How do you get your brain to work?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Gumbylove, Mar 3, 2009.

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    I have had Fibro for many years and I am used to my memory problems, but not like this! I am having a real bad flare up and my "Fibro Fog" is worse than normal. I am in the process of trying to get my Real Estate license. I went to school (96 hours in 12 days) and now I am just just studying so I can pass the exam. The BIG problem is that NOTHING is sticking to my brain cells! I have been studying for 2 months (4-9 hours a day) and I am retaining almost nothing. I have a company that has invested in me (paid for the RE course) and is waiting for me to take the exam so I can start working. They are even starting a Property Management division just for me to run! I do not want them to know about my "issue" and keep hoping that it will get better. I have also had a constant migaine over the past couple months, and I know that doesn't help. I have seen my Dr. and I have been taking something for my memory but it doesn't seem to work. I am supposed to take the exam in a few days and I am concerned that I will fail it. I should know all this material backwards and forwards but I barely remember anything and when I think I know it, I take the practice exam and fail it miserably. What I think I know, I don't or can't remember from the day before or week/s before. Sometimes I will read a chapter like I have never read it before but in fact I have, a few times! I really need help on ways to kick start my brain into working! Anyone who can help me would be a godsend to me! I am at my witts end! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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    Starting with the basics: how is your sleep? Adequate restful sleep is very important for consolidating (making stick) learning.

    Are you taking any meds that interfere with your concentration?

    Have you had the migraine investigated? Sounds nasty. Most of us couldn't study effectively with a migraine.

    Take a multivite, if you don't already do so. Take care not to sabotage your brain with excesses of junk food and alcohol.

    If reading doesn't work: people learn in different ways. Some do best HEARING the material (tape it & replay), others writing it out, others learn by doing the problems, over and over.

    Flash cards? Tutor? Use repetition -- take a small unit & study it repeatedly until it sticks. Then start the next small chunk to be learned, going back to review the earlier stuff every day so that it doesn't get lost.

    Last but not least -- have you made any progress getting to the root of your fibro triggers. What testing have you had done, what have you figured out for yourself to make your life better? Unfortunately sorting out fibro triggers tends not to be a quick fix. But occasionally simple thyroid hormone testing, or a chem panel will show up a factor that can be treated, to benefit of fibro & fog.

    Best wishes.
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    Thanks for your quick response! My sleep isn't very good. I do take Ambien to help me with that. I do know that sleep is a factor. Been addressing that for a long time but nothing really helps me get GOOD restful sleep.

    I do not take a Multivite. I do not eat junk food or drink alcohol. Lately, I haven't had much of an appetite. It's hard to eat when you feel sick to your stomach all the time!

    As far as my studying, I am doing those things that you mentioned. I have tried everything it seems, but my brain seems to be shut down and refusing to let anything in!

    I did have some blood drawn yesterday to check my Thyroid levels. I have been told different things by different doctors regarding my Thyroid. I know that my biggest trigger is humidity and changes in the weather. I used to live on the West Coast and I felt pretty good most of the year and since I moved to Kentucky I am miserable and sick from October/November-March/April. Depends on when it starts getting cold to when it gets warm. I am anxious to move back West again but it just isn't possible right now.

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks for your response! You sound incredible and I could only hope and pray that I will be doing as well as you at 70! I was diagnosed with JRA (Juvenile Rhuematoid Arthritis) when I was 7 (I am 36 now) and my health has been terrible ever since! My FM is usually tolerable even though it's real bad. I am just used to coping with it. I am a very tough cookie and I do not let much keep me down. I am not letting this recent "brain fog" impairment keep me from going after what I want, it is just taking way longer than I thought! Plus, it is very aggravating!

    I have not taken Grapeseed Extract before and I will look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    Sounds like you are over stressed to me, You need to relax alittle, take a step back and breathe, the advice everyone is giving you are good advice, but to me you need to step away from all of it for just a little while, take a deep breath and try to slow down a little, you are trying to do too much in a short period of time, good luck to you, i hope you pass your exam
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    Sorry to hear about your situation. These DDs take so much away.

    I don't know if these will help your cognitive function, but they have made me feel more alert
    and less gloomy. Bee pollen and Vitamin D3. I also had pretty good results w/ the Vitamin B12
    patch, and am ordering more.

    I used to belong to Mensa. Now, after some 25 years of brain fog, I have reached stage
    three of Alzheimer's. Ain't life just full of surprises?!

    I feel like my brain is teflon coated. Nothing sticks anymore. Pretty soon I'll be qualified to
    run for office.

    I hope you can find something that helps.

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    I was told the same thing today by the people I will be working with once I pass the exam. They told me to stop studying and relax for a few days! I know that isn't the only problem but I am sure it isn't helping. Thanks for your suggestion!

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    Thanks for suggesting those couple of things. I used to be on B12 and need to get back on it. It did help with my migraines but not so much with memory. I am sorry to hear about your Alzheimer's. It is a nasty illness! My father has it so I am very framiliar with it.

    Take Care,

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    I understand how difficult it can suddenly become!! I used to have the most incredibe memory, have seen it decline right before my eyes.

    We all have different techniques we use to memorize things - what has helped me recently in light of my difficulties, is righting things in my own handwriting. I would take a large post it (with the lines) and write out the things that you're having the most difficulty with and stick them on those pages. I can recall things I've seen in my own handwriting much easier.

    I would also consider the time or times of day that you are studying. Are you rested? Set up a nice environment - good lighting, a nice drink, your highlighter, note paper, pen etc. - lots of peace and quiet and LOTS of breaks. Study for a couple of hours, then rest, then review your highlighted areas before moving on to the next part.

    I don't know if that will help you - but like I said, I have a MUCH easier time remembering something in my own handwriting. I can even remember what color paper I wrote it on (if it was on the back of an envelope or something else). Maybe? that will work for you on the parts that you're having the most trouble with.

    You can do it!!!!
    Good Luck - can't wait to hear when you get your license!!