How Do You Feel and What Are You Able To Do Today?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    This may be a crazy post but I thought I would like to know on a daily basis how you feel and what you are able to do or not do. Sorta a Venting day for those who would like to share.

    We are all so different, would like to here about your today.

    I will start with me. First of all I still doubt my Dx a lot but think I have more CFS than FM and have been overdoing lately and haven't felt well for a few weeks.

    Today, I had to get to my daughters by 8 for her to go to work, didn't think I could drive across town. I am so tired and aching to the bone especially hip and legs. Early this morning it was body aches all over, anxiety, crazy head feeling etc. Is aches the same as the pain some of you speak of? I don't have the joint or muscle pain not tender points, just that ole ache to the bone .

    So had my cereal with flax seed, cranberry juice, coffe took my xanax put on my clothes and made it , don't take time to fix myself up anymore just don't have the energy.

    The children are good, thank goodness, have fixed their breakfast and they have gotten dressed.

    My head feels so full and crazy, the dizziness comes and goes . I have just taken a couple of bufferin and feel so bad. We could have such a good time if I felt good.

    I have prepared their lunch and snack for the rest of the day, there is a park across the street so going to try to go over and sit on the bench while they play If I can, not sure but will try. Then by 2 they will be ready for TV. This may sound simple but oh I need to be in bed.

    Then will go home and try to prepare a bite for hubby unless things change I will be in bed by 6 or 7.

    So, far that is my day if you are interested would like to hear from you.

    God Bless,
  2. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I am up by 5 am every day. It takes 30 min of stretching to function, so that I can get to work by 7.

    I have been in a monster flare for months, so am not doing so well these days.

    Will go home and let DH fix supper. I wll get in my jammies and crawl into the bed with my heating pads.

    Thank God DD does not have taekwando tonight.

  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    So glad you are able to work but don't see how you do it, isn't it terrible to have to make yourself do everything and feel so bad.

    Its good your hubby helps, mine does a lot but cooking is not one of his things, he will bring home carry outs or fast food but I have gained so much weight.

    Good luck and hope you get to feeling better Soon,
    God bless,
  4. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member


    Today is not a good day for me~ I overdid it yesterday on a good day when I knew I shouldn't so today I hurt just about everywhere and am very tired and am moving very slowly and can't get my brain to think........... my pain and energy level is a 7-8 right now.
    On a positive note it is quiet at my house....just me and my two dogs at the moment , hubby is at work and my son is at church camp and my daughter is visiting with my parents out of town.
    Tomorrow I see my doctor for a recheck and I'm not sure how that will go but I've been taking notes daily this month so I could remember what I want to tell him or talk about.
    Greatgran ~ how old are your grandkids? Take it easy when you can.
    Hi MS~ Glad your hubby helps that is a blessing, Somedays on my good days I think my hubby forgets that I need help and I'm not always good at asking for help.
    In a few weeks I'll have to get up early again to take my son to summer school and I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that........Mornings are definitely hard even on a good day.
    Take care, Pansy
  5. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I am still working too and try to get up every day by 7:15. I have to get up by 7:15 because it takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the meds to hit and I can move; I prefer an hour but can't get up early enough to do that. Every morning when the alarm goes off I think "I can't do this today" but most days I manage to drag myself out. I work 9-6 but never make it in until 9:30 and I'm hoping to officially change my hours.

    After I feel I can move, I go out for my morning swim, I'm lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard (I should say, my folks backyard). My swim consists of a very slow 'frog crawl' up and back. I then float for a while. It feels so good. Then I'm out and get ready to come in.

    I've been here for about 90 minutes. I thought it was going to be a good day but the flu symptoms are creeping in, so is the pain. I just took more Ultram to see if that perks me up - I take way too much but it gets me through and so far hasn't trashed any major organs. Most of the time when I'm here I blog and watch movies. It has been slow. My one year anniversary at this company is in 28 days and I need to hang on for dear life so I can qualify for LTD.

    This week is the company shutdown but IT support never sleeps, so I am here. But it is very slow and I've been leaving early. I'm hanging on hard so i don't have to do that today.

    Anyone recommend any good movies to take my mind off of it? *L*.

    After work I go home and collapse. If my mom has cooked dinner I might eat, otherwise I sometimes just go to bed. Welcome to Life in the Fast Lane!
  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Sorry, you aren't feeling well today but sometimes payback is worth having a good day.

    My greatgrans are 3 and 6 but very mature for their age, until my daughter got them I think they took care of themselves from day one. Long Story.

    Yes, it is so hard for me to get up and get going of the mornings but I go to my daughters so she won't have to get the little ones up. When school starts guess I will be the one taking them to school that is the 6 yr old, 3 yr old will go to pre-school 3 half days a week. So more going and doing.

    Rest today and hope you have another good day soon.

    God Bless,
  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Oh, I know it must be so hard trying to hang on and work. I finally had to just give up my job and miss working plus the income.

    Its good you have family to live with maybe you can help one another.

    Hope your day improves, not sure about any movies, Have you seen Secondhand Lions, it sorta took me away for awhile.

    God bless,
  8. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    Today I am having a "take it easy and recharge day".

    I get up with my hubby every day at 6am. Even though I don't work - the routine helps me. After he leaves I drink my coffee, eat my ceral, watch news, read paper, etc. By 10am I am usually showered and dressed. If I'm feeling good - will do a few household chores - or run errands. Yesterday was errands - so not doing much today.

    Lunchtime is yogurt and fruit. Read or watch news. I'm usually napping between 2 and 4. Try to actually sleep for only one hour. Then try to prepare a meal for hubby - not always successful. After dinner - watch a movie or sports with hubby. Go online for a while - then in bed by 10pm.

    (I do swim therapy twice a week at a wellness center.)

    Of course, if a flare occurs - disregard above info. Will spend the day dealing with pain and fatigue.

    Ahhhh.....the life of a fibromite!

  9. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Hi Greatgrans,

    Children are precious aren't they. I know mine help put a smile on my face ~ I have a daughter who is 11 (going on 20 ) and a son who just turned 15.
    I do think staying a little busy especially on good days helps me to not focus on the pain .
    I try to think positive but some days it's hard.
    I've always been the one to do for others when they needed help but then it's hard for me to ask for help.

    enjoy your grandkids and I hope that you are able to rest while taking care of them.
    gentle hugs, Susan
  10. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Cookie ,

    Hi , the swim therapy sounds interesting to me. I have found that swimming and just floating in my pool in the backyard helps the most with my pain~ nothing else so far helps.

    I can't think of any good movies at the moment but maybe an older funny movie might be good.........let me try to think of one......Smile
    I try to swim daily too , I will need to find a new place to swim in the winter as we only have an above ground pool and we close it for the winter. I need to look into that. Smile

    very gentle hugs for both of you, Susan

    PS Sorry for the double post ~ I should have just edited the above post.......Smile[This Message was Edited on 07/02/2008]
  11. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    My nearly 3 year old grandson keeps my going many times too. Thanks to everyone who told me what a doll he is. As I've said before, I thank God for him all of the time and couldn't care less that my daughter had him at 19 while not married. If anyone out there ever finds themselves in the position with a pregnant, unmarried daughter, don't despair, the joys that you have coming are magnificent.
  12. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    Here are some DVD's I've recently rented:

    Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (comedy)
    The Eye (scary)
    Chapter 27 (death of John Lennon)
    Maybe, Definitely (romantic comedy)
    PS I love You (romantic)
    Bonneville (chic road trip)
    Untraceable (action-Diane Lane)
    One Missed Call (scary)
    Cloverfield (scary-futuristic)
    The Bucket List (Nicholson/Freeman)
    Grace is Gone (sad-Iraq War)
    Vantage Point (action)
    Funny Games (disturbing)

    Happy Watching!
  13. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    My earlier evaluation was wrong, this HAS been a good day. My neck doesn't hurt as much, I don't feel as "flu-ish" and my hips only hurt when I walk. So I just stay in my chair *L*.

    I may just start at the top of your list and work my way down *L*.

  14. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I have just arrived home, worn out but don't feel as bad as I did this AM, the greatgrans were great. Now something for dinner. Then to bed.

    Oh, I did have to take an extra 1/4 mg of xanax.

    Tomorrow I am suppose to work at the church, fill in for Sec. the 16 yr old is suppose to watch the kids but will worry about them. Then I hope to rest all weekend, no plans for the 4th except rest.

    Thanks all, hope you have a good night.

  15. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Hi cookie ~ thanks for the movie list

    and Texan glad to hear you are feeling better this afternoon.

    Greatgrans ~ glad you are feeling better than this morning. have a relaxing evening.

    I'm doing a little better after floating in the pool for a long time. I'm going to try to relax on the couch with a book .

    take care, Susan
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    BILLCAMO New Member

    was not a good day for me. I didn't get much done.

    On the 1-10 scale , I was/am running about 14.5 . I don't have RX's for pain.

    But , I will stick by my credo of "never give up" !

    And pray that God will again raise my level of "tolerance of pain".

    I may also take my friend's offer of giving me one of her pain pills.....

    Blessings ,


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