How do you exercise?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mek918, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. mek918

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    Every kind of exercise I've tried makes me feel worse. Even walking tends to worsen the condition (mine is centered on the upper back and neck). Plus I'm just so tired... I stretch, but that's the extent of my exercise. I do a little bit of swimming, but anything that involves using my upper body results in more pain later. I really have no idea what to do, but I cannot stand being so immobile.
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    Hi Mek, Just wondering if you've tried yoga. I find it to be one of the few things I can do which leaves me feeling better rather than worse. I think the key, if you decide to try it, is to find a teacher who understands your limitations and does not try to push you beyond your capabilities. I also swim when the pool water is warm enough. Sometimes only a few laps, but I feel as if I've done something positive and that helps.

  3. kgg

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    on the pain areas before you exercise. Don't remember where I read it, but it suggested getting rid of all trigger points before exercizing or it will just make more pain and injury. They have been suggesting a trigger point therapy book here on the board. Massage therapists or physical therapists should be able to help with trigger points.

    I have in the past, nordic tracked without using the arm motion. Or how about stationary bicycling? Or walking? or lower body exercise in the pool?

    I confess that my fatigue got so bad that if I exercised I used up my days worth of energy. So I used to decide what I needed to get done that day as to whether I exercised. I know they say it's important, but I listened to my body and usually did not exercise. Now, I have more energy so I'm starting again, 10 minutes at a time. So far that terrible fatigue the next day hasn't happened.

    Listen to your body.
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    I have been at the same place you now are. My doctor sent me to a physical therapist to learn how to do some simple stretching exercises to strengthen my back muscles. And I also ride a recumbant stationery bike every day. The key is to start very slowly and gradually build up time. After a recent injury I had to stop my biking for a month. When I started again,I first did five minutes and added one minute a day. I am now up to 23 minutes, on my way to my goal of 30 minutes a day! Good luck!
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    the hardest question to answer. Sometimes I think I should be able to do more but I can’t.

    Unfortunately everyone has different things that work for them. I love to swim (but don’t have access to a pool) and I love to hike. I know hiking sound strenuous, but it works for me. If I try to do any other types of exercise I pay for it for days.

    Just know if you try sometime that someone suggest, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work for you.

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    I consider cleaning house one of my exercises! It takes a lot of energy, etc. I've also used a beginners yoga tape. While I can't do everything, there are some that aren't bothersome. I cannot use walking either because it kicks up my sciatica ( back pain).

    Exercise varies for all of us. I hope you find something that works for you.



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    but I just had to start doing it again.
    I used to do aerobics 4x a week before FM. Well, I stopped exercising for almost 4 years. Uugh! I felt like a slug ... still do sometimes. I am very overweight now, I have severe TMJ (I have had 2 surgeries on my jaw and need another - last one was a partial joint replacement), I have osteoarthritis in my neck and jaw, I have a reversed curve of the neck (like having permanant whiplash), I have two ruptured discs in my back, I have sciatica, I have PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), I just learned have hypothyroidism, I suffer from migraines and of course all that goes with FM. Why do I tell you all this? Not so you feel sorry for me but so that you maybe get encouraged a little that exercise can be done.
    I started off slow. In the beginning of May I bought a Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk video. In 18 minutes she takes you through a mile walk. It was not easy for me the first week and I only did it 2x a week to start but now I do it 3x a week. When I cannot do all the moves, I just walk in place. Do I look forward to doing the work out - NO - do I hurt after I do it - YES - do I hurt if I do not do it - YES - so why not do it and hurt anyway - I do notice more energy now, I notice that my good moments are becoming longer than before and I am sure the more I continue to exercise the more benefits I will see. I know there is something to movement - I missed it. I know that the more I move the more I want to move and that the more I sit or lay the more I want to sit or lay. So PLEASE, try moving, a little - for you - you matter! Start slow - Something is better than nothing.

  8. Chelz

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    Hi. The only exercise I can tolerate is walking, or walking on a FLAT treadmill. Unfortunately, I can't walk like I used too a few years ago. I used to walk for 1 hour everyday, my doctor was totally surprised that I could walk for that long. But, with these conditons, things can change very quickly. Now, I walk slowly for about 35 minutes every other day IF I'm lucky that is. I suppose I should be happy I can still do that, but there are days when I get to the park, and I really have to push myself to walk which is a bad idea. I hope you find something that works, try walking slow every other day and rest on the days you don't. Hugs, Chelz.