How do you handle the heat?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ISA3324, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. ISA3324

    ISA3324 New Member

    Hi to all!

    Here's hoping everyone's staying as comfortable as can be expected with our diseases :)

    I'm hoping to get some feedback on the effects of heat on those of you with Fibro and CFS. I live in the Deep South on the Gulf Coast where the humidity and the heat combine to make a 97 degree day feel like 105 in a sauna. I can barely open my door to go outside without feeling as though I'm going to fall to the ground. Talk about DRAINED! Then my head begins to feel like it's swelling and I can feel and hear my heartbeat in my head.

    Do any of you ever feel like that? Have any of you found a coping mechanism (besides staying indoors all summer) for this awful siuation?

    I'd appreciate your input! Thanks in advance...

    Tender hugs,

  2. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    but I find it at least equally useful to wrap it around my wrists, over the veins.

    Also, freezing a plastic water bottle every night and carrying it around if I had to go out - I can roll it around on my skin until it's melted, then I drink it.

    But really, avoiding the heat is my best defense. I live in the north, and I swear I see more sunshine in mid-winter than I do in high summer.
  3. erinwilburn

    erinwilburn New Member

    I too have had a hard time dealing with heat but I found an amazing but exspensive way to keep cool. It is called a cooling vest and it is usually offered to people with MS. I found it through a local MS group who rents them out. It's like the neck ones but covers your core. It might be worth looking into.

    My family loves to camp so it has been a life saver each summer and helps me feel a little better about life outdoors. Also my HB has improvised and frozen one of those camel bags you carry on your back. I don't deal with the humidity though here in the southwest.
  4. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    Boy I love visiting the south, but heat and humidity just knock me out and put me in a flare if it's really high.

    Right now our humidity is sitting at 95%. Our humidex values yesterday made it feel like 106 F. We're up in Canada near Ottawa! We don't usually have too many days like that.

    I must admit, I try to stay in air conditioning where ever I go. Even trying to work in the garden makes me start dripping within 5 minutes.

    Sometimes I put a few dampened hand towels in the freezer and put them around my neck when I go out. I'd like to get one that wouldn't make you wet so I could use it on the way to work.

    We're supposed to have a break in this heat tomorrow. I can't wait!

    All the best

  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    How do I handle the heat??

    I crab and moan all day. (ask my kids) LOL

    I can't stand the heat!! I feel MORE sicker than I already do normally. make sense??
    I get lightheaded,ache more,headaches, I just don't wanna move a muscle for fear of becoming overheated.

    Its been 90 degrees plus here in NY for about 5 days.
    Tomorrow its suppose to be 82. I can't wait!!

    I swell too. Even the veins are more puffed up.(in my feet and hands) I'm a miserable fat goat on humid days~ :)
  6. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Despite the pain I have with fm I still try to do some gardening. I have to cut my time down due to the pain and heat. I get very red very quick out in the sun when I do my gardening. Unfortunately along with fm I have raynaud's too so coming in a cooling off is good at first but soon after the raynaud's will kick in due to the air conditioning. I find it very hard to manage my fm and raynaud's in the summer months than I do in the winter and fall.

  7. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    mag my fiance till he puts the ac in!!! and finally he did other than that swimming with tons of sunblock and keep jumpin in cool showers But I'm runnin out of towels-Kim
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Lynn and All,

    Well, I know what you are all going through as we live in Texas, north of Houston and it is very hot and humid. However, everywhere I hae lived before has been at least very HUMID !! I guess I have gotten used to it, sort of !! Since I have had these DD's ( for about 25 yrs) I have found thst the cold is the very worst for me. However, as I am getting older and older (Moan) I have also found thst I cannot take extremes of either.

    Like someone else mentioned, I usually try and stay out of the hot sun at the heat of the day, for the most part, if you can. However, this week is the excepetion. I have twin grandsons (10) who are staying for the week and going to a golf camp. Well, as we speak they are there in the morning when I would prefer to be out with them in the pool.

    However, since the golf camp is now in the morning, we have to go to the pool in the afternoon, at least for a little while. I will hop in the pool to cool off and then sit and watch them all do their thing along with all the other kiddos. If I get really hot again I will hop in the pool for another cool down. Hopefully, we will get an umbrella !!

    A big thing I think also is to keep hydrated and bring water with you to the pool or whereever you are. Luckily we also live where we have a/c and fans. If we did not have that, I doubt if I could be surviving very well. When we lived in NY (Long Island) whre I wqas born few or no people had a/c so you just got HOT. When we left, only the really rich people had central air and a few had wall units for like the bedroom or something.

    As bad as it can get I still can't stand the direct blowing of a/c or fans on me. My husband can't believe it when I go in to get a sweater, it is hot and the fans as on and I am chilly. However, in the next minute I may have hot flashes too. So I cannot win. I am also way to old to be worrying about hot flashes but got off the Premarin some time ago due to my hi b/p. After trying different things I just gave up and now I just have them less but still do.

    Sorry for the rant and a bit off the subject. In other words, I am a mess !!We are all so different. Drink alot of cool water, try and stay out of the hot sun during the heat of the day are the main things. Also, I surely hope you have a/c and or at least fans.

    Growing up in NY we only had a few floor fans and that was it. You just got HOT on really hot days and we did have them there too. It was brutal the year I had my second daughter in June of 1965 I remember.

    Lots of hugs and blessings,

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  9. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I dont!!! Its early June and the heat is ALREADY unmanagable,errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    I have every window in my apartment open,have every fan I own running. But Really NOTHING helps!
    Does the heat totally drain you of any energy you might have, or cause you to be sick??

    I go out on my deck first thing in the morning, and I set on my rocker,and do a little reading.Thats the ONLY time I get relief!!

    Take Care ALL!!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry to any of you who live up north or in other areas who might not have overhead fans or any a/c. Hope none of you got upset when reading my post. That at least we have fans and a/c down here.. Yes I am lucky but we have hot weather here in SE Texas MUCH of the time and humidity too.

    My heart is with you all of you that do not have a/c and/or over the head fans. I remember just opening all the windows and hoping for a breath of air to come through , a breeze of ANY nature. Hope that some of you at least have some occilating fans that might be helping you or maybe a room with a/c.

    Yes, it is also worse if you feel bad like we do all the time-yuck but just try and deal with it as best we all can, I guess.

    Hope it cools down for all of you really SOON !!


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  11. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    live in england & i hate the sun it makes my asthma really bad & it also makes my allergies really bad.
    I do try to stay inside to keep cool but i also have to go out & when it hits you its awful.
    I drink lots of water to keep me hydrated.
    Gentle hugs
    May god bless you & yours.
  12. ISA3324

    ISA3324 New Member

    I appreciate all the response, and I do recognize and empathize with all you're going through...

    Some of your ideas and methods are really great! I'm just grateful that I do have A/C (and battery operated fans if there's a power failure).

    Although I wish none of us had to go through it, it's so good to know that none of us Fibromites and CFSers are alone in our fight against these monsters!

    Tender hugs,

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  13. hi all,

    well ive decided that im not attempting to go shopping,at all in the daytime,when the sun is intense.i just feel faint when in the heat of the sun.

    my hubby is no support to me,im always on my own,and i do think i might have to start using my cane/walking stick again,to stop me tripping up,outdoors.

    so shopping must be at 6pm,if i can find a shop thats still open at that time.

    im taking allergy tablets,and concentrating on slow breathing through my nose only.

    ill drink very cold tap water,that has been boiled,then been left in the fridge overnight.

    i think im drinking four bottles (small cola bottle sized),through out the day.

    ive gone back onto my regular cranberry juice,and im drinking this first thing in the morning,then at 2pm,then at bedtime 10.30pm.

    washing my nose out with the cold water, three times a day,if ive been outdoors.

    i put a cold wet flannel at the back of my head.lay down with my feet slightly raised up.

    laying on my right side of small pillow under my head.

    this seems to encourage the blood to go to my head,then the vertigo seems to go away.

    ill then do some simple house chores for like 20 mins,and sit down for a hour.

    its important to train the brain to know,that it needs to only breath in through the nose,and it must fully inflate my lungs.

    it seems to forget to do this if im concentrating on other things,or someone is talking to me.

    ive only just realised that this is a big problem for me,my brain forgetting to let my body breath properly.

    other than that,im just wearing a thin tee shirt,and shorts,while in the house.i get too hot when wearing regular clothes.

    ive no idea how i will cope at work,if im able to go back.

    love fran
  14. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    I hate it. It makes my fibromyalgia worse. The humidity makes me feel ill.

    If I must go out to shop, etc., I wear a white sun hat with a wide brim. That seems to help. Also, I carry my water bottle with me even in the stores. But, I still feel lightheaded.

    Can someone please tell me where to get one of the cool neck wraps you posted about? What are they called? Do you keep them in the freezer or what? I'd like to get one of those. Where?

    Thank you. Stay as cool as possible.

  15. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

  16. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    I'm in northeastern US and it's been really bad lately - inside temp is 90F (no AC or overhead fans). But it sure beats snow!

    For the cooling neck wraps, I actually bought one at a crafts fair. But if you type 'cooling neck wrap' into a search engine, I'm guessing you'll find some places to buy one.

    I just bought something called 'Misty Mate' - there are two sizes and I bought a portable one. It's basically a portable mister. I bought it because last summer we participated in a local walking group and hubby wants to do it again (it kills me to do it, but there's so little we do together these days. It's a 2 hour walk through local woods. The group is run by a 78 year old chain smoker and the other members are women in their 70's, some with canes. After the first 10 minutes, I'm gasping for breath and sweating profusely - by the end I'm staggering, breathing hard, and soaked - and all other members, including the elderly chain smoker, are dry, not out of breath, and as peppy as when we started - how sad as I'm by far the youngest in my 40's. Then I go home and collapse).
  17. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Here are some keep cool tips from a Texas weather website. Hope this helps!

    Keep healthy during Texas's sweltering summer heat with these safety suggestions:

    Slow down. Reduce your level of physical activity; your body can't work as well in high temperatures. Rest to allow your body's cooling system to do its work. A few minutes of sweat-free rest every hour will help restore your physical and mental energy.

    Drink plenty of liquids while exposed to continuous heat. Remember that while beer and alcoholic beverages appear to satisfy thirst, they actually cause further dehydration.

    Don't let elderly or disabled persons be exposed to the sun's full heat. They should be checked frequently for heat-related problems if they don't have air conditioning.

    Never leave small children or pets alone in a vehicle, even with the windows partially rolled down.

    Heat exhaustion: Symptoms include dizziness, nausea and headache. Lay person down in a cool place, slightly raise feet, give sips of water.

    Heat stroke: Life-threatening condition with symptoms including temperature of 104 degrees or more, diminished sweating, shallow breathing.

    Call 911 and sponge person continually with cold water.• With a heat index between 80 and 90 degrees, fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.

    • With a heat index between 90 and 105 degrees, sunstroke, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.

    • With a heat index between 105 and 130 degrees, sunstroke, heat cramps or heat exhaustion is likely. Heatstroke is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.

    • With a heat index of 130 degrees or higher, heatstroke/sunstroke is highly likely with continued exposure.

    Heat index values were devised for shady light wind conditions, exposure to full sunshine can increase heat index values by up to 15 degrees fahrenheit.

    First aid treatment suggestions for heat-related illnesses can be obtained from local Red Cross offices, hospitals and clinics, public health agencies, and physicians.
  18. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    Usually the first few weeks of heat and humidity are horrible for me, but once it's been around for a while, I tend to adjust to it.

    I don't like it, I feel like all my joints have swollen (when they haven't, at least not a visible amount), and it drains me of all my energy, but once I adjust, it's all good. I just try to wear as little clothing as possible (usually light-weight shorts and a tank top. I live out of tank tops / strapless shirts the entire season) and try to stay hydrated.

    Not entirely looking forward to two weekends from now when I'll be at an outdoor festival thingie most of the weekend, but at least we have a hotel room that I can retreat to.

    Definitely not looking forward to a outdoor metal music festival I'm going to in August. That's going to be horrible!!!! But hopefully the fun will make it worth it.

    So, I guess my coping advice would be just to stay hydrated, use plenty of sunblock (if you can tolerate it), keep cool washcloths on hand in case you start to feel overheated, and um, go as scantily-clad as society will allow! haha. Yeah. Not very good advice, but it works for me.
  19. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    Hi All: I ordered one of these on a major shopping website for 2.99+shipping. I'm eager to give it a try.


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