How do you get out of the tub?

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  1. Adl123

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    I have noticed in various posts that people recommend taking a nice warm bath. What I wouldn't give to be able to do that! For 5 years now, I have not been able to do that because my legs are not strong enough to get out of the tub (or up from the floor if I fall). All this time I thought it was CFIDS/Fibro that had made my legs so weak, but now I wonder. If other people with these DD's can get in and out of a tub, then it must be something else that has weakened my legs so much.

    What do you think? Does anyone have an answer?
    Thanks in advance for your ideas.
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  2. Rosario

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    I have a similar problem with taking a bath so I installed a bar to help me in and out. By hanging onto the bar I can get out without too much trouble. I also use a bath chair (I don't think I'd be able to get up and out if I sat directly in the tub) and a detachable shower head. I sort of take a combination shower/bath. It's not as nice as a full bath but a fairly good compromise. God bless, Rose
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    Hi Terry,
    It's really coincidence that you asked that question b/c I get extremely fatigued taking a shower b/c of autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction and CFS. I know a lot about adaptive equipment because I'm an occupational therapist; however, my proud nature keeps me from getting the equipment that I probably need sometimes.

    Last night, my husband took me to medic drugstore (they sell medical supplies) to buy a tub chair. I used it for the first time just minutes ago. It was sooo great!!!
    I've been waiting as many days between showers/baths as I can b/c I get so exhausted with the getting up from tub floor, hot water, etc. I just let the warm hot water run down on me from the shower!!!

    Now if you really need to take a bath and not a shower. An you have to get way down on the tub floor then I'd recommend getting a grab bar for the side of the tub and/or wall to help pull yourself up. You can get them at a medical supply store but you will need to find someone to install them. If you don't think that you're arms are strong enough to pull yourself up then you may want to hesitate in spending the money to buy the grab bars. I can't remember the prices but the smaller the bar, the cheaper the cost. If you are really concerned, then you may want to ask your doctor for an Occupational Therapy evaluation to check your muscle strength and let you try out the use of some adaptive equipment before you actually spend money on it. They could possibly give you other recommendations for the specifics of your situation in many areas of daily functioning if you need them.

    You said, "All this time I thought it was CFIDS/Fibro that had made my legs so weak, but now I wonder."

    What doctors have evaluated you??? Have you seen a neurologist??? Make sure you have exhausted all other possible differential diagoses before you just make an assumption that it's all related to the CFIDS or Fibro. I have muscle weakness when I'm fatigued and I still haven't exhausted the possibility that I could possibly have a mitochondrial disorder. The rheumatotologist wants me to get further testing done but I am waiting at this point b/c I don't have the energy and even if testing was done to determine that I have this disorder there isn't a cure but doctors just use various medical "cocktails" for symptoms. So anyway, that's just my 2 cents!!!

    Have a great day!!!
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    Hi there!

    I have Fibro and I have weak legs just like you do. I have difficulty getting out of the tub too. When I am in a flare the best thing for me is a hot bath with epsom salt. However, I have cramps and weakness and it isnt safe for me to get in and out of the tub alone. Fortunately, I have a partner that is very understanding and helps me in and out as needed. Also, when I feel well, I have to work on my upper body strength. My arms are the things that will push me around when my legs wont.

    You might try getting bars installed by the tub. Also, I suggest you find someone you feel comfortable with to help you. I know it was imbarrassing the first time I got stuck in the tub and had to call a friend who had a key to my house to get me out. (I always put the cordless phone on the toilet seat next to the tub incase of an emergency!) A couple of days prior I was trying to get out and my leg slipped and I fell and hit my ribs on the side of the tub.. yeah.. it HURT!! Thats why its not safe to do it alone!

    Another suggestion I recommend and use is a walker or something in place to help you get up and down. It will help you pull yourself if you think you are going to fall.. I use my parter but think a walker would help when I get out of the hot tub at the gym.. my legs are so weak then that we sometimes have to use a chair and let me sit for a while before proceeding any further, but man.. it sure it worth it.. I sleep MUCH better!So good luck to you and let me know if you come up with any better ideas.. I know I could use them from time to time myself ;)

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  5. phelp

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    i have not had to worry about getting out of the tub for the last 4yrs, i cant even get into it. i would give anything to be able to have a wonderful bath. so i guess my days will be showers, i will also be thankful for that, as its getting harder just to step into the tub. happy cleaning to all
  6. jadibeler

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    I have no personal experience with this but when I was having trouble getting my mother out of the tub my son, who was married to a nursing home RN, suggested some sort of inflatable thing to sit her on. When it's time to get out, it inflates, raising the patient up to the level of the side of the tub. I never looked into it and I've never heard of it again but it should be out there somewhere. I no longer speak to either of them, so I can't ask.

    Myself, I use the grab bars and the trick of turning over and getting up on my knees first.

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  7. skimpthejimp

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    Hi I have fibro too and also have trouble get out of the bath so I also turn over onto my knees because my arms and shoulders won't let me put weight on them, my knees hurt but its the only way. You can buy gadgets to be fitted on the side of the side of the bath called Bath Knight but they are expensive, they lower and lift you on a belt

    Good luck Linda
  8. driftwood04

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    Thanks for all the tips.
    I too have a problem w/ the tub. Beside fibro, I have arthritis in my hips, back, & knees. It kills me to put any weight on my knees & I don't really have anything to pull myself up with,(sliding shower door...)
    But, thanks to all of your ideas, I will find a way.
    Hot baths work wonders for my arthritis, but leaves my muscles weak. (catch 22:>)
    Hugs, drift
  9. syndi77

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    Red alert when it comes to getting out of the tub.I agree that a warm bath is nice to have to relax alittle.Yet when it's time to get out ,hmmmmmm how can it be possible.I have found the only way for me to get out of the tub is to soap myself again and throw a leg over the side ,pull or push with my arms to get to the point of the belly on the side of the tub,then hope and pray that when that other leg is coming up and over that i don't land head first on the floor.It is rediculous the things we have to do to manuver ourselves around,yet if you really think about it and add the visual it could b very comical at times.And at other times there will be alot of bruises and tears knowing how complex such simple things have become. Syndi
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