How do you do your Research?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TwinMa, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. TwinMa

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    Over and over, I read in posts: “Do your research”. I’m wondering how people do their research?

    Obviously, the internet is a huge resource. But, it seems to me that you can find information on the internet to support just about any position. The dangers and the miracle nature of herbs, SSRI’s, detoxification, Marshall Protocol, Guai protocol or any other route you choose to investigate.

    The FDA, CDC and NIH all seem to be good sources for traditional, although conservative, information. But I’ve seen people put them down, too. Certain other websites seem to supply good info: WebMD, DrugDigest, Mayo Clinic.

    Clearly, any place that is selling a product is going to toot their own horn about how great their products are. There is a self-serving interest there that makes those sources somewhat questionable. On the other hand, many times they do have good articles. Reliable source? Or just trying to sell you something?

    There are also doctors, chiropractors, books, magazines, this message board, word-of-mouth (friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you meet in the doctor office waiting room…..), and the list goes on.

    So the question is: Who do you trust?

  2. suz45

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    Hi Twin:

    Its confusing at first, I remember when??? First the intenet provides alot of good info. This site is a good starting point , also The FMA which is a not profit group puts out an email magazine which anyone can subscribe too.

    There are also alot of FMS support groups locally, which cna be found usually online as well as in local papers. Read as much as you can, There are many books in publish. One of the best is by Devin Starnyl on FMS/MPS. Its my surival manual. Ask questions of old timers, who have been through the gammit. Many of us Have heard more than once IAIYH (Its all in your head). Bring a list of your symptoms to all new doctors and to be blunt ask them there position on FMS/CFS/MPS. I have found most will speak their minds when approaced in a manner in which one shows that they don't want to be treated like a passive child.

    I just recently asked new Chiro his thoughts on these disorders, he was open yet did express that "no one is really an expert in these areas" therefore he takes a individual approach. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I do not belive there are any quick fixes for these disorders, but I do believe there is hope and that we can all help each other. Don't be afraid to question something if it doesn't sound right.

    Hope this was helpful,
    yours in wellness

  3. NancyMystic

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    Use the Advanced Search feature and be specific with your keywords. You'll get a long list of informative sites that discuss your topic.

    Look for articles in university sites; teaching hospitals; medical journals; and online encyclopedias.

    News sources that you've found in your experience to be reputable have good articles in their health sections.

    Some news sources that I like are Eureka Science News, Reuters Health, and the International Herald Tribune.

    Look for articles that specifically discuss how something works so you can determine if that's going to meet your needs.

    The internet is a vast library of educated information; when you get the hang of sifting out the dross, you'll love it.

  4. spacee

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    Then google and find info on it.

    That is how I found Transfer Factors which have helped me the most and also the Marshall Protocol which I did for 10 months but had to quit due to family issues.

    Before that I was not on the computer but was still getting ProHealth's Healthwatch and before that the CFIDS Journal.

    Good Thread!!


  5. webintrig

    webintrig New Member for medical questions and medicine questions.

    Google is the best way to find stuff out.

    Most of all is the people here and this website is wealth of information.

    We all are caring and supporting family of people here.

    What better people to trust than those who are in the same boat as you, mine and our conditions.

    Hope this helps,

  6. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    You've all offered up good advice. I go about things quite similarly to many of you.

    I own many books on fibro, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, trigger point therapy and others. I love checking books out of the library. That helped my pocketbook, too! LOL!

    I've certainly found a wealth of information on this board. I use the information I find here as a stepping off point to look deeper.

    One thing I have found is that just because something is well written does not mean it is true.

    I wish I did have a physician that I could rely on. I have a PCP, but she seems rather clueless many times. I've doctor shopped many times, but haven't hit the jackpot yet.

    In the meantime, I will continue to pick brains of any physician I see. They almost all have something to offer. It's a matter of whether you can find that gold nugget in a 15 minute office visit!

    I'd love to keep hearing how others go about their research. I'm hoping it will especially help newbies on the board. I remember the days of being so brain fogged that I couldn't see straight. I still have some days like that, but I've come a long way, baby!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Keep the ideas coming!

  7. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    You've made some very good observations.

    I agree about being a detective. We all have to follow our own leads. Unfortunately, there are always red herrings along the way. But we learn from red herrings, too. What NOT to do has as much value as finding out what DOES work.

    Many times we are travelling the same path as one another for a short time, then diverge and take another path. Sharing our experiences along the way on this board really helps sort out the next step.

    I also agree that the brain chemicals must be involved. It isn't just a muscle problem.

    The complicated thing about these DD is that there are so many areas to address: brain neurotransmitters, hormone imbalances, stealth infections, sleep issues, gut issues (including yeast), soft tissue problems, exercise, diet and nutrition.

    Diet and nutrition are SO very important. If you aren't feeding the body properly, it doesn't have the raw materials to function properly.

    Lots to research!
  8. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    You can start by reading this month's issue of National Geographic magazine. The article is: The Pollution Within.. and then read up on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and the way chemicals attack our central nervous system.
  9. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Bumping for more ideas on how others do their research.
  10. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I used to do just "cfs" and obviously that went too slow. Over the years I have developed my own way of looking. First, I try to distinguish between getting a medical opinion like I would get from a doctor vs a natural, diet and supplement approach.

    For example, I found diabetes insipidus by searching the "exact phrase" of "causes frequent urination" in the "advanced search" section of google. When I realized I had frequent urination from diabetes insipidus, I searched "diabetes insipidus" and "natural remedies diabetes insipidus". Since it's a hormone deficiency, I decided getting the hormone was easier than trying some of the mulititude of herbs recommended. I figure one day my body will heal enough to make the hormone again.

    So I search the symptom or ailment and then I search it again with the words "natural remedies" in front of it. So I get both sides of everything and I can decided which is safer, more likely to work, easier, less expensive, etc. Plus using "natural remedies" usually leads you to other's experiences on boards like this one which is really informative and useful. That's your "scientific evidence" which shows that remedy worked for someone. And another set of words I put in front of my keywords alot is "chinese medicine". It really has alot to offer and thousands of years of use as "evidence".

    I still put in "cfs" or "natural remedies cfs" every now and then to see what comes up but usually I work on specific symptoms like poor digestion, liver congestion, hormone imbalance, heart palpitations, energy or whatever issue I'm focused on. I've spent alot of time looking at what foods are healthy and why. That was what turned me around and fascinated me the most; we have been misled about food from day one.

    Another thing to do is to what stormy said, stick an organ in there to help narrow down your search. Like "healthy natural food liver". or "natural remedies liver". I knew I had liver problems because I had hep c, even though my doctor insisted it was fine. I looked up liver issue symptoms myself and decided I did have problems and adjusted diet and supplements accordingly.

    And it's easy to spot the "full of crap" sites after awhile. They are the ones that have every paragraph "charged" and they are trying too hard to get you excited about something. Obviously, using words like "cure, miracle or guranteed" are obvious clues to close that page. There are people who want to milk us. Some of them are selling good ingredients, not necessarily good quality ones, but if they try to pump you up they are suspect. Sure, some sites have the correct information about what they're selling but you always confirm it with other sites that don't sell things and that have reader reviews and feedback.

    One way to search for sites who aren't selling things is to use google's "advanced search" and in the bottom box where it says "without the words", put in the words "shopping cart". That way, you won't get any sites with a shopping cart. Some have "accounts" instead, so put that in, too. And you can also advance search for an "exact phrase" like "can cause hypoglycemia" or "aggravate hypoglycemia". See how you narrow down? Finish the sentence and then you will be searching for what came first. I believe I found the mitochondria fuel by advance searching for the phrase "make energy in the body".

    The "pumped up" sites promising "cures" I think are an insult to everyone's intelligence and their suffering. I don't think anyone should buy from them even if it is a good product. That's just no way to do good business and they shouldn't be rewarded. It's one thing to say "a liver cleanse will help chronic fatigue" but "guaranteed to cure your chronic fatigue" is unacceptable.

    There are many sites done by people who have had cancer, liver disease, mcs, cfs, fibro, you name it, and they put on there what they've tried and what worked. I thought MY liver was bad until I read A Canary's-Eye View just yesterday, about a lady with MCS who is having one hell of a time with everything. She goes into detail about glutathione supplementation and liver detox profiles and everything and the horrible episodes she has experienced.

    It's a neverending search because there's just so much information. You will get to be an expert "searcher" after awhile and will know within seconds if a site has anything useful to be had or not. Because by then, you know alot about the subject and if you catch something that doesn't ring true, you know you will be wasting your time.


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  11. TwinMa

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    barrowinnovations - Great stuff! You have some very good tips on how to actually search to internet! I've never heard of the advanced search where you can exclude certain phrases. Brilliant! And I love the whole idea of getting very specific on what you are looking for. Wonderful ideas!

    hayleycole - Thank you for posting again. You have so many good ideas. I like that you included some names that you have found helpful. Thanks for the great ideas!

    I hope lots of people read this thread, because there are many good ideas. With our sometimes foggy brains, it helps to see how others approach the issue we are all dealing with--finding out as much as possible to get better!

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