how do you feel when you get up in the morning?

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    me now i feel terrible and think i must be dying. but once i get moving and i do take 40 mg of fluxedine ( sp?) i do feel better but it is so hard to get the work done around the house as i ache so much! all over!! have fibro and osteoarthritis. i am 76 years and now and then need a cane. i have just started taking magnesium with zinc. also have order magnesium with malic acid. but have not started taking that yet!!!
  2. Marjorie1

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    thanks for the information. have not tried msm. i do see a rheumatolgist but am now seeing a chiropractor. but think i am going to give up on that. i have the disks softening between my vertebrates and two vertebrates that are pinching my nerves in back. doctors say exercise but i have all i can do to keep up with my housework. i do lot of bending over to keep my spine stretched. i am also icing and heating. really about the mag with the malic?? they gave rave revues of it on pro heath so i ordered it but have not yet tried i. i must go as i have a appointment with the chiropractor MARJORIE WILL BE BACK ON MESSAGE BOARD,
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    It's a crap-shoot how I'm going to feel when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I wake up and feel like I can't get out of bed and sometimes I wake up feeling just ok. It's hard because in the last few days I haven't been in an excruciating amout of pain and I'm getting bored sitting around the house all day. On good days I feel like I can go back to my volunteer job but I know I shouldn't commit to something when I don't know if I can go until I wake up that morning. Also, I'm completely wiped out after I spend four hours working in a pre-school classroom so I don't know if it is worth it.

    I put this in another post but the state provides me with someone to clean my house twice a week. Could you look into that?
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    Sorry, Jaminhealth, but your post about your neighbor and his level of disability struck a nerve with me tonite. Probably because I just finished a nightly "check-in" phone call with a sister who questioned my own disability status (after 7 years).

    I live in a low-income housing complex that is for senior and/or disabled persons. I am almost 65, so I could qualify as a (very) low-income senior. But, I started living here some years ago under a disability status.

    I have always been a bit paranoid about my relative "ability" and my neighbors' perception of me and I think your own observation about your neighbor verified my paranoia. I do not need a walker or a cane and in fact I am pretty fit and would even use my bicycle more if I felt that neighbors would not judge and wonder about my condition more. The irony of my condition is that ..... if I don't have to conform to a solid 8-hour schedule (early morning) I am much healthier and in fact, do not appear to have ANY disability. It was only when I was attempting to hold a full-time job that I suffered (my whole life) from disabling inflammations (costochondritis, pleurisy, bronchitis, bursitis, & more) and disorienting fatigue. Not having to adhere to a work-day schedule, I feel I am able to be pretty "normal".

    In my last full-time position (before 2000) I could not continue to function because my life-long insomnia and fractured sleep was so severe that I could barely function, and I honestly don't feel that I could have lived much longer in that condition. I applied for disability. Five years later, I was granted it. As such, I was eligible to live in the community I now live in. Because I now seem to be "well", I live in the paranoia that my more obviously disabled neighbors must wonder what the deal is with me. It's OK, I accept that slight awkwardness with the gratitude of being able to live comfortably, affordably and without the terror of having to fend for myself in the world today, as I would surely be homeless.

    I know you didn't mean it, but your reaction to your neighbor was a somewhat painful reminder that it is not all in my head....that my neighbors probably DO judge me by the fact that I can still bend over (easily) and garden in my small space; I can take long walks and even ride a bike. I know I could probably try to "educate" my neighbors as to my situation, but I no longer have the energy nor the inclination to take a such a defensive attitude. So, I avoid socializing in my own little community.

    Thankfully, I still have a small group of friends on "the outside"...although I know in my heart, that they also don't really understand. I think they believe in me, but I don't expect them to REALLY understand...maybe because I myself don't know "what the deal is" with me.
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    You never know what issues people are dealing with. Some people don't look like they have serious issues but they do. Some people have mental illnesses and although they seem able bodied, they can't work. Sometimes things aren't always as they appear and we all deserve compassion for whatever we are dealing with and we should try to reserve our judgements.
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    Hi Marjorie1, hate to say it, but mornings are so terrible for you, there are times I wimper like a dog. Getting up is the hardest part. Every single bone and muscle hurts me in the morning, I think even my hair hurts :(

    Once I take a hot shower and start to move a little, then I get better, but as the day goes on, I am always batteling the pain one way or the other. I take magnesium too, but lately I have been in a slump, and I haven't been taking my supplements, I just get very fatigued and lazy about it. The magnesium with malic acid should help you, it is a good combination. Good luck. Hugs, Chelz.
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    Welcome to the board. You can find a list of the different boards at this site in the
    upper right hand corner along w/ the board rules. If you want to talk about pets,
    kids, music, picnics in the park, etc., visit the chit chat board. It is the only social life
    I have left.

    I am 71 and have lots of health issues. Thanks goodness I've kept my stunning
    good looks and sense of humor.

    I used to feel rotten when I woke up in the morning. Now I take grape seed extract
    and Vitamin D3 (thanks to JaminHealth) plus a vitamin B12 patch which I wear behind
    the ear one day a week. Which ear? Doesn't matter so long as it's attached to my head.

    It has improved my condition considerably. Kinda like
    an old fashioned tonic. (Not quite the same as a gin and tonic.)

    Good luck

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    I can barely move and in pain. I usually get up around 7:30 and eat some cottage chesse and fruit or a piece of toast and take what I call my morning meds and then go back to bed for a couple of hours while my pills "kick in". Sometimes I watch tv or read or fall back to sleep with the tv on.

    I cuirrently work 2 pt jobs so on tues & thurs I have to be to work by 10am and get off around 2pm--which gives me about 45 min to lay down and rest before I have to get up and go to job #2 that I work at 5 days a week--Sun- Thurs.