how do you do strenth and aerobic exercise when your balance is off

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  1. Spacey

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    how do you get exercise when you have this Dizzyness and balancee problem, most of the time. The Doc keeps telling me how good it is for Fibro people and I believe him, but it seems impossible to do it! Lots more good advice that doesn't work. Sheesh!

  2. wacquiebob

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    A reclining bike or hand pedal bike for a few minutes at a time might be somewhere to start. Your weight would be supported and you would be holding on to handles for balance.

    You could also try walking along near the edge in a pool. The water would give you some resistance training and you could keep your hand along the edge for balance.

    Some senior centers have chair yoga and chair tai chi which are gentle ways to start.

    It might be best though to have a physical therapist work with you or personal trainer if you can afford it. They could recommend a personal program tailored just to you and your limitations.

    And of course hydration is an important issue.
  3. deepak

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    I found taking nattokinase 2000 FU 2 times a day helps me a lot in my dizziness.