how do you get meds when you are sick?!

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    I have a massive sinus infection. I have had allergies all my life, and five sinus surgeries to improve drainage and remove polyps.

    This is my first infection of the season, and it hit hard on Christmas Eve. I have been nearly bedridden since.

    I know what I need - a course of antibiotics - but the effort to get them is daunting. I have a long established list of doctors, but only my GP and my ENT would feel "comfortable" prescribing for a sinus condition. I do not mind paying for a phone consultation and am lucky I am able to do so. But the thought of dragging myself 20 miles or more and then into a large office complex and waiting in a roomful of people with the flu.... is more than I can bear.

    What do you do?
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    Well, I would get myself to the Dr. if you know you need antibiotics. Is there an Urgent care facility nearer to you?
    If you are able to do a phone consult and get a prescription, can you not do that? Will your dr's call you in a prescription? I'd even call today and see if your Dr. was on call. Tell them how sick you are and that you can't move.

    I've had Dr's do that for me before if I was sure what kind of infection I had. Some don't like to only because there are so many different strains, they like to be sure they are prescribing the right kind.

    I hope you can get some meds and start feeling better soon!
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    High doses of vit C don't help when taken orally hence the requirement to take them by IV. The amounts of vit C involved are huge and the disgestive system isn't able to absorb more than a certain amount, anything over that amount is wasted.