How do You Get Past Pain to Enjoy the Things U Love

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ziva, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. ziva

    ziva New Member

    I am living with severe, chronic pain and I have lost the ability to enjoy doing things I used to love: like reading, writing stories and watching movies. How do you get past this? I would appreciate any advice!

  2. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    It's a daily struggle, Ziva. I just have to constantly focus my mind on something else by a sheer act of will. Some days this is easier than others. Also, just this year I have "given in" to really taking something for pain when I need it. I used to fight taking meds so much. But now that I have children, I see how I need to be able to function for them, if not for myself.

    My faith is a huge part of it too.

    I hope that you get some relief, ziva.

  3. scruffysmom

    scruffysmom New Member

    HI Ziva:
    Boy, does your message hit home. I can only tell you my daily regimen to just be able to do what I have to do, and sometimes to do what I love to do too, which is to quilt and sew. I take a pain pill on arising, one ultram which eases the pain but does not take it away, sit on a heating pad and in my recliner for about 2 hours before I can move.
    Then I have about 1 to 2 hours where I can do something. Most of the time it is for stuff you have to do such as groceries, town stuff, trying to clean, but I do reserve time for my love of quilting and sewing. I just do it knowing I will hurt afterwards. The joy I get from that hour every week or so is worth it!!!
    A hint for reading that helps me: I lay or sit down, prop a pillow on my lap and set the book against that so that I dont have to hold it with sore wrists. I also have a wrist brace from walmart that helps stabilize my wrist area. Writing is not an option for me with pen and paper. That's out due to the pain. But I find, thank you God, that I can use the computer with little or no pain.
    I know what you mean by watching movies, they are all too long for fms suffers to sit thru. I just shift, move, get up and whatever I can to get thru it.
    I hope this helps, and you know someone cares. let me know if something helps.
    scruffysmom, ruth
  4. ziva

    ziva New Member

  5. bluestanglady

    bluestanglady New Member

    Hi! Some days you can't get past the pain. On those days, I just do what I can do. I always (and I do mean always) get up in the morning, take a hot shower, do my hair and makeup and dress. For me, that helps me become a person and not a 'sickly' person. If I'm feeling really bad, I still do the getting dressed routine but then I'll take the day easy, usually resting on the bed (not IN the bed), watch TV, put a hot water bottle to my neck. On a good day, I make the best of it (which then makes the next day a bad day!) If I feel good, I pick one thing I really want to do that day (i.e., Monday I changed our bedroom around and made it 'romantic' looking. I try to keep the kitchen clean and bathrooms clean by cleaning messes when they happen. Plus hubby and son clean up their messes. When I'm feeling good, I make the most of it. We try not to let the laundry pile up and wash a load every day. As for movies, I really don't like movies that much. I love reading but can't focus on books. I read magazines, so that way, if I can't focus on it anymore, I put it away for another day. I keep a crossword puzzle book beside my chair in the family room with a pen attached. When the mood hits me, I work a puzzle. I feel that that helps keep my brain active. I have always wanted to write a short story, but don't even know where to begin to write. I try to start one, but end up throwing it away! Basically, just do what you can do. I know this disease is horrible and people just don't seem to understand it. But we have to watch out for ourselves and do what makes us happy. I enjoy coming to this board because at least this is a place where everyone knows what I am going thru and can offer advice.
  6. Gly

    Gly New Member

    because I have the same problem and am hoping to read more suggestions.

    Thanks to all of you for what you've written so far, and to you, ziva, for starting this thread.
  7. ansel

    ansel New Member

    I was once just where you are now. I finally gave in and started taking pain meds and muscle relaxers plus the anti depressants.

    You must have help to push the pain back to a at least a level where you can get out of bed and move around.

    Now on some of my better days I can get out in the garden which improves my mood and with that everything else.
  8. achy

    achy New Member

    I'm really not trying to be funny...but I had to resort to using narcotics...Oxycodone.

    The pain was so bad that after just reading...the act of turing the pages...would get me the next day. I would wake up with the worst pain in my hands and wrists...every time I read more that just a few pages.

    That, and sheer determination.

    Hang in there

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