How do you get your Doctor to do the test you feel you need?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Jul 24, 2006.

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    My Military Doc will not do any other testing .Only the standard testing cbc .She says if it shows something then she will do another test.

    How do you read things on here and convince your Doctor that you need help to get the other testing?

    I even paid to have a 1 and a half hour evaluation and 4 doctors reviewed it and gave me advice as to what other test I should have done.

    My Military Doctor refuses to do it because I went out side and she said they do not always agree with what other Doctors want done.

    It's like they refuse to help me and they are trying to get me to go out and pay for my own health care. She even told me to do that. I cant afford to pay without insurance for all these test.

    I do not know what to do. I want to have good Health ,to feel better. My Doctors have NEVER looked at other Disease that have similar symptoms or might be a problem. They just toss every problem I have in to the FM/CFS pot.

    It's like they enjoy taking away any thing that might help me get better or find out what might help me. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE GET SUICIDAL. This makes me want to retreat into my room and never come out. This is what causes depression.

    Sometimes Doctors hurt so bad when they could help but they won't.I feel like I am kicked in the teeth again.I'd say that I 'd have to be bleeding before theyd help but Ive even been bleeding from my nipple for over 10 months and still no help to get that stoped.

    GOD help me I am so lost as to what to do now.

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    The VA/ military care is totally different than "outside". I do not want to go into details here, but I would seek care outside, you will probably get the same thing from another military doc as well. I am sorry about your struggles.

    This bleeding is not normal and should be evaluated soon!! Please do what you have to take care of it.
  3. ckball

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    I really don't know what to tell you about the military Dr, I have heard negative things from a family member a long time ago.

    I guess things have not changed. It is a shame, I assume your husband is serving our country in some way and they treat you like this.

    I gave fight4cure some advice and I hope I wasn't the one that she was upset about. If I am- I am so sorry- I was not making judgements or critisim. Just what had helped me in the past.

    I "heard" the frustration in her becuase her Drs aren't listening to her. I have been there and she has every reason, as you do, to be upset.

    I use to have temper issues and have said things in anger to people that I didn't think were doing everything to help me.

    Then I learned a better way- basically kissing ***. I had a female boss that really helped me get a handle on my frustrataion issues.

    Even when I don't feel like it, I ask them how they are doing, comment on how hard it must be to do this job, yadayadya.

    I am very lucky now to have a great Dr and her staff are great too. She is almost too good, if I mention a symptom or something that I have read she will run the test or send me to a specialist.

    When I first moved back to this area from VA, I had been on vicodan for 2 years, my first Dr here said 1 a day-that was it. I had to go thru all the hoops, Pain Clinc to be analyzed, tests, etc. I even had a copy of my MRI that dxs me with congential spinal stenosis.

    Then one day she was fired from her partnership and I found my current Dr what a blessing.

    Regarding your breast bleeding, I would not wait for that-that is not a sign of CFS or a medication side effect.

    Have you had a mammogram? I got the new digital mammogram today- It still smashed me- but the pictures show up on a computer screen for you to see right then. Very cool.

    I know you said you could not afford to go "outside" for help- but can you put a price on your life? I would at least try to get a digiatl one if you can.

    I am sorry to hear how all of this has upset you and fight4, the medical system in this country sucks and I feel blessed for what I have now. I have gone many times in my life with no insurance at all. It is a scary thing.

    Hang in there -Carla
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    you sly girl- good one! Carla

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