How do you feel in the mornings ? ( Fluish all over ?)

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    ANNXYZ New Member

    Do any of you find you feel sickest upon waking . I ALWAYS feel very FLUISH and sick all over when I first wake up . My symptoms sometime become less intense later in the day , BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS FAR WORSE WHEN I WAKE UP >

    Is this common?
    ( Also , I do have lyme , but would like feedback from others. )
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  2. petsrme

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    I have flu symptoms sometimes when I wake up, but that mostly happens if I have over done it. It depends on how bad the flare is, but sometimes it will wane as the day goes on. My symptoms are usually fever, chills, aches sore throat and weakness. I can always tell I have over done it because I start feeling this way.

    Unfortunately, I do think this is common since so many have it that are here.
  3. lease79

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    When I wake up in the morning, how I feel usually depends on how I slept & how much I did the day before ;)
    If I've pushed it a little I will usually wake up burning all over, barely able to move, with chest pain, reflux, heart palps, & feeling dizzy.
  4. lardsgirl

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    I really have to say that my worse time of the day currently is from 3:00am until 8:00ish...the back and leg pain just about kills me. This darn disease sucks!!!

    ANNXYZ New Member

  6. KMD90603

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    I find the worst times of day for me are morning and late afternoon...that's when I feel the sickest. I know what you mean about waking up with the "fluish" feeling. It usually starts to subside a little by mid-morning, but then by late afternoon I'm glued to the couch.

    Gentle hugs,
  7. fireopal

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    Usually headache, backache, neckache and feet hurt when I get out of bed and wishing I were still asleep 'cause that may be the only time today I won't feel the pain! Sad commentary, I know. I do try to find some bright spot in the day - even if it's only managing to get thru the basics without aggravating things.
  8. AnneTheresa

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    Mornings are the worse for me. I feel like I have the flu, the pain is at its worse and I'm very stiff. It eases up a little bit in the mid-afternoon, gets rough again at night. God bless, Anne Theresa
  9. code34me

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    OMG when I have to get up in the morning I can hardly move! I get hit by the Fibro truck every single night!!!!!
    My 3 year old wakes me up every morning and says "Mommy its morning!!!!!" I struggle to get him to the bathroom, get him breakfast and then sit and get depressed from the pain.

    I take something for the pain and then I then go fill up the bath with hot water and make myself get into it. I do feel better after that.

    Take care of you. Codey
  10. RockiAZ

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    Every single morning for over 6 years I wake up like I have the drop-dead flu/sinus crud, with a mulitude of other symptoms - without fail.

    It takes me at least 30 minutes just to get out of bed. The degree of severety varies from day to day and also depends on what I was 'able' to do prior to the morning, but I ALWAYS feel like I have the flu - some days better/worse than others. Mornings I think are the worst for the most part, but then again..... I used to tell my hubby that this is the strangest darn thing to wake up to every fippin' day - but I sound like a broken record.

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  11. blondie45

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    If I do not take one of my tramadol doses right before bed I pay for it when I wake up. Also I get soooo tired and sluggish about 1 p.m. everyday. After I take a dose then about an hour later I am feeling better. If you have not tried tramadol and your doctor will let you, I would say give it a try.
  12. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    This is such a bizarre disease . I wake up feeling like I have the flu from Hell EVERY morning . To have an infection that constantly makes you feel sick all over
    FOR TEN YEARS is hard for EVEN ME to fathom !

    How I pray & hope that something can be found to help us all. I am not whining - just stating fact , but I do not think a normal person could begin to imagine how bad this feels - esp knowing there is no light at the end of the
    tunnel . I personally think most of us are
    GOOD " copers" with stress , though we may have a stress hormone defect from genes .

    Considering how many of us keep on searching and try desperately to be productive and help ourselves , I think the average person with this illness hasa strong survival " can do " mentality .

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who
    feels the suffering in the morning is almost unbearable.
  13. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I feel like that every morning. After I have had my Norco & Robaxin & been on the heating pad for about an hour or more, then I can get up & start getting ready for work.

    I am really dreading tomorrow morning. I have to be at a training class at 7:30 am. That means I have to wake up about 5:30 just to be able to leave my house by 7:00. I hope I am giving myself enough time. I should be asleep already, but I had dinner late & can't lay down yet. With any luck, maybe I can get 6 hours of sleep.

  14. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    When I told my Dr. that I didn't want to go to sleep at night because I didn't want to wake up, he said, "WHAT"??? That is the worst daily thing for me, not to mention that I wobble to the bathroom and reach for my toothbrush first. I feel like I'm going to be really sick if I don't get my teeth brushed. I get 1 cup of coffee, take a pain med and flop down in the recliner, where I sleep most of the time. Then just wait for the med to take effect and do my best to loosen up some. I too feel fluish, stiff, and can't straighten up. If I could live without sleeping, I WOULD!!! Then I wouldn't have to face waking up.

    Hope this feedback helps, annxyz

  15. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I know what you mean. Just remember, waking up is the better alternative. Even though, sometimes I wonder...

  16. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    My hat is off to anyone who can get to a job in the mornings with this illness . I literally can not function when I wake up for a few hours .

    Mayline , I am elated to hear you have a new man in your life . It gives you something to look forward to ! I can not imagine any man wanting to stick around long term for me with the challenges I face . I always feel like i would be viewed as a financial burden . I hope you have found one who is a keeper with a true heart . One thing about having a disease , it sure scares off the fainthearted !

    These posts are a blessing to me . Mayline, keep us posted on the romance !
  17. Mugrat

    Mugrat New Member

    Hi, all,

    I was never really a night bird but when I developed CFS about 24 years ago the thing that really ekpt me goine was tha I usually felt better at night. So for ages I'd go to bed thinking i was beating the thing, only to wake up feeling like a steamroller had flattened me during my sleep!

    I had no idea for 5 years what was wrong with me. My local doctor said it was no possible to be worse in the morning than at night, especially as I was trying to hold down a job as a teachier at the time as well.

    The doctor I eventually found identified this odd waking ill stuff as a symptom common to many CFS (and posiibly FM?) patients.

    So it's not unusual, but it can certainly put a dampener on your attitude to facing the day when it happens.

    All the best to anyone coping with this.

  18. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Good post, sure can relate..

    I awake every morning with a sinus like infection, aches, fatigue and the awful anxiety/depression.
    Sometimes it improves as the day goes on and sometimes not..It gets so discouraging living this way but what choice do we have?

    I had the ASI test and it showed that my cortisol levels were lowest of the morning, normal around noon and then elevated at night..This is one reason I feel so bad of the morning and don't sleep at night..I find that around noon is the best part of the day for me, if there is going to be a good part..

    Don't have any advise but sure can relate to the dreaded morning feeling..At my age I see no light at the end of the tunnel..

    God Bless,
  19. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    yes, mornings are the worst for me...back, neck, hips, etc.

    if i did just a tad too much in a given day, early eve i begin to pay for it with throbbing, aching, being completely uncomfortable with my "self".

    if it's a 'flare' kind of day, i feel as though i am 99 years old though i'm in my 40's.

    hot shower, heating pads, neck heating pads, rest, meds, quiet....on a bad day that's what most of my MORNINGS are made of!!!
  20. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I read this post again and wanted to respond to annxyz about the statement made about "hats off to those of you who can get up and go to a job" (however it was put). VERY good statement. I do not work due to the pain I have everyday but remember when I worked and what I faced each morning. I would sit on my stool in front of the mirror to put on my face, tears rolling, just looking at myself and saying, "I just can't do this anymore". It was very difficult so I as annxyz stated, "Hats Off To You"!!!

    Also to mayline with her new friend. I just can't imagine someone in my life, but not saying I don't want it. Best wishes to you, mayline.

    Marilyb, thank you for the comment; you are so right; thank you!