new docs will want to change to different meds and strengths.
    use this site for the good feedback. check your local library for books on this. i like devin starlanyl and mary ellen copeland. it can help. understanding is part of the battle.
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  5. pamlamb

    pamlamb New Member

    I am 53 and have had migraines all my life. Not until a few years ago did the Dr's stop letting me have any. When I asked the Dr, she said that yes, as I suspected, the DEA is comming down hard on DR's that prescribe to many narcotics. and that the "patient" is the one who suffers for it. They know it but can't(won't) take that chance.But even with the admission, still no pain pills. I have always had sone on hand and this whole thing has put so much more stress on me, and makes me feel like a little kid. I have never, ever had a problem. Just the opposite. I never used them all and ended up watching the pain clinic flush them down the toliet. When I do have any, I save and covet them until its crucial. I went to a pain clinic 18 months, but they finally had to let me go, and my DR there moved on. She said to ask my primary, and when I did, she was shocked..said she has never written out meds like that. I tried a few others, no sucess. Its ER.We may have to be involved in a pain managment clinic to find help.
    If any ideas come by me I'll definately post it. Good luck.
    This is a touchy subject for me too, so thanks for letting me vent too.
  6. jana15

    jana15 New Member

    I've been there too. Fortunately at the moment I am pretty well pain free but come the winter (it's Spring here in Australia) I have no choice but to resort to pain meds. I have a wonderful Dr who has been treating me for the 8 years I've suffered from this DD and she knows I only take them when absolutely necessary. I feel so blessed to have her. I once had to see another Dr whilst my Dr was on vacations and the response I got from him was disgusting. He gave me a script for Tramadol which worked a treat. When I asked for a repeat as I was still in the grips of the flare two weeks later, he said not and that he'd only given them to me earlier because i was going on a driving holiday with my husband and he didn't want my condition spoiling my husband's holiday!

    I told my Dr on her return and there and then she gave me a script for 100 of the things. The funny thing is they now make me feel very 'woosy' like sea sickness and so they are still sitting in my cupboard.

    Now on the rare occasion when I need something strong for the pain, I ring her and she has a script sent to the pharmacy. I am so thankful to have her.

    My around for a Dr you can work with and if at all possible, keep shopping until you find one but don't give up hope.

    I hope this helps

    Cheers Jana
  7. gidgetsmom

    gidgetsmom New Member

    I'm so sorry you have to go thru this!! Quality of life is really impacted by pain.

    My primary doc is very against ANY type of pain medication. Even tramadol! When I kept telling him I had to do something he sent me to a rheumatologist.

    He at least put me on tramadol, but stated very clearly that he didn't believe in FM, and if I would just put it out of my mind and not tell anybody I had it, it would go away!! UNBELIEVABLE!! But, he did put me in touch with a pain management clinic.

    There I found people that BELIEVED in my pain and were willing to work with me. I take a cervical facet joint blocks every 3 months and trigger point injections. They also prescribed meds.

    Do you have one of these centers near you? Although I've heard about clinics that weren't so great, I am very thankful to have found one that believes and treats my pain. Without them I could not work or take care of my family.

    I hope you will get some enjoyment out of the holidays! I know it's hard when you're in pain.
    Please look into whether you have a pain management clinic near you!!

  8. Shobean

    Shobean New Member

    Thanks everyone for your input. I can't say I'm happy to hear that this is happening to other people but it does help that I don't feel so alone. My newest or next problem is that my next appt. is on Wednesday and after having traveled twice since seeing him last (went to Wisconsin via plane to visit mom and didn't sleep the whole 6 days due to pain and her husband smoking, and also drove 11 hrs each way this past weekend to visit the inlaws for Thanksgiving)I am in even worse pain than I have been in the past 3 appts. going through the flare. I want to be strong and stand up to him and tell him I NEED more meds but he won't listen, I have been trying for 3+ months plus on and off during the past 1-2 years since he started changing. I can start looking for a different dr. but it will take time and I don't want to burn this bridge while I look. He "warned" me last month that he wants me to cut something this month and the thought has sent me in to tears almost daily let alone what the actual cut would do.
    I try very hard to be honest with him and when we have to fill out a questionarre prior to each appt. asking if you are taking your meds "exactly" as prescribed I will mark on there "No, had several rough days this month and took extra" hoping that he will see that I am not an addict,pusher or trying to get him in trouble if I am willing to admit what I am doing. He always comments to me that he knows that I am one of the "good ones" because I do things like this and because we need to advise where we fill our prescriptions so they can make sure we aren't having 10 dr's fill the same one and I will tell him if my pharmacy was out and I had to go somewhere else and then I give him the name and phone no#. He always jokes that if I was one of the ones abusing my meds I wouldn't bother with any of these things and yet I am still treated like this.

    Sorry for such a long post again. But any advise on how to handle Wednesday? If he cuts my meds let alone not increasing, I feel that my holidays will be the worst ever.... I already feel like I'm losing my husband and my family doesn't understand, so if I am unable to participate in the holidays and become even more bedridden than I am right now, I really will feel like I'd rather not be here anymore. This DD has taken everything from me and I don't know how to give it anymore. Any advice would be so welcomed. BTW I am in the Los Angeles area(about 30 miles north) if that helps w/people knowing any Dr's who may help. I go to a Dr. in Ventura right now.

    Thanks for all of your patience and any help in advance.
  9. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    You must be using generic names, or the names used in Canada, Australia, or the UK on some of these meds.

    The DEA does monitor the docs, and they give them a hard time, but pain MED DOCS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PRESCRIBE MEDS FOR PAIN.

    The thing all of us need to do is to write and call our lawmakers and tell them that we are needlessly enduring horrible pain because the DEA is nagging our docs. That is the only way to get them off our backs.

  10. kbak

    kbak Member

    The gov plays a huge part in scaring the docs into limiting pain meds. The docs are made fully aware that they can lose everything if they don't adhere strickly to the guidelines,

    Pain control in the US is alful. That's why Mexico does a huge business in this area. My heart goes out to you!! Search the web for a group or forum that's dedicated to pain control. Maybe you can get some better answers that way.

    I really do wish you better days.

  11. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    A similar thing has happened to me, but not with pain meds. My Dr's. attitude has changed radically.

    At first each patient got around 15 minutes. Then he double booked. Then he tripple booked, and now each patient gets about 5-7 minutes.

    I don't know if having to see a lot of people in order to make enough money to pay his malpractice insurance is the cause, but my once wonderful doctor, actually lied to me about the nature of a test he wanted me to have, at the hosital. (I found out in time, and did not have the test done).

    He also doesn't contact me with the results of tests that indicate that my treatment must change, even though he has said that he would. This doctor also lost quite a few patients, last spring - all of them elderly, like me..

    I'm looking for a new doctor, but it is really hard. Up here there is a "good ol' boy" attitude among doctors.

    I'm really anxious to see what people tell you. I could use some help, also.

    Thanks for this post. I hope both our questions are answereed.

  12. Lalania1970

    Lalania1970 New Member

    I had a Dr also like yours she was all for helping my pain by meds to help me cope with living due to such high pain level without. I cannot walk without pain meds. I HAVE TRIED and all the sudden I went from pain pills 2 every 4 hrs to 1 every 12. Oh no this did not work. I talked to her and she said she did it cause she didnt want me to become addicted. HUH!!!!! I think after 3 years of taking them if I was going to be addicted then I already am. So I found a new DR in internal meds. He put me back at normal dose and I came up with new more painful injury so back to a pain management specialist I went. He wanted to make me so dopey that I wouldnt be able to see straight so I went to my back DR and he recommended trying lose dose 5mg of methadone and then the narco 7.5 for breask thru pain. Boy, I will tell you methadone has been a GOD sent to me. I have bad days but have better days. I think a DR is more apt to give FMS patience methadone over Narco,vicadin ect. But I do still need them for the break thru pain.
    I think what we need to do is when our DR refuse us what WE know works on our bodies it is time to find a new DR. I beleive a DR should trust and know I know my body better than they do because HUMMM they don't feel the pain we do.
    Good luck and I hope this helps
  13. RitaS

    RitaS New Member

    I was browsing over the more recent posts pertaining to pain management ... I am not a newbie to this board and neither to CFIDS/chronic pain and mixed basket of other co-existing chronic problems ... I decided to return to this board to see what folks were taking about/ going through, primarily with regard to pain management as pain has become quite disruptive to my life and ability to function.

    I can pretty much relate to just about everything said in this discussion thread at one time or another ... I have too have had a couple of doctors change dramatically (from caring and helpful who started to distance themselves/ set limits to downright abusive).

    It seems to me when a doctor does such an about-face as your doctor, Shobean, might be acting out this way to try and discourage you from dealing with him. He may have gotten questioned/ monitored too much for his comfort on the meds he has prescribed for others (and haven't you noticed how docs will say how "they" are not comfortable with prescribing this or that or beyond a certain amount ... but it is okay for the patients to remain uncomfortable (more like miserable) while they chose to withhold treatment). Maybe you could try and discuss this situation with him (taking one of your family members or friends along for support)and see if your relationship with him could be salvaged, but it really may be time to find someone else, esp. if this doc will no longer repond to your needs.

    I do appreciate the impression folks like us leave by doctor shopping, even though very often it is they who create circumstances under which a patient cannot receive proper care. My last PCP of almost 6 years, also changed (over the last year) and started to ridicule me for having so many problems while we are the same age (we are 55 y/o) - irrelevant! I often get stunned and nothing comes out of my mouth but at least this time I said it was not fair that little children develop cancer and other terrible illnesses, bad luck, bad genes, blame it on whatever, but not the patient for being sick! As the year went by, this doctor became very snippy towards me and I realized it was time to "exit, stage left" before she further ruined my reputation - as you all also know, one doctor will have far more influence on another, than the patient. Well, something was going wrong in this doctor's life ( a personal matter) that leading to an abrupt closing of the practice .. it's all clear now, not excusable, not professional, but this doc was loosing it and not handling her life issues too well and her anger spilled over into her work. Thank goodness that I started to look around during those last months and managed to set myself up with another PCP before she hung all of her patients out to dry (as a sole practioner) within a few short time frame.

    I am once again in the situation of having to find another PCP as this one is leaving this practice (but at least there are a few other docs in this group in dire emergency). It does take time to build a rapport and trust between the doc and patient (from both ends) and it drains a sick person. What I try to do, if/when I physically have the ability to is "meet & greet" visits. To a degree, I don't even know which way to go on this one.

    I also agree that women are treated differently, even by female dcotors. LAst but not least, finding a doctor who will help a patient manage their pain has become extremely difficult -- it helps to have some feedback about a given clinic / facility - funny, in a sick way, I contacted the American Pain Fdtn. and they had no recommended pain docs for the greater Boston area - none. I don't know what their criteria is (to meet their seal of approval) but that was very discouraging. I receive a minimal amount of pain meds (at whim) of one pill (that last 4-5 hrs.) as MAX per day - it's a joke, but better than nothing.

    I feel the best way to find out about helpful facilities to share that sort of info on groups like this, or local support groups, or ask someone with similar health problems in one's immediate area about who they are using.

    Well, sorry, I have vented and yapped a lot without any concrete suggestions. It is tough and unfair, that with any other condition, it is okay to get adequate treatment (I have asthma, GERD, bladder problems)and there is always an eagerness to help me out on these, but pain is a very hands-off problem - I believe the stupid War on Drugs has a lot to do with it.

    One thing I have noticed with a few of the pain clinics I have tried to use, they will gladly give ESIs (several of which I have had) and all sorts of other interventions, but great reluctance to prescribe. The best place I had used was at NEMC in downtown Boston where there was wonderful pain doctor, Dr. Daniel Carr - but he no longer sees patients but instead is CMO at a Boston pharmaceutical company working on the development new pain meds. That is nice and good, but geez, who wil ever prescribe them??

    Rita in Central Mass.

    16 year veteran - CFIDS/M.E.
    DJD - cervical and lumbar discs,
    asthma/ GERD/ pulmonary disease,
    urogenic bladder and other MS-type of

  14. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    Well, I hate to say it but I think you better find a new pain specialist and take all your records soon to a new Dr. The last thing we need is our Dr. making us feel bad about the way we hurt and feel so desperate. Asking you what you will give up???Weirdo that was inappropriate! Get to searching I think. Your Dr. has changed and we all do. DO not take it personally maybe it is him in his personal life. WHO KNOWS... move on! Good luck sorry this is happening after having a relationship for so many years!

    Jessica in VA

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